Game not working.
I'm having a major problem with Amnesia the dark descent game. Yesterday evening I updated my OSX to 10.9.2, and today when I started playing it again, it no longer loads properly. I see the launcher screen whenever I click on the icon, and then I click on "launch game" as I normally would, then it closes and I get this error message saying: "Amnesia quit unexpectedly". The problem is persistent and nothing I did on my end could be solved.

Does the new OSX 10.9.2 have anything to do with this problem with the game? If yes, what can be done so that the game will run normally on OSX 10.9.2? Please help.
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GLaDOS Mar 2 @ 6:52am 
I don't know if there are troubles with OSX 10.9.2. But you may post the hpl.log file...
It's ok, it's working fine now. Thanks anyways
Playintosh! Mar 5 @ 7:53am 
HOW did you fix it ????
Playintosh! Mar 6 @ 3:53am 
Come ooooon... you can't just leave this like this!! How did you fix it? I'm having the same problem. Gosh I "love" it when people just say "fixed" and don't say how..
That Guy Mar 16 @ 4:49pm 
me to i cant play
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