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Getting Started: Dota 2 Content in Source Filmmaker [SFM]
от Wyk
This is a detailed picture guide on how to get Dota 2 content working in Source Filmmaker. NOTE: This is an updated version of the guide that was previously available on my blog. I have discontinued using that site and will continue to update this guid...
Галерея подвигов, достижений / Трофеи
от Stenex
В этом руководстве вы узнаете как получить трофей "Professional Last Hitter" (Добивание крипов)...
Divine Rapier and YOU!
от Danger Mouse!
Many of you are wondering, "Should I buy a Divine Rapier?" Here is a guide to help you determine whether or not you should!...
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GreyShark.Centaur Warrunner
от #6a'Tu.GreyShark
от HStyle™ | Dalesis
Галерея Подвигов
от Little cat
Галерея Подвигов — это окно в котором перечислены определенные трофеи....
Roaming Mirana
от GeM1ni
Getting good start, owning early game, ruining enemy's laning phase is very annoying for the enemy team. It will help you to destroy your opponent's mood. And we all know, dota is all about mind games... you win mental game, you win game itself. This guid...
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от Army of D'oh
Omniknight is a very good support hero. With it healing and repel and the ability to slow down enemy with it degen aura, he can survive and support very well. Impressive right. With this build, you can use Omni with great mobility and high manapool. I...
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Zero's Ultimate Sniper Build
This guide gives you everything you need to win any game. Assuming you know how to move in the game you'll be able to power through anything. Here are just a few notes to keep in mind: 1. Maelstorm and Crystalis should be built based on need. IF th...
The happy merchant and you: an in-depth items comparison
от Musculus
This guide describes all of the in-game items your hero can buy, which ones you should pick, and aims to let you create your own item build without using any hero-specific guide....
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Centaur is The Best Tank: Durable Build
от Super-Ken
Based on this guide: http://dota2.ru/guides/887-centaur-warrunner-odin-iz-luchshikh-tankov-obnovlenie-291012/ (RUS). This is the Durable Item Build from this guide....
Techies mid guide
от GeM1ni
Techies is a unique hero in Dota 2, which can be used as offensive and defensive roles. Back in dota 1 techies was used to be core mid laner. He used to be picked mostly by SEA teams like aka Avengers, PAV, DSS. He was very effective againts other mid lan...
Guide to solo MMR [HUSKAR] by R3niarT
от R3niarT
This guide will help you learn how to play Huskar to it's full potential as a safe lane carry and hopefully help you increase your mmr....
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Dendi Sniper mid
от Infinity.V | Galaxy
Na'Vi Dendi Sniper mid item and skill builds...
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6.81 - Standard Centaur Warrunner (Lane) Build
от Torte de Lini
Centaur Warrunner is a comfortable initiator that can disable and wear down foes incredibly fast thanks to his Hood Stomp/Double-Edge combination. With his ultimate, Stampede, saving allies or chasing down fleeing enemies can be done in a cinch especially...
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Deko Builds Templar Assassin (pt-BR) V.1.2
от ':.Deko.:'
*Leia Antes de Usar essa Build* Lanaya, a templar assassin é um Hero de Agilidade, short-ranged com a capacidade de dar danos físicos absurdos, com posicionamento bom e um timing um tanto quanto preciso.. diferente de outros heróis de danos físicos...
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Natures Prophet: A sniping, ganking prophet!
от hypR
Hi All, This is a guide that I've put together for Natures prophet after watching a few players play him this way. This is similar to a traditional Natures Prophet guide but is more focused on teleporting around and assisting your team, sniping the cou...
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The best Rubick builderino (6.81b)
от |sbf| Radiofoot
General Rubick build. Remember, Rubick is 90% about positioning when it comes to being useful in team fights. Be a better Tidehunter than Tidehunter, be a better Enigma than Enigma. And don't forget to land clutch hooks on Pudge! THE WORLD IS YOUR OYST...
Io The Wisp. The Ultimate Ganker
от Winterwind,TheOnceAndFutureKing
(NOTE:If the guide seems too long just browse the Kill/Relocate-Gank Section, that will show you Io's potential. Then just read skim through the skills section. If that does not interest you. It should at least give you enough of an idea to form YOUR idea...
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Maximum Speed, Maximum Strenght & Cloak Engaged.
от Cybrockmatt
Equip your Drow Ranger with a Nanosuit....
"Professional Last Hitter" - Trophy
от Hellscream
In this tutorial you will learn how to get the trophy "Professional Last Hitter" - Denying Creeps!...
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Standard Offlane Centaur
от Bonkers
Offlane Centaur, to be played fairly defensively at start, but as an aggressive tank/initiator when the laning phase is over. Be sure to look out for that invis rune near your lane, is great for assisting mid kills - other than that, chill out and soa...
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Мне кента семерочку плз
от Pavel Mikus
Жирный пёс кент хорошо подходит на почти любую роль. Смотрите на игру, как она идет и решайте сами какой путь вам выбрать....
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от RaichuOu
定位:打野、游擊、肉盾、團戰牽制。 特色:以肉體作戰的行動兵器,擅長於打野與游擊,藉著撐硬來發揮「螺旋反擊」的傷害力擊殺敵人。在團戰中,斧王配合跳刀能強迫周遭敵人攻擊他,...
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Dendi mid
от Infinity.V | Galaxy
Pudge masta dendi build...
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от Shiro
EG.Fear ability and items build for Sven. Hope this will help you how to play Sven. For more information about Fear Sven gameplay, search this at youtube "EG vs Na'Vi (Dreamhack Winter 2012 Quarterfinals) Game 1". Good luck Have Fun :D...
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Nature's Prophet Null Talisman build
I found this build on r/dota2 and decided to do an in game write up of it. Credit goes to u/kinkosan for uploading the basics of it to the community. This build relies on you having great map awareness and TPing in to get kills even if it means dying yo...
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Terrorblade Jungler/Pusher build by BuZ [6.81b]
от BuZ #road to 1k
This is a jungler build inspired by Matrice, top mmr player. In general, in jungle, try to avoid talking damages on your hero and keep your illusions 1 hit away from death. 1/ Buy the Slippers asap, use conjure image at 0:06 and run toward the closest...
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от Pariah
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AdmiralBulldong v6.81 Nature's Prophet
от Michael
Early impact Nature's Prophet, inspired by the King of Rats himself. Kappa...
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