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Kонсольные команды Dota2 + для слабых компьютеров, повышаем FPS!
Все консольные команды игры Dota 2! + Оптимизация Dota 2 для слабых компьютеров, повышаем FPS!...
Hero Builds
6.83 - The Only Way To Play - Winter Wyvern
by 500 Little Qs
Thanks for picking up my first Hero Guide! I'm looking forward to making a dozen more....
Hero Builds
Zoning position 4 Winter Wyvern Build
by Anuxi ♥
A scrubs favourite build for a scrubs favourite hero....
Guia para Wards Básicas(Guide to Basic Wards)
by Ed
Este guia tem como base minhas experiências em jogo e nada aqui deve ser levado como regra são apenas dicas para novos jogadores ou alguns que já tem uma boa noção do jogo mas ainda não entendem bem como colocar suas wards. This guide is based on m...
Hero Builds
6.83 - Arteezy Style Sniper [Mid] (Easy MMR)
by Sonyk
With this guide you can win the game easily. Follow the guide and see the good results you will get. Subscribe!...
Hero Builds
Slark the unstoppable
by Dangelbær
A build that will guide the sorry ass Slark players who does not even have a slight idea on how to play him like a full potential early-ganker and end-game carry. This build have no cowardly invisibility nor any misguided thoughts about him being a wizar...
Hero Builds
Crystal Maiden Jungle
by Quo
Support/Jungle Maiden! My Guide to jungle Crystal Maiden With this guide i want you to show the possibility Maiden has as a jungler. It's also a way off getting away from beeing a poor support Good Luck and Have fun...
Прокачка в лесу
by AFCGames
Здесь предлогается посмотреть на лес в доте и все, что с ним связанно. (Как правильно делать отводы и стаки) (Герои-лесники) (Прокачка в лесу...
Hero Builds
Invoker (refresher orb) by DStshka
by DStshka
Всем привет! Эта сборка для эффективного прокаста ,мы не собираем орчиды и дагоны ,наша цель аганим\бкб\рефрешер . Собираться по такой сбор...
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