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Welcome to Dota, You Suck
by Paper
Purge's Welcome to Dota, You Suck guide is well regarded as the premiere guide for learning the basics of Dota 2. It covers things like heroes to pick when you're new, basic strategy breakdown, controls, lane setups, basic game mechanics such as damag...
The International 2013 Interactive Compendium Guide
by Jimo
This guide will explain how to purchase, activate and use The International 2013 Interactive Compendium....
Guide on the creation of your own Dota 2 items
by Vermilion Wlad
This guide will help you in creating you own Dota 2 cosmetics, covering everything from concepting and sculpting, to putting it ingame!...
In-depth guide to Warding
by f334r
This guide covers several aspects of warding, including rune wards, general/ aggressive wards, jungle camp blocking wards and dewarding of jungle camps/ general wards. I hope that you learn something from this guide or improve your knowledge about the wa...
The way to customize dota!
by seven
Like many other source games, Dota 2 has also have the ability to customize it. Improving the overall game makes you happy, and the part of it too. Way to customize it, step by step!...
Comprehensive Dota 2 Guide
by devilesk
A comprehensive guide presented in a way such that anyone can learn Dota 2. This guide covers almost everything from top to bottom. Earlier content is targeted towards complete beginners, but intermediate players can still find the later information usefu...
Grimorum: Invoker Guide after 6000+ Games
by MrUrmogi
Credentials: - #17 in DotaCinema's Hall of Fame Episode 50 - 4000+ invoker games in Dota 1 and 2000+ invoker games in Dota 2 - Invoker's Raging Fury Series Gameplay - 83.6% win rate and 7.77 KDA score with Invoker over 250 Matches - 100% Invoker Su...
Infinite March- Phantom Lancer Guide 6.80 UPDATE
by Newgoodsdelivery
An in-depth and easy-to-understand guide to Phantom Lancer. Check out the 'Recap' section for an alt+tab guide. The introduction will handle what's changed....
English-Russian dictionary.
by @kingofswaggwp
Hero Builds
The Flawless Lycan Jungle Build
by Lone Wolf
This is a very good Lycanthrope build, usable in jungle. Good luck, but you wont really need it :) IF YOU ARE NEW TO LYCAN, OR IF YOU REGULARLY HAVE A HARD TIME SURVIVING WITH HIM IN THE JUNGLE, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: 1. Spawn wolves at base at ...
in depth guide to: Dragon Knight
by DarkX™
Dragon Knight or DK for short (also knows as Davion), is a strength Melee Hybrid Tank-Carry! he's a very versatile hero, as he can tank, push, and carry his team to victory! things to know about dragon knight: 1. he has the highest base armor in the who...
How to Win Enemies and Hurt People. A Detailed Guide to the Mechanics of DotA2.
by WhiteHawke
How many enemies do you face in a DotA2 match? Most players would say 'five', but the most dangerous enemy you face isn’t even on the other team. The true enemy in DotA2 is your own ignorance. Most players will never be able to defeat this foe beca...
Hero Builds
A gentleman is simply a patient wolf - Jungle/Carry Lycan
by [iGT]StarGhoti
This guide is a bit noob friendly, but is usable by pros. Check this guide on the Steam Workshop to read it all. First off, Lycan is a right-click carry who destroys enemies with his high damage and fast attack speed, BUT he requires some micromanagement ...
Разновидность расписанных самоцветов
by Красный
Весь список Inscribed гемов в одном месте. Не знаешь что подобрать к вещи своего героя - тогда этот гайд для вас!...
Hero Builds
6.80 - Standard Ogre Magi (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Ogre Magi is a direct support hero with low cooldown abilities and easy-to-understand utilities. With his ranged stun and DPS slow through Ignite, Ogre Magi's expectations are quite obvious for the average player. Be sure to use Bloodlust constantly on...
Hero Builds
eXpLoSiOn Wraith King
by eXpLoSiOn
assembly eXpLoSiOn Wraith King ...
Dota 2, Weapon Creation Tutorial - Pudge's Offhand.
by Lennyagony
Interested in making items for the Dota2 workshop, but not sure where to start? Welcome to my beginner/intermediate weapon creation tutorial, based on Pudges offhand weapon slot and the offhand weapon [url=
Hero Builds
Purge's Guide to Support Ogre
by Paper
Ogre Magi is a great support hero who doesn't require a lot of items to be effective! A little experience and some arcane boots, and he just about hits peak performance because of his fantastic strength gain! He also has 2 early disables that can make him...
Invokerism (16 possible builds!)
by Nedrapter
Invokerism Invokerism is an in-depth guide about Invoker and his possibilities. Item builds, skill builds, tactics, roles, choices, everything is here. Customize your Invoker to what your game needs ! IMPORTANT NOTE: if you want to u...
Hero Builds
6.80 - Standard Lycan (Jungle) Build
by Torte de Lini
Lycanthrope is a strong carry with jungling capabilities. His ultimate allows him to move at maximum speed without being affected by any slow disabilities. Be careful of stuns until you have Black King Bar and be sure to take advantage of Vladmir's Offeri...
Hero Builds
6.80 - Standard Luna (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Luna is a carry that farms comfortably early-game (though has a short-range) and does superb damage through her ultimate, Eclipse and her Lucent Beam. Use Moon Glaive to farm hard for those last-needed items and Lucent Beam's ministun effect to disrupt ch...
Hero Builds
6.80 - Standard Lich (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Lich is a staple support hero that works great with any team. In addition to his nuke ability Sacrifice, Lich maintains his strength in his Chain Frost ultimate that can really tear down a team and slow them long enough for your carry to sweep them. Make ...
Hero Builds
6.80 - Standard Necrophos (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Necro is a mid-game carry who aims to win fights by being able to soak up tons of damage while consistently dishing it out to every enemy nearby. The main way to do this is to buy items with very large boosts to maximum health and mana, and items with str...
Hero Builds
6.80 - Standard Keeper of the Light (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Keeper of the Light is a support hero who has an incredible nuke blast damage. Due to Chakra Magic, he will never run out of mana and thanks to his mana leak, can cause important heros to lose all of their mana. Ensure that you do not push waves of cre...
Getting Started with Dota 2 as a New Player
by vijum
Dota 2 has a steep learning curve and this guide will help you to get started with Dota 2 as a beginner as well as provide you with the places you need to know to gather all the information you want. This guide's aim is, that you can find out everything a...
ChaQ’s ultimate guide to advanced middle lane solo.
by huh
In-depth guide to solo middle role....
Hero Builds
Update 6.80 Best Fiends Forever- Warlock Support
by Baishuu
Updated for 6.80 Balance Patch! Being an evil old man has it's benefits. Summon a grumpy Golem named Fergus to wreak havoc on your enemies. Bond everyone together so their pain is amplified. Heal your worthless lane partner who isn't carrying you. Be the ...
Hero Builds
Пукано рватель
by argent
Сильный пушер - Силен на все стадиях игры (относительно) - Максимум скорости на ульте - Убийца Рошана - Усиление атаки на всю команду МИНУС...
Hero Builds
6.80 - Standard Terrorblade (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Terrorblade is an incredible late-game carry with nearly 0 crowd-control but an infinite amount of ways of creating illusions and pushing down lanes. Take advantage of Sunder to lure foes into thinking they've won while also using Metamorphosis to tear do...
Hero Builds
Purge's Guide to Bristleback
by Paper
Bristleback is a tanky semi carry hero who becomes very difficult to kill with the right items. His main damage source comes from your Quills, which you should use to harass, kill, and last hit with. Your second damage source comes from your ultimate, ...
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