Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Jungle-Razz 2012年12月17日上午5:07
I cant get in to the laboratorium
I have seen some walkthrough, where the get caught buy the monster, but i escaped. So now there is no new monsters, even the monster in the choir is gone. what do i do ?
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Tonald Dump 2012年12月18日下午2:37 
you collect the orbs and send alexander to the afterlife
Jungle-Razz 2012年12月20日下午2:03 
i have put the orbs in the game damn thing. But nothing happens :C
CorinthianMerchant 2012年12月22日上午5:06 
Are you in the "chancel" level?
Jungle-Razz 2012年12月22日下午12:36 
what would that mean ? :)
CorinthianMerchant 2012年12月25日上午8:18 
Are you in the big room lit by green torches and four bridges?

Jungle-Razz 2012年12月28日下午2:43 
yes :D
Do you have all the orb pieces & escaped the prison? If so, take a bucket of tar if you don't already have it in the machine room (on your left hand upon entering the chancel opposite to the collapsed bridge). Go to the barrier, put the tar in the pillar-thing, the place the orb pieces. Then go to the machine room and jam the cogs with a rock. Then go to the barrier and enter the Inner Sanctum.
Jungle-Razz 2013年1月3日上午11:15 
the problem is that i have never been in a prison. I think that i have to get goth by the moster, but i escaped and now there is no monsters
Jungle-Razz 2013年1月13日上午9:36 
is there a way that i can find some autosaves so i can play earlier on ?
Yeah, there's a thread on the FG forum containing different save files.

Sorry I can't be of more help...
Jungle-Razz 2013年1月14日上午3:05 
Thank you :) must be a bug
Corvo Attano 2013年1月27日下午4:20 
Wait did you get all the orb pieces. You need to get them. You go to the chancel. As you go out a monster spawns near you and takes you out but its not game over.
Jungle-Razz 2013年1月28日下午1:38 
i think i got em all, but i did run away from the monster
Wowie 2013年1月29日下午9:16 
You don't have to get save files off of the web.

Just click "load game" in the main menu and you'll see all of your autosaves.

Also, (minor spoiler)the game has multiple endings.

Failing to help Agrippa will only lock you out of one of them.
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