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How to Enable Techies
от iX - Bloomberg
So, you want to enable techies? Well people have been doing it now for several months, ya big scrubs. But for the newfags who need to know, this is how. ...
So You've Been Hijacked. A Guide to Dealing With the Shame, Ramifications, and Reclaiming What is Rightfully Yours.
от HLCinSC
Congratulations you are the one millionth customer to fall for a phishing or similar scam and have had your account hijacked. You have lost control of your account, games, and items. Only Steam Support can help you directly and it will take time and patie...
Ursa : Guide to easily grind solo mmr
от ML | Soulshed
Hey guys, this is my first guide. It's about getting better mmr in solo queue (for players under 4k though). Jungle Ursa allowed me to win something like +1k mmr regardless of the picks in my team. So I would like to share this experience with you guys. I...
Laning & Ganking Tusk Build/Guide (Ymir the Tuskarr)
от faQ
Having trouble dominating every aspect of this extremely swaggy walrus? Here, take this. A guide made by a player who has been using Tusk ever since he started playing Dota, and knows everything about this big boy. From the early laning phase to ganking e...
Goblin Techies in DOTA 2! [LOVE IT<3]
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Silencer - All Lane Support / Carry - Doom Build
от Professor Gandalf
Silencer Support / Carry build: Early game poke and support, late game carry, use abilities whenever possible to ensure kills, follow guide and items for a successful build, items in categories such as Early Game / Doom Build have been put into order o...
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Invoker:Exort and Nuker build by LoneWolfeh
от LoneWolfeh
The point of this build: u have to use a combo of eul's in early game for more kills to get the expensive items that's why u have to go full exort because u need a high damage of sunstrike and blast and meteor before u get all the core items to have ...
от |EES| AlfredMursu
How to Play Techies
от iX - Bloomberg
A simple tips and tricks Techies Guide....
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MontSta's Meepro Build
от MontSta^
This is MontSta's Meepo build, most play'd hero from streamer www.twitch.tv/montsta. There is explanations of every item choice alongside a short guide on how the Control groups he uses within the build at what point in the game. Firstly the contro...
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Cent Godlike
от =RGBD=Stenfor
Развития на герои
от Zombie Rabbit
GL HF...
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Easy Godlike Sniper
от Na' DK | Silent Blood
Easy Godlike Build...
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[6.81] - Venomancer Hard Carry :)
от cwab #tememychifu
Hi guys, i spent quite a lot of time on this hard carry build for venomancer so i hope you find it useful! ~ cwabby :)...
Axe Perfect Hero Build And Strats
от Bring me da chicken
As the title says this is the complete guide to Axe the greatest hero in the realm. My experience of years of being an amazing Axe has given me the ability to write this Guide....
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Shastik's Guide to SK
от Shastik
Shastiks Guide to SK. This build is very universal and can be used in any situation, Safelane, or even mid. Play safe untill level 6, farm gold the entire game pushing lanes 24/7. If you get the chance pick someone off with your Epicenter early game, ...
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Na'Vi.Dendi solo mid Puck
от Ne'Gi.Kuba
Na'Vi.Dendi guide Puck...
Comprehensive Goblin Techies guide
от Kurrus
The most comprehensive and in-depth guide for the Goblin Techies hero, specializing in area denial and indirect support....
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Русская сборка от hw-god, jungle перевел mycorubka
от Сахер
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Meepwn by Milanor
от Milanor
Meepo The Geomencer. one of the most "easy to play " heroes in dota 2 ( sarcasm ) This guide will tell you how to build suit item for him in early game. you just farm like normaly heroes does. after get your ulti on lvl 3. there's many option to do ...
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Ted's Builds - Drow Ranger
от Ted Hates You™
My build in game. I have 100 + games with this hero....
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VaLLe.'s Morphling - Shotgun and DPS Build
от BASE.VaLLe.
This build is designed for playing Morphling in every lane, is it mid or a side lane. You can go for shotgun build, if the enemy team has squishy heroes, but you can go for DPS if you wanna go late. ...
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Fast Eul Invoker
от 인우
Развития на герои
Leave and kill all...
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F**k Everything-loyal (;-;)
this is a build for mid the reason is 1v1 9/10 times lifestealer will win so mid is the best choice for murdering everything the build is simply to get someone starter they by any means dont have to follow it have fun :)...
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Terrorblade Guide by Jeremayer
от Jeremayer
Sample Text here...
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(6.81) Lina's Paths - Path of Inferno (1/3)
от [Lemons] loopuleasa
Choose your destiny: [ Path of the Inferno ] - Frenzy Damage Let the eternal fire flow through your veins and master its strength to overpower your foes. [url=http://steam...
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Tоp Pudge EU by @pandevich
от @pandevich
Better fоr pIayin' in pubIic...
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PERIODic Pub-Stomp
от Tasksvoided
This is a build I have spent a lot of time working on perfecting. Please rate this as you use it :-)...
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Navisomeg`s Kunkka Build
от ºOo_N4V1$W4G_1337_T34B4G_oOº
Build para kunkka MID e bot lane...
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