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Перевод гайда "How to ACTUALLY climb MMR while improving yourself as a player"
por W.w.W.
Welcome to Dota, Everyone Else Sucks
por Skoke
This is just my little guide to playing Dota the way that it's meant to be played, according to every pub scrub I've played with....
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[Morphling] Guide/Builds/Tips [Builds part]
por Kakaa ( ´ -ω-`)
For full Guide/Tips(Especially on different uses of ablitiies), please check: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=304445261 For the ability build, you may u...
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6.81b How to Meepwn! [laning carry]
por Sera
Standard (safe-)lane meepo Big thanks to all who contributed to this guide - especially: BIG THANKS to styx ! I'm thankful for any suggestions or any constructive criticism - just leave a comment ;-) (IMPORTANT NOTE: U HAVE TO USE QUICKCAST TO PLAY M...
Как поставить музыку на ульт NAGA SIREN,FACELESS VOID [Bellatores_War][DOTA2]
por ▲Pu[N]k▲
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Mid/Safelane Carry Sniper ez MMR
por Lone Putin
In this Guide i will cover all possiblities with Carry sniper ....
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por Baguette'
This is an advanced and very detailled guide for "Lone Druid". I coudln't wrote everything I wanted in the case because there are alot of write for each items, I tryed to give informations in a quick description. Use this build as you feel, don't forget,...
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How to: Fish
por HD-Monster
Learn how to be the hardest to catch!<3...
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6.82 - Warlock [Initiator & Disabler]
por Sonyk ™
With the new update that is coming, this guide will be very useful. With this guide, this hero will help us a lot in the "Team Fights". The combo is simple, "Chaotic Offering" and then "Upheaval"...
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Midgame carry Juggernaut
por Your bunny wrote
How to Spectre/ A guide to Mercurial the Spectre
por Satomi [JoinMySniperClan♧]
This is a in depth guide to the Agility Carry Spectre. Don't know what to max first or which items to buy? Then this guide is for you !...
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Zeus nagibator no mid(by TonyMontana)
por Tony Montana
Зевс нагибатор уничтожает все, что видит и не видет. Если придерживаться сборки то можно и rampage сделать как 2 пальца об асфальт...
Як полегшити процес гри в доту
por Віталліч
У цьому посібнику я вас навчу декільком секретам які спростять вам гру в доту,також вардингу і девардингу....
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por -=Whiskas*Meow=-
Лучшая сборка лучшей темплы :DD...
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por indota2.de | Pr0
eZ Rampage by Pr0...
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Mehmet "Deathsvipe" Fatih Nature's Prophet Build %100 Win
por www.twitch.tv/kıçbaş
Deathsvipe a.k.a. Detpisipisi'nin %100 Win Rate'li bulid'i. Item'lar sırasıyla verilmiştir. Push yapın, savaşa katılmayın, gang atmayın... Fakat oyunu taşıyarak kahraman olun!...
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Faceless Void Hard Carry
por antonomo2011
Hola a todos bienvenidos a mi guia de un Hard Carry que requiere mucho farm para ser fuerte en el late-game Esta es una build que yo sigo y espero que les sirva a ustedes...
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Void/hard carry/russian guide (Русский гайд)
por [T.TvinkeL]Qwerty_00
Воид, является самым жестким керри, т.к под куполом никто нечего не сделает. Главное за него фармить предметы....
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Instant Death Delivery
por Junko 'MONOKUMA' Enoshima
This is my item and skill build guide for Phantom Assassin. First of all, this build is entirely focused on wrecking core opponents extremely fast. What makes it unique is the greedy early game farm item pickups and rapid kill contribution by the mid-...
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por RaichuOu(蟄伏)
定位:輔助、肉盾。 特色:奶爸的技能、核心的潛力,不過最適合他的角色還是輔助補血和先鋒坦。地獄領主的技能冷卻時間短,能提供隊友持續的補血和保護,搭配接近無敵的技能「迴光返...
Ultimate Guide to Warding
por TEAM Z | to think alone-
You think you know how to ward ? I hate beating a dead horse. There are plenty of guides out there on warding, so to make sure there's a point in writing another one, I wanted to make sure it goes beyond what'...
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por #ebashu chudesa
помни с этой сборкой ты будешь ебать чужих мам...
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Windranger Support 2.0 (Pithurisaz)
por Lepra ╬══
Lyralei the Windranger is a ranged intelligence hero that uses powerful abilities in conjunction with her physical attack to take down enemies. It is one of the most versatile heroes of Dota 2, but when used as a support, it is an awesome challenge. It ha...
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VOID by Pr0
por indota2.de | Pr0
VOID by Pr0...
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Русский Шаман
por The_ro
Have fun!...
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PG Games - Jungler
por PG.Filipe
Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior (or simply Ursa) is a melee agility hero whose abilities' main focus is the increase of autoattack damage, allowing for some of the most impressive sustained damage in the entire game. He specializes in increasing damage against o...
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Lone druid without Bear by KAPPA
Win for 30 min...
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Babysitter and Warder Crystal Madien
por SirWardalot
This is a competitive build for people who know the value of good warding and babysitting. While many people would not agree with that build, i am convinced its good and i have a win rate >55% with it. Howto: Yes! Skill Crystal Nova first and use the ...
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por w33
We are chaos. Chaos is strong(c)...
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