Eldritch 2013年1月9日下午7:46
whos pumped here?
anyone else just DYING for machine of pigs to come out?
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El Bigwig 2013年1月11日下午11:20 
I wish they could finish it, I loved the first game because it was so suspenseful and thrilling, and they probably wont do anything to ruin that feeling. Thankfully, Penumbra is already all realesed, but MAN i cannot wait for them to realese Machine for Pigs, im just waiting for it to come out so i can have a miniture heart attack all over again.
CorinthianMerchant 2013年1月12日上午3:32 
ME! ME!!!
Oxygen_three (GD CUBY) 2013年1月14日上午11:53 
Im Pumped, Im Pumped, im So Frickin Pumped!
CorinthianMerchant 2013年1月15日上午8:56 
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