Emma Watson 2012年9月16日下午11:05
should i get this game?
pewdiepie plays this, i have the demo and i liked that, but should i get the full version... plz reply
and no trollin
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Secteur7 2012年9月16日下午11:20 
You can get this game, I recently buying it but it's more scraying that the demo version i think
Emma Watson 2012年9月16日下午11:33 
ok, but is it as good as pewdie shows it?
Emma Watson 2012年9月16日下午11:35 
and does the gane have alot of puzzles? or no
Zombo The Skunk 2012年9月16日下午11:44 
The game is great with puzzels and a lot of moments where you will scream, best to have an extra pair of pants lying around if you get Amnesia
ZeeZee | Exa 2012年9月16日下午11:49 
Definitely get it, it's a must buy.
Emma Watson 2012年9月16日下午11:51 
so does it have difficult puzzles that you spen ages on, or aare they quick and fun?
Zombo The Skunk 2012年9月16日下午11:55 
depends on the puzzel some took a bit for me to figure out
Emma Watson 2012年9月17日上午12:11 
ok cool, i will get it thanks
TADMG 2012年9月17日上午3:34 
Just my 2 cents, although sounds like you might have it. Maybe wait until Xmas break, its a pretty good chance it will be on sale again. I bought it for $5 during a previous sale. If you like a scary puzzle game, definitely get it. I'm not going to lie, I'm too much of a ♥♥♥♥♥ to finish it haha.
BlackRäv 2012年9月17日上午5:54 
if you dont buy it you are really missing something i swear!
Lost in the Sauce 2012年9月17日上午11:04 
Get it, definitely worth it and better than the demo by far. Plus, custom stories after you beat the already badass story mode.
Ajay 2012年9月17日上午11:08 
this game scares the ♥♥♥♥ out of me. This picture says it : http://chzvideogames.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/video-game-memes-spongebob-chickened-out-in-minutes.jpg
its great but a horror xD
The Jackpot 2012年9月17日上午11:42 
Yes totally buy it, its worth the 15 bucks
Tim 2012年9月17日下午5:54 
Yes, it's freakin awesome. The main story gives you the chills, and there are some decent custom stories.
Admiral Aken H. Bosch 2012年9月17日下午6:50 
I would say, coming from someone who tends to be a penny pincher. That if you like horror and more of a psychological horror game. Then I would always suggest this game. But make sure you have the system requirements.
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