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Бесплатные смайлы в Dota 2
por Basherson
Как бесплатно использовать смайлы в Dota 2 Всем привет! Сейчас я расскажу вам, как бесплатно использовать в игре смайлики... ...
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The Ultimate Map Hack Guide[6.83c]
por Shin-Chan
This build is for playing a "CORE" Treant Protector not a 5th position support.In this build you try to rush a fast soul ring then head to jungle at 9 min mark and farm an Aghanims Scepter by 15-18 min mark.Then by 30 min you can have around 20 "EYES" aro...
Dota 2 Язык демонов Ozkavosh
por ATOM
Внимание длинно пост. Ни для кого не секрет, что помимо английского персонажи говорят на своих родных языках. Сейчас мы это и рассмотрим! S...
Optimal Ward Placement
por ggng
Guide on where exactly to place wards in some uncommon ward spots for the most amount of vision....
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[EASY MMR] - Lina Carry [Mid/Sidelane]
por Sonyk
With this guide you can win the game easily. Follow the guide and see the good results you will get. Good Luck! Subscribe!...
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Dota Boss Best Sborka Mid
por Ebaля
Cборка канала Dota Boss! Лучшие и простейшие гайды в галактике! Ролик по сборке тут -
[How to: Crystal Maiden] Hard Support, Initiator, Pusher Guide
por Freddy
This guide will teach you some tricks on how to use Crystal Maiden and how to use her as a really good Support and Initiator from Early to Late game. THIS GUIDE IS FOR BEGINNERS Enjoy!...
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Shadow Demon (Support 3 lane) D-|ends
por LSS
I Created this build for "Shadow Demon" in Tri-lane. I hope this build can improved your gameplay. 1. Shadow Demon / Undying + Centaur 2. Shadow Demon / Undying + Slardar 3. Shadow Demon / Undying + Weaver Thank you and have a nice day....
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GreyShark.Invoker #5
por GreyShark
Основы игры на Invoker'е(В ПРОЦЕССЕ ИЗМЕНЕНИЯ)
por ~L-0-w-S-e-S~
В этом руководстве я расскажу вам о : Плюсах/Минусах Инвокера , О его основных спелах , про его друзей/врагов , о Двойных/Тройных комбинациях !...
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sniper middel
por (D.D) pink panther
this is a middel build mostely u have see it been used in international they get frist skill early lvlup which is goood for early kills in mid :) hope u like this build :)...
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Omniknight Viciuslab
por Necca @Viciuslab
Si queréis ver la vídeo guía, buscarla en y muchas otras más!...
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Faceless Void - DarkTerror
por In)|(ected
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The True Fuzzy Wuzzy (Mid Ursa Guide)
por C.Friez
Hello everyone, I am a top 100 Ursa player, and this is my pubstomp build for playing Ursa in the Mid-lane! Ursa is really weak in the meta atm, but I consider him a very strong snowballing/situational hero. This build is meant to be played as a space cr...
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Super Troll
por In)|(ected
Скади собираем обязательно, никаких тарасок. Блед майл и лотар, собираем если во вражеской команде снайп. Если во вражеской тиме Мортра, то ...
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Lina Mid
por Jerry
4 1 4 semi carry lina...
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por Ghost
Hello Razor players! in this guide I ought to explain one of the most fun, annoying and imba hero Razor. This is a build of mine usually in Pub games and tried it in rank and works efficiently (for me) and a friend of mine. This guide here explains on how...
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Easy kills, easy life
por meow
Easy mid lane and hard lane...
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6.83 - The Only Way To Play - Wraith King
por Wildcard Jones for the video version of this guide. for more oddball guides. Even Merlini builds this way. That means you're guaranteed it's worthy....
'Suck 'em dry!' Jho's guide to Pugna
por Jho
Welcome to my guide on the bony 'vampire' of the Netherealm: Pugna! Pugna is a ranged, intelligence hero with huge nuking and/or pushing capability, and has the potential to drain his enemies of both mana AND HP! He has the highest INT gain, giving him...
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Phantom Lancer Mid
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17 Dead Wolves Guide
por 17 Dead Wolves
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My SF builds
por Семён.
My SF item builds for any situations....
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Гайд на лавра 6.83
por ElderBoyZ
Лучшая на мой взгляд сборка на бибамена...
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Warlock solo mid - 6.83
por MrSnowball_
Originally created by TheDiscoSpider, the #6 Warlock on DotaBuff Shadow Word/stats/midas in the mid lane wins games. This guide is focused on shutting down their mid lane and making sure you can have 2-4 golems at early points in the game. You won’t ...
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Pudge Guide
por Freeze
еееее пудж...
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Russian Bear
por HarD'SkiIL#СhEaT<3 #wT
Пробуйте,хорошая сборка....
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[6.83] EG.Suma1L's Storm - By HawkEyes
por HawkEyes
Sumail storm spirit mid . HawkEyes Approved....
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7k qop
por Smurf I mid plz, main 5.7k
ez mmr...
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DNA - Last Roze
por Last Roze
Follow the Build from Left to Right, from Starting to End Game Items. Don't rush Lane at first attempt, just stay near tower and farm, after lvl 6 go help your teammate, before "Gank" make sure you already have "Urn of Shadows". Good Luck and Have F...
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