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ninjamunkey7 2012年8月28日 19時23分
New Monster
In the trailer for A Machine for Pigs, A new monster was sort-of revealed. All we know about the monster is:
It's shape is humanoid based on the shadow
It makes pig-like noises
EDIT: Based on the new trailer from halloween, it seems to move very fast according to it's foosteps
What do you think the monster looks like, and what do you think the backstory would be like?
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crewmate 2012年8月30日 4時00分 
You created the machine for pigs under the spell. Now the pigs hunt you for revenge.
They will look like pigs of course. I hope for some variety. Justine had some awesomely gruesome designs.

But the design doesn't quite matter. What makes the monsters so scary, is that you don't see them. If you do, you are almost dead. Think back to "Jeepers Creepers". Wasn't the best part, BEFORE we got a good look at the hideous creature? Or alien. For the first time.
Axel Moonsong 2012年9月4日 14時09分 
I believe it's about a person taking hold of that "dark machine", and now uses it to mutilate and create horendous creatures out of pigs and humans, sort of like a revenge. May be a butcher...How the monster looks doesn't really matter, it just needs to make gruesome sounds and stay unseen and it's the perfect horror pill.
Urethra Franklin 2012年9月4日 16時24分 
that pig man butcher from that 90s show i can remember the name of
i luv u bby 8) 2012年9月5日 8時26分 
probably a horrible hybrid of a human and a pig, with some machine parts added
Sigmund the 'Special' Viking 2012年9月6日 9時04分 
Zombie Pigman. Definitely.
Hearts&Hands 2012年9月6日 9時38分 
When you see the charecter hiding behind the staircase and theres a monster coming you hear demonic pig squeels..I know from teenage mutant ninja turtles that huge demonic pigs are pretty ugly..I hope the new monster really has the scare element and also the outside big map proportions look pretty sweeeeeeet.
HorrorSquidCap かわいい君 2012年9月9日 12時46分 
he looks like this
pig head
human body
metal claw
pig legs
human ears
PutoAmoSpanish 2012年9月9日 13時55分 
ninjamunkey7 2012年11月4日 13時53分 
I personally think that "The Machine" was ment for slaughtering pigs, then I think someone sabotaged the supply of pigs for human corpses. Then the machine started chopping up human corpses as well. The leftover parts of the corpses got cut up got dumped along with the pig parts that got cut up. Then somehow the owner of the machine upset the shadow, making it mess with the dumped parts thus making the new monster.
El Bigwig 2013年1月11日 23時11分 
When i first saw the trailer for Machine For Pigs i pictured the "pig" to be some sort of experiment that was created by the person who made the machine that combined a pig with a human and replaced their legs with pogosticklike things that help them move because,well i dont know how such a horrid combination could walk on its own. We'll see when they finally finish the game.
Alpaca futa 2013年2月24日 14時14分 
They say "that ratter depends in what you consider to be a pig". Experimentations.
WORRIOR 1月8日 11時37分 
it could be sua pig monster or something like that maybe a zombie pig or a ghost pig
GLaDOS 1月8日 12時44分 
the modarator の投稿を引用:
it could be sua pig monster or something like that maybe a zombie pig or a ghost pig
You are a bit late, aren't you?
ninjamunkey7 1月8日 20時25分 
GLaDOS の投稿を引用:
the modarator の投稿を引用:
it could be sua pig monster or something like that maybe a zombie pig or a ghost pig
You are a bit late, aren't you?
I'm actually suprised that someone found this thread!
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