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Saelryth 2013年3月28日 13時01分
Cannot open Amnesia. Please help!
I can't open up Amnesia and play it. When i click the 'Play' button, all it does is show the loading mouse cursor, and then nothing happens. What is going on here? Anyone know?
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The Sightless Scopesman 2013年3月31日 11時51分 
If your computer has an integrated graphics card, it won't work.
Siverse :^) 2013年3月31日 13時06分 
I have the same problem a window pops up and says it crashed how do i check graphics card?
The Sightless Scopesman 2013年3月31日 14時09分 
I'm not sure. I know there are ways though. Just remember that Google is your friend. :P
Siverse :^) 2013年3月31日 15時50分 
thanks but its all too confusing. I wish I wouldnt have bought this game :(
The Sightless Scopesman 2013年3月31日 16時06分 
I wished I hadn't as well until I got a computer that can run it. It's a laptop, so it being able to run might have been dumb luck.
Saelryth 2013年4月1日 8時32分 
I can now run it. All i had to do was re-format my computer!
Flippy 2013年4月1日 19時24分 
how do you re-format your computer?

Graves の投稿を引用:
I can now run it. All i had to do was re-format my computer!
Saelryth 2013年4月1日 22時21分 
I wiped my whole hard drive and put a fresh copy of Windows 7 on it.
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