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brshers 2012年12月24日上午3:50
How to get 190 Score on the first puzzle in Broken Ice?
This game don't show score rule,so sometime i get multipe but don't know why.
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pavel18 2012年12月28日下午1:16 
Just remove all the "pixels" before pick up flowers, and you will have a multiplier x4. On this map i scored 195 pts and got an achievement. Good luck.
最后由 pavel18 编辑于; 2012年12月28日下午1:16
brshers 2012年12月28日下午7:51 
Thank you,i finally got the achievement with 190 Score.
Mykwon 2013年3月23日下午11:38 
If you want to know how the scoring system works, check my thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/57200/discussions/0/828934424021146913/
MrFabio [PT] 2013年3月24日下午6:44 
got 195
最后由 MrFabio [PT] 编辑于; 2013年3月24日下午6:51
Monty 2013年12月23日上午10:47 
The key idea seems to be that you want to unpixelate everything, *then* pick up all the flowers and break all the disintegrating blocks with the full multiplier bonus.
GippoRex 2014年1月7日上午9:17 
Thanks! I wouldn't figured it out by myself.
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