Brink Apr 30, 2013 @ 11:32pm
Anybody manage to play the game without listening to happy music ._.
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CorinthianMerchant May 1, 2013 @ 10:09am 
Winter May 5, 2013 @ 5:11am 
Yeah, I can. It's not too hard.
Bournestorm May 5, 2013 @ 11:09pm 
Haha yeah, although when my heart rate starts going a bit too high I just turn on the developers commentary in the game, that helps

Only true way to experience this game is in a pitch black room, 3 am in the morning, all by yourself, headphones on, sound up. <-- Then it gets real.
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Ineffable Anathema May 7, 2013 @ 5:11am 
I played Amnesia in what I call HARDCORE horror fan mode - with the lights off, at night, with headphones on loud as possible, without using any of the tinder boxes or oil lamps unless it was absolutely necessary. I wandered around in the DARK for hours and hours being terrified by every tiny sound and groan and squeak and creak, spent a LOT of time hiding behind boxes/doors/barrels/whatever was handy, my sanity meter hovered around or at insane most of the time, and it was BAD ♥♥♥. This is by far the scariest game in existence.
FullmetalFan May 7, 2013 @ 9:57am 
yeah, it's pretty easy, if you don't getscared easily, but it isn't a bad bad thing to get scared easily
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