Biscuit Apr 8 @ 4:20am
DLC - more levels ?
Hi everyone !

I love that game so much, I've almost finished it.
So I wonder if it will be some DLC in the future, like a new pack of new hard levels, or a multiplayer interface (level editor and publisher for players, global rankings, mods allowed for communities, etc) ?

Have a nice day !
Best regards,
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pulchr  [developer] Apr 15 @ 12:37am 
Hi Jack!

Glad you like the game, unfortunately we have no DLC or sequels planned at the moment.
Biscuit Apr 15 @ 5:23am 
Hehe I just finished the game yesterday. I'm trying now to beat your #91 world rank with 52k but that seems to be difficult :D

Too bad for the DLC. I guess there'll be a lot of custommers interested by more content.
Sure of that ? ^^ the game is already developed and just a level pack (like 100 new levels) could be sold for $10-15 :D
In the case you change your mind in the future, just let me know ; i'll be the first to purchase it ;-)
pulchr  [developer] Apr 15 @ 6:25am 
Congrats on finishing the game! :)

It took a lot of time and headache to create those 100 levels to begin with and to create another 100 (or even 50) would be difficult without being too repetitive. We would need new ideas for clever special blocks, graphics, sound and stuff like that.

If we change our mind we'll be the first to tell you ;)
Mhill2029 May 27 @ 6:43pm 
Just to say upon completing this title i was very pleased with it, very nicely designed game and some puzzles were reasonably challenging. I would love to see a sequel of this...... the price was very low for what you get out of it. Could have been more expensive imo...

Some ideas for possible blocks:

A block that is made of water that would sink you through the level to fall into oblivion or a lower floor. (possibly used on levels where there is no other way to drop down to other floors)

A black hole block that upon landing on it ends the game entirely with your sudden demise.

A shape shifting block, that changes the shape and or size of your ball to get through very small gaps in the puzzle to hidden paths or having to be a certain shape in order to complete a level.
(Could have a sign on the exit saying no ball games allowed lol)

One thing i'm sure that would be welcomed would be a editor to make community puzzles.
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Tex Murphy Jun 12 @ 8:13pm 
A level editor for this game would be great!
Biscuit Jun 13 @ 3:55am 
Yeah, guys, you're right. By just adding a level editor, would make the game live much longer.
Involving the community is always good I guess : players and developers get free new stuff :)

@Mhill2029 > Hum, water block is somehow like that the cracked block, isn't it ? Except, you don't have to pass through it twice.
And the black hole, what is its purpose ? No block has the same effect : you fall and need to start again.
But I think your last idea regarding ball size (and maybe shape) could be a great idea, to create new logic mechanisms :)
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