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The Art of Supporting - The true skill in Dota
by Decstarr
Due to the positive feedback and requests I am looking for native speakers that would be willing to translate the guide into Russian, Spanish and maybe Chinese (and/or other languages). If you are willing and capable to do so, please write a comment an...
Леди Вайши или как затащить Медузой
by Jack Daniels
Подробный гайд по медузе с разными билдами и вариантами фарма...
Knowing me, Knowing you. Ximiq's guide to Invoker.
by Ximiq
Welcome, in this guide i will show you who Invoker is, his spells, how do you play Invoker? who are invokers friends ane enemies?...
Hero Builds
mirana carry
a built that surely will be useful to everyone...
Hero Builds
GreyShark.Naga Siren
by #6a'Tu.GreyShark
Hero Builds
Ancalabond's guide to Mercurial
by [D.F] Ancalabond
Mercurial The Spectre is an amazing hero for the late game, one of the hardest carries in the game and EXTREMELY underused. Many people don't fully understand how to play her and I aim to change this. One of her problems is she requires a ton of farm an...
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Lone Druid 3 in 1
by klawy,pl
This build have all items what need Lone druid, and plase dont look at skill build cuz i add it randomed cuz i cant add skill info without it...
Hero Builds
Windranger - AKATESH
by Aka'tesh
Perfect Build...
How To Make a South-American Profile
by ‎‎ Denus
Welcome to my guide. I will explain how to make a South-American (JaJa) profile. ...
Hero Builds
Phantom 98% WIN rate
Hero Builds
6.81b - [CT's] Faceless Void: Purple Reign!
by CT
6.81b - Faceless Void is currently the strongest carry in Dota 2. He scales very well with items and crushes teamfights throughout the game with his amazing ult, but he can also screw his team with a bad ult. The key to playing Void is to farm between...
Hero Builds
Meep0wned by dv
by dVSHMiND/A/a-_^
I think Meepo is lot more versatile than a lot of the other builds give him credit for!...
Hero Builds
(ru)Templar Assassin - Carry
by APB - Theme Song
Чёткая сборочка...
Hero Builds
Jungle Da Vinci
by Da Vinci
Regular guide To Jungle DOOM...
Hero Builds
Lone Druid - Guia de G40
by G40.iCharlie17
Lone Druid es un heroe buenisimo que puede jugar tanto en offlane como de carry. Tiene muchisima presencia en linea gracias a su oso y un lategame brutal ya que puede llevar hasta 12 items con el oso. Muy fuerte para pushear y derribar estructuras. Con ra...
Hero Builds
by #6a'Tu.GreyShark
Hero Builds
solo xard by mr.hilbnewell
by mr.hilbnewell
соло хард...
Hero Builds
by Aka'tesh
Perfect Build...
Hero Builds
Riki - No Steal Frag and Mega Killer
by GaMeBooT
Первая Сборка. Поставь Лайк ! By GaMeBooT...
Hero Builds
Mortred :3
by APB - Theme Song
Тут кароч без Battle Fury =(...
Hero Builds
Windrunner! Wait... Oh.... Windranger?
by CDT | Toyz
Nothing to see here. Auto Attack Windranger....
Solo Hard Lone Druid
by Morix
Этот гайд посвящен замечательному герою Lone Druid...
Hero Builds
Aquarium Bird - Ganker Carry Lina
by Aquarium Bird
This Guide made by Aquarium Bird. - Ganker Carry Lina for middle (or other lanes) Like and Follow Please :) Always updated....
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[Hobbez] 6.30.14 sproinkBICEPS Pro Build
by [HobbeZ]
Hey there, My name is Hobbez and I am a competitive Dota 2 Player. I am publishing Updated Professional Hero Builds from OTHER people. These builds will have the date and the Professional Dota 2 player that played it! These Builds are not my own...
Гайд на Phantom Assasin
by †MaGiNa†
Плюсы героя +Высокий прирост ловкости и силы +Самые высокие криты +Сильный лейт +Есть свой уворот +Есть блинк +Легка в освоении +Есть хоро...
Hero Builds
Razor. Carry. Mid. RUS.
by Lizax
Сборка для быстро бегающего и быстро убивающего разора....
Hero Builds
Browniez - Tinker - SoloMid
by Browniezftw
This build is for solo mid tinker and this build also has the requirements to utilize the ancients. This build aims for very fast boots of travel and this is the build I personally use in over 85 games as tinker with quite a high winrate especially in ran...
Hero Builds
Jungle / gank - push
by Fremaner
This is an easy build on Nature Prophet. Early in jungle, mid and late gank or push.. When you have desolator and crystalys or desolator maelstorm you can go solo Roshan (! you need treants !) When you are in the jungle remember for your micro skills ...
Hero Builds
Invoker Exort Lacoste EMP
by @LacosTe
working invoker EMP...
Hero Builds
phantom lancer ... ready to strike [mng]
by not-available kangkung
this is the phantom lancer build for my personal use. if u find that there is room for improvement, feel free to comment. i promise i will not charge u any cent (lol) early game play safely & try not to get killed. i push for agi so that PL will mult...
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