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Hero Builds
Middle Into Ganker
by Black Jesus.TBB
Sky is a very usfull hero early to mid game. Now i know people are thinking why send him middle his a support am i right? but because of his usfullness early its best to get him the farm qucik to get the early ganks for his team. I feel that this is...
Hero Builds
It's not stealing if it's banter
by TG ¦ Dalmposter
Nuff said. Be banterous. Win game...
Hero Builds
2x180* noscope RAMPAGE build
by Mr. HakkeTyr
Instant get gut casul build...
Hero Builds
P.P The Puck Pwn Build
by goofykillerbunny
I know the name is weird but that doesnt matter I think that the builds are very good....
Hero Builds
Еблоломатель 228
by Юля
Hero Builds
by VasiliyK&Intelligents
Hero Builds
Zeus - tak i budet.!
by OsteoL
Если бы я в жини не надрал столько задниц, я бы думал, что отстаю от своих братьев. ...
Hero Builds
!Hardline Tidehunter! (Atlanta)
by Atlanta
Тайдхантер на сложной линии - непробиваемая машина, если максить псивку (Kraken Shell). За счёт якоря (Anchor Smash) , появляется возможность наваливать ...
Hero Builds
топ кунка ин зе вролд
by #I'm IMba
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