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Funny game!
Funny game but a bit tedious sometime :)
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pulchr 2012年9月25日 13時42分 
well, i wouldn't argue with Zorg!
SiR 2012年12月30日 12時16分 
its a great game!! is much better than some games and cheaper
Bassem 2013年3月23日 13時26分 
I tried the demo, I like it :) Pulchr, would you consider doing a remake of Ballance? It's a bit similar to Puzzle Dimension but more free. I'm sure you know it
@Bassem, we haven't had any plans on doing something like Ballance. At the moment we're working on http://store.steampowered.com/app/214420 and have our hands full with that.
Plaid 2013年5月5日 17時02分 
Oh sweet! I didn't know it was you guys working on that title.
That's been on my radar for a while now.
最近の変更はPlaidが行いました; 2013年5月5日 17時03分
Great game and challenging in last levels. Good buy.
frustrating game but fun
q buen juego es el tori tori :)
Not necesarily funny, but challenging. #Flowers
not bad game
Ogisha 2013年11月10日 12時02分 
Very good puzzle game.
最近の変更はOgishaが行いました; 2013年11月10日 12時11分
Excellent game.
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1-12 / 12 のコメントを表示
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Puzzle Dimension > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細