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Introduction to the Nemesis Assassin Event
tekijältä Jimo
This guide will give you information on how to play the Nemesis Assassin Event. The Nemesis Assassin event is playable from November 20th until December 7th. ...
Подробная настройка DOTA 2 под себя! (ENGLISH ver. INSIDE)
tekijältä TyZ
Консольные команды, настройка доты под себя БОНУС СОЗДАНИЕ СВОЕГО КОНФИГА <---- наведи мышкой...
Event nemesis assassin
tekijältä KingNeeO
Event nemesis assassin diadakan dari tanggal 20 Nov sampai 07 Des 2014, dibuat bertepatan dengan hadirnya hero Oracle dan item Manifold Paradox Arcana untuk Phantom Assassin. Pemain yang mengunakan Phantom Assassin harus membunuh seorang hero musuh yang...
An In-Depth Guide on Increasing MMR
tekijältä Pieeer1
This is an in-depth guide on how to increase your matchmaking rating: MMR. This guide will include what heroes to pick, when to fight, and how to communicate without going into cardiac arrest....
Submitting Merchandise Designs to the Steam Workshop
tekijältä Jimo
This guide will provide you with instructions on submitting merchandise designs to the Steam Workshop. If chosen your design could be featured and sold on the Valve Store, WeLoveFine and other online and brick and mortar stores....
How to probably never play Phantom Assassin
tekijältä Chemicalbacon
All of the options and ways to play Phantom Assassin, as well as in depth skill walkthroughs and choices of items Also including counters...
Dota 2: Where and How should I start? (Welcome to Dota 2)
tekijältä Sinister.天涯
In this guide, I'll explain a little bit on Where and How you should start in Dota 2, pick your role and start practice and enjoy the game!...
[6.82] A Guide to Farming - How to create and utilise space
tekijältä ShinyGordanFreeman-Space Pope
Something i see alot when i play supports is carries not utilising the room i have created. As i grew better at creating space this furstrated me more and more. Eventually i transitioned to core roles, often picking independent heroes that dont require to...
My Legendary Pudge build for 1 v 5 and 5 vs 5
tekijältä BlackKnightsLegend|GetaeDacian
I have played 9 years DotA 1 and 2-3 Heroes of Newerth + League of Legends and the last 2-3 in DotA 1 spent as Pudge 90-95 % games.So guys i will finally reveal why most Pudge players fail with it and how not to fail with it but on the contrary make enemi...
Галерея Подвигов V.2
tekijältä Little cat
Галерея Подвигов — это окно в котором перечислены определенные трофеи....