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Some of you might find this entertaining. (Vivid dreams.)
The last two dreams I've had were very... vivid.
Both were Amnesia-themed. LOL, right?
I've decided to share them because, well,
some of you might find them entertaining.

A few nights ago I had a dream where I was chased down by the Shadow. It began to kill me, and when I was almost dead some other force (no clue what) pushed it away and restored me to good health. The feeling of the Shadow's overwhelming presence was close to undescibable. I walked for a few minutes in Daniel's shoes, I think. It's much different than when you're playing a game because, since it was a dream, it was 100% real to me until I woke up. Don't ask me what I did in the dream to get the Shadow's attention, because I don't know. The dream began with me running into a dead end in what I think was the grounds outside Brennenburg (the castle you're in for the entire game). I think I lost an hour of sleep after I woke up from that, and I normally don't scare easily, either. Imagine the most intense part of the game. Now multiply that feeling by five. It was that intense. Now that I look back on that dream, I can't help but smile anytime I hear something that sounds remotely like the Shadow roaring. :)

Last night, I had a dream where there was a thunderstom in my hometown that was stong enough to flood the streets in water that was a foot deep or so. That's not all, though. I was outside in the middle of it, along with a girl (IDK who the girl was, but she was a teen, and in the dream I knew her), looking for a (game spoilers ahead regarding creatures, only continue reading of you're more than halfway through the game.)Kaernk (You know the invisible water creatures, right?) before it inevitably found and killed someone. It was pretty near hopeless because of the rain from the storm disturbing the water and making it impossible to see it's "tracks" it left in the water. What's worse is that we knew it was nearby because we could hear it's cry, but couldn't see it at all. The girl started shouting in an attempt to attract it, and then I had the bright idea to use myself as live bait and started walking towards the water's edge, saying a few words and gesturing to the girl to get her to follow (to be at the water's edge ready to pull me out of the water after getting attacked, I think). I woke up before the scene had ended, though, so I don't know whether or not we were successful. If only this dream lasted just a little bit longer so I could find out how it ended.

(Backstory spoilers ahead, only read if you've completed the main game.) What I find even funnier is that in the wiki here: it is speculated that the Shadow attempted to use dreams to communicate with Daniel, since Daniel's sleep was frequently interrupted by nightmares ever since his first contact with an orb. That particular bit makes me LOL a lot because I can't help but laugh when thinking about how uncannily similar it is to the events in the fiction. I'm smiling as I type this, BTW.

What do you think? Comments?
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