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slahser's way: Windranger
av slahser
THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GUIDE. I did a 5 min video guide which you can find if you search "slahser windranger" on youtube. About me: I'm a former competitive dota1 player and 6.7k TopMMR player, and this is my "slahser's guide to playing Windranger". Thi...
Бутеброды с сыром.
av (INF) Ирина
Тут я вас научу готовить бутерброды с сыром. Это достаточно просто....
The International 2015 Visitor Guide
av Jimo
This guide has been written to assist visitors of the 2015 Dota 2 International being held in Seattle, Washington, USA between August 3rd to August 8th....
Что нужно знать мидеру.
av J$SH
Здесь,ребятки,я расскажу вам: 1)Основы ганга 2)Тимплей 3)Правильный антипик 4)Тренировка клешней...
av #6a'Tu.GreyShark
5000 игр на Crystal Maiden [RUS]
av Rylai
Максимальная помощь команде...
Gyrocopter v6.83
av Eclipse
Gyrocopter v6.83...
Получаем 5$ за регистрацию. Играем в Dota 2 на деньги (v 2.0)
av dinar_007
Руководство по получение 5$ за регистрацию (и в дальнейшем получать за игры деньги) и прочие $ бонусы за сыгранные игры. Если вы хотите зараба...
av (INF) Ирина
В этом руководстве я вам расскажу о том, как вкусно и быстро поесть после игры....
Patch 6.83c - Spectre Guide
av CCI
Mercurial the Spectre is an extremely mobile melee Agility carry able to dish out pure damage to lone targets. This build is focused on winning by mostly building stats. Illusions are mainly affected by stats and due to Manta Style being a core item Illus...
Правила этикета в Dota 2
av i[P*D]BOGU$
Станьте вежливей к своим тимейтам. ...
Phantom Lancer v6.83
av Eclipse
PL v6.83...
Russian-English Dictionary
av Түвшин
Hi guys, i play Dota 2 I see many europeans and americans who don't know russian and don't understand russian players so I thought to create a dictionary that helps you to communicate with russian, ukranian and belarussian players. I wish my small diction...
Sniper v6.83
av Eclipse
Sniper v6.83...
Руководство посетителя The International 2015
av Aurospeed
Это руководство написано с целью помочь пользователям международного турнира The International 2015 по Dota 2 который пройдёт в Сиэтле, штат Вашингтон,...
Paul Kevin's Invoker Build
For combo type invo or hitter type invoker GLHF...
Luna v6.83
av Eclipse
Luna v6.83...
Drow Ranger v6.83
av Eclipse
Drow v6.83...
youtube/midormeepo build (mid)
av w\
youtube/midormeepo's build for kunkka...
Medusa v6.83
av Eclipse
Medusa v6.83...
Old School Pudge Middle
Одна из самых топовых сборок на Pudge , говорю как проверенный игрок на нём .....
Big Russian Bear v6.83
av Eclipse
Ursa v6.83...
Juggernaut XBOCT Style v6.83
av Eclipse
Скилл билд по ситуации. Пару игр Na'Vi: Cloud9 vs Na`Vi, DAC 2015 Groupstage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_WyzM7pIOw EG -vs- Na`Vi, DAC 2015 Groupstage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC0I8J4F-Po EHOME -vs- Na'Vi, DA...
av Eclipse
Spectre v6.83...
chopchop's way to Sniper (Carry | Mid | 6.83 | 3/23/2015)
av bamboechop復讐
This guide covers both midlane as well as safelane Sniper. I tried to focus on the damage dealing Sniper with the addition of some utility items that you may need in a hard game. If you want to suggest anything, feel free to write a comment or contact ...
How noobs should think
av Anubis
Hellow Everyone, as some of you might know, I wrote another guide, a while ago, "Things noobs should know" and it had a nice result. In that guide, I also said that noobs don't ...
Support Life chose you. [Beta]
av Wächter
You didn't chose the support Life. Support Life chose you. A Guide for that small group of supports who sacrifices for their team. ^^ Together we Defeat the Trolls and toxic players. Supports Unite!....
Troll Warlord XBOCT Build v6.83
av Eclipse
Troll Warolrd v6.83...
Sven - Carry - Super Damage
av Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO
Rock & Run
av Akneuk
Rock & Run. Comprar en este orden. Escudo, y tangos. Anillo de salud. Botas de poder. Vanguardia. Malla de cuchillas. Corazón de tarasca. Coraza de asalto. Corazón de tarasca (Segundo) Y ya eres invencible =D...
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