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Эра Steam Stealer или как защититься
by Counterfeiter
Здравствуйте. Сейчас во всей сети Интернет стал популярен новый так сказать "вирус". Steam Stealer - получил свое имя от своей деятельности. Поясню...
Dota 2 Tool | Руководство по лучшей программе для замены содержимого игры
by Жёлтый кокос
Видели у известных летсплееров удобные модельки тыковок, но не знаете как их поставить? Хотите играть с DC-хуком? Мечтаете об арканах на всех...
MMR guide : how not to be a terrible player [UPDATED]
by Mar
DISCLAIMER - MUST READ There are many MMR guide out there, but i figured out for a reason or another that they're very hard to read and understand, this guide exsist for this purpose : to help desperate/sad dota 2 players stuck in a low MMR...
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Juggernaut stands ready
by ultraviolet
This is my Dota 2 Build for Juggernaut. I hope you enjoy it!...
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Carry/Mid Jugg @ dreamknoxville & iM@nektrik
by dreamknoxville <3 Laori
This build is best for Juggernaut in 6.83b. Made by two 6k players who being really successful on Juggernaut. Using it you can improve your winrate on Jugg and make yourself feel that you carrying games solo. Upvote and Help everyone to see this build...
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6.83 - Standard Lina (Middle) Build
by Torte de Lini
Lina is a strong spellcaster that takes down opponents fast through her Laguna Blade and Dragon Slave, her AOE stun, Light Strike Array, is a great way to keep down opponents. Be wary of her autoattack has it has a slow attack time and her stun also has a...
Руководство на Meepo часть №1
by Katze Cat
Руководство включает: 1) Итем билд 2) Скилл Билд 3) Настройки для удобства игры на Meepo 4) Правильное использование Blink Dagger...
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6.83 - Madness Juggernaut
by Let Us Throw
Nova Meta do Jugg...
Teh Dota 2 Survival Guide
by Doctor Hax
Are you tired of feeding? Well, read this guide and I can probably help. I would dedicate this to new players(most of the time called noobs) and to first-time hero users. Firstoff, I do not guarantee you to not feed after you read this guide, because most...
Hero Builds
by GeForce
Hero Builds
Jagg Swag
И так это профессиональная сборка на Джаггернаута. Доступна только для топ игроков(от 1к ммр). Суть в том, что мы превращаем нашего героя в То...
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SuperCoop's Utility/Semi-Carry OR Pub Stomping Carry
by SuperCoop411
Great build for a utility/ semi carry Nighstalker build. PUB STOMP APPLICAPLE. This build can be used as a solo pubstomp build where you do your own thing and destroy, or used for great team play and utility!...
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Непростая сборка Pudge 1.0
by Yippie|7corners
По моему мнению, лучшая сборка....
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Arashi.'s One Girl Army
by Arashi.
Arashi. - Over 4500 Won Duels in 360 games with Legion Commander. This is just a basic version of the Master Commander Guide Im making. Feel free to ask absolutely any question on my Facebook page (/ArashiNoShadowD2)...
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6.83 - Standard Invoker (Middle) Build
by Torte de Lini
Invoker is a versatile hero that can play damage-dealer, lane-pusher or disabler. His versatility all depends on how you want to play him. This hero is definitely not for newcomers to Dota 2 due to speed you need to properly cast the right spells as well ...
Как играть на китайских серверах PW | How to play on Chinese PW servers
by Жёлтый кокос
С помощью этого руководства Вы сможете легко узнать, как попасть на китайские сервера Perfect World в Доте 2! With this guide, you can easily learn how to get on the Chinese Per...
Omniknight carry/ mid/ solo hardline hero
by Omni <3
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IO Support Viciuslab
by Necca @Viciuslab
Buscar en Youtube VICIUSLAB, para ver las guías en video....
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Gotta Catch 'Em All
by Marmota
This is a general build for Jungling Enigma. It is adaptable whether you are supporting or not, or going early Roshan or not. Normally Enigma is not played as a support, so that part is actually for pub plays, since "Nobody likes to play support, yet e...
Hero Builds
Omniknight - Support
Durable/Lane Support/Support Для нас опасны: Invoker, Silencer, Shadow Demon, Doom Bringer, Outworld Destroyer, Naga Siren, Ancient Apparition, Necrolyte, Batrider...
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Руководство на Meepo от KatzeCat
by Katze Cat
Руководство на Meepo от KatzeCat Скилл билд и Итем билд...
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Прям вобще саппорт саппорт
by Hades
вот берешь и ебошишь...
Hero Builds
Mid Time Wit Yo Bae.
by Trendy Nigga
Shoot shit everywhere beligerently or die trying....
Hero Builds
by Rick Astley
Here is a build that I personally use for pudge. Requires the player to lane safelane or offlane, for midding could be a problem. Centered around having the ability to hook you will find that this build allows for a larger mana pool early game making it e...
Hero Builds
AZR^PoLaR_Pudge (v1.0)
by AZR^PoLaR
Hero Builds
Phantom Assassin [LMB - 6.83]
by Sky!
Existem outras builds que são mais focadas para Gankar, porem esta é a Build padrão para Phanton Assassin. É a mais utilizada e funciona muito bem. Críticas e sugestões são bem vindas! =)...
Hero Builds
by yourwave
middel lion...
Hero Builds
Windranger Build
by GFree
Simple, guideline of items and transitions for WindRanger. Depending on your farm and what your team needs, you can be a support with disables, a lane pusher or a DPS machine....
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Лесной Lifestealer
by KSm22
Lifestealer- лесной герой, роли которого: танк, керри, инициатор. Герой не сложен в управлении, рекомендую всем игрокам, которые имеют представлен...
Hero Builds
Timbu's Trenchbreaker Support KOTL
by Timbu FTZB
1. Go for the bounty runes ASAP. Ward as soon as possible to not get ganked early. Runes spawn every 2 minutes. 2. Be focused on harassing the enemy and denying your creeps. Be sure to stack and pull as necessary. 3. Keep your team informed about rune ...
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