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Wowie Jan 28, 2013 @ 12:49am
Desensitization and fear. (Spoilers, only enter if you finished the main game.)
I just finished the game, and I have a question:

What were your reactions early in the game compared to your reactions late in the game?

For me, this was my first true horror game. I'd never played something labeled explicitly as a horror game before, so I mean that in a literal sense rather than a figurative sense. For me the beginning was the most intense, when I didn't know what was going on or what to expect. At the beginning, it took several minutes to make a small amount of progress, and my breath was constantly shallow, coupled with a quick and powerful heartbeat that I could easily feel in my chest. As the game progressed, and I became more acclimated to the environment, I started taking more risks, and acting more boldly.

The physical manifestations of fear were almost completely gone after getting about halfway through the game. My breathing and heart-rate were normal, although I still moved slowly and carefully. Later still, as I began to figure out and understand the workings behind some of the more hard to understand things, the fear further left me. As an example, I began to exploit game mechanics, such as the "sanity meter" not depleting in darkness if you were experiencing one of the moments where your character hallucinates voices and things.

In the late game, there was no fear whatsoever, and I focused on enjoying the puzzles, and progressing to further reveal the story. Although the fear had left, the game was still very enjoyable, right up to the end, as revalations were made about the characters, their intentions, the acts they had done, and were planning on doing.

Altogether I found that it was one of the best games I had ever played, even as my perspective towards it changed as I continued playing it. I am now wondering, and would like to ask you all a question: As you played, did your reactions to things decrease? If so, how much? As a somewhat relevant note, what environment did you play in? I don't view myself as a person that is easily scared, so I made sure to only play alone, late at night, when in a dark, silent room, while wearing headphones, with the screen gamma properly adjusted. Sometimes I even quit because I got a message through steam which broke the immersion and caused the intensity to evaporate completely.

Also, what is this about people screaming and such while they are playing? Do some people really have that low of a fear tolerance or are they just acting and exaggerating so their youtube channels will get more views?
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toddbrown Feb 3, 2013 @ 12:12am 
Playing in the dark with headphones is the right way to go. I do agree with you though, at the beginning of the game i had to quit several times, before i even saw the monster, because frictional games can create such a good atmosphere in thier games. As the game progressed i slowley got less scared like you did, towards the end i was actually hoping it would get scarier, the monsters were to stupid and left way to soon. When i finally finished the game ( got stuck in the sewer part) I kind of felt sad that it was over. Luckly the modding commmunity is alive and active even now. Some of the custom stories are really well made. One of the stories, can't remember what it's called, put the fear of god into me. it made me remeber the first times i played the game. I can recomend several custom stories if you want that old feeling of amnesia back:
Tenebris Lake
Out of time (used a bunch of deathnotes soundtrack not very scary but way intense)
Those were pretty good and im sure theres even better ones out there! (=
I actually liked amnesia so much i went out and bought a whole♥♥♥♥♥♥ton of other scary games. Penumbra is one of them, its made by the same people who made amnesia. i have a question for you, will you be buying a machine for pigs, frictional games newest game?
And as for the youtube stuff i think certain people fake some of the stuff they do i never screamed while playing amnesiia or any other game for that matter, the worst that ever happened to me was whe i played slender man for the first time. i have this statue of a knight in my room and i had taken my shoes off right next to it. in the dark it looked like slender man i♥♥♥♥♥♥you not, didnt leave form behind my desk for an hour.
Do you have a laptop or Pc and if you have a oc do you have it facing the wall or not. used to have my desk int the back corner of my room.; had to move it b/c i couldnt see my door when i was playing game and that freaked me out.

Wowie Feb 3, 2013 @ 12:23am 
Originally posted by toddnbrown:
Do you have a laptop or Pc and if you have a oc do you have it facing the wall or not. used to have my desk int the back corner of my room.; had to move it b/c i couldnt see my door when i was playing game and that freaked me out.
Desktop in the far corner of a room, facing away from everything. Door is usually closed when playing games. Usually there's little/no distractions late at night so it's completely silent except for the PC and keyboard.
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sreamer17ydr Feb 3, 2013 @ 4:43am 
I played in the dark, gamma set like it said, headphones, and it is scary. The audio is fantastic too, really pulls you in. My first reaction when I started was that this game was a pretty looking game, and I would just be exploring an old castle. After a few areas, and the monsters started showing up, it got harder, and by the time I got to the Back Hall area, I knew it was going to be hard, and when I beat the game, I keep replaying!
Corvo Attano Feb 10, 2013 @ 3:43pm 
I did play in the dark, headphones with bass and chat turned all the way up while the game is near all the way turned up. I did use a hoodie and my gamma was about 0.75. I remember when the first time I was hunted down by a monster. Oh god was it scary. I remember the choir as well. It was so scary because it was so open. And you would have to move strategicly.
illgib Feb 11, 2013 @ 11:12am 
Not all so dark room, just a little light at my back (so i can't spoil my eyes at only the 22" lcd monitor's light) no earphone, my 2.1 audio speakers, pushed up in bass tones and volume cracked up. But in this kind of games is more the immersion that i can make despite the enviroment. At the beginning no one knows and understand what's going on or who you are and why you are there. The most unpleasant thing it's just that, the "uknown" that leads you all the way down the story line. The crude fear start to vanish, but a much more "primal and menthal" fear take place as you get even more inside you past actions, making yourself uncomfortable with the enviroment. At almopst the end (where Agrippa was) a feel myself a little relieved at stay with him (a creepy muoth less hunged at the wall O_o) but at the idea of leaving this safe place the nervs start to tickle. I hated the Choir, the most nerve chilling place at this point. The most unpleasant? When you're approching the "saw" chamber, when you hear the pain and the sound of cutting flash and bones right in front of the colsed door. You know it's empty but this sounds from the past are goin to make me turn my back and run for my life. I know what's happened in every torture chamber, as i was there before and had dealed some massive pain to some innocent folks. I feel very uncomfortable and horrified by myself at this point that i just want to die there (as Daniel) and started to feel very strange (my self looking at the screen and the notes about the tortures) and the finals? No one really "satisfied" me, i liked but none make me feel "releaved" from my sin. Even destroying the portal and let the Shadow killin Alexander, lefting the caste don't lokks so much "good" to me. And if i'm not really safe, if i'm died too with him and it's just my spirit left the place? "I feel better now, as my sin where cleared and i don't feel no fear at all" sounds like a soul finally find a peace out of is morthal form. Just a tought out of the teeth.
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