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Community Guidelines :: Rules of Engagement
Dear Commanders!

We love to see you share your thoughts, creative artwork, best ingame moments and guides on the Dropzone Community Hub!

To make this a place where you and others can enjoy themselves, we would like to ask you to respect the following Rules of Engagement and the Steam Community Guidelines at any time.

Keep your manners at all times. In the heat of battle things might get out of hand so be sure to keep your cool. We have a rather strict policy towards malicious behavior and will enforce it accordingly. You may not address others in an offensive way. Politeness and courtesy go a long way and we would appreciate you behaving well towards each other. You may not post content that is: racist, sexual, political, religious, illegal or offensive. Such content, should we encounter it or should it be reported, will be removed and the author punished accordingly. Punishment can range from warnings up to the permanent expulsion from the Community Hub.

The Steam nickname may not be offensive or contradict our Terms and Conditions or the Steam Community Guidelines.

Constructive Criticism
We do not mind criticism. On the contrary, we appreciate and encourage it. It is only through criticism, through honest and direct feedback that we can improve the game further. However, rudeness does not help, it is far better to approach others in a calm, nice and friendly manner. Politeness and courtesy go a long way and we would appreciate if all of us could just keep it civil and friendly with one another.

There's a time and a place for everything
Refrain from complaining about a punishment you believe to have received unjustly all over the Community Hub. The right place to do that is our support system which you can find here[y.gfsrv.net].

Is this all?
Yes, this is all. We believe these simple rules are enough to maintain a friendly, positive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. These rules are an addition to our
Terms and Conditions[agbserver.gameforge.com].
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Dropzone > General Discussions > Topic Details