Aurora IV 2012年11月29日上午11:38
Christmas anyone?
Now this disscussion is not about amnesia, I just wanted to see what you guys are getting
this christmas, so, what are you getting?
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MusicforMovies 2012年11月29日下午7:31 
I'm waiting for Dragon Born Skyrim DLC myself - but that won't be avail for PC users most likely until sometime after Christmas thanks to Microsoft exclusive crap.
BearTidd 2012年12月3日下午1:55 
gee i dunno,but i noticed notice we have the same icon, ololololololol
Thick McRunfast 2012年12月4日下午4:07 
ibuypower valkyrie :D
njira 2012年12月5日上午11:07 
Motorcycle sidecar
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