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Hero Builds
For Shendelzare (MidNukerCarry)
by [RoH] Minester
Skywrath is an Earlygame to Midgame NukeSnowballer who can carry the game but is really squishy in Lategame. He is viable in a Pusherlineup but not a real LategameCarry....
Hero Builds
Meepo Gide 0.01 (mid)
by Hoxton [PAYDAY 2]
Cоберайте всё по быстрому,или гг изи вам!...
Hero Builds
Quite a good build
by daisuke
Hero Builds
Jungle Sand King
by MrGhast
This is my first guide to a character so i decided to use my fav, sand king....
Hero Builds
Mortred X Ultimate Build
Use Midas if u earn The money till 15 min. This Build Contains my 375 matches experince with Phantom Assassin. Use this build and i am sure u will be successful. ...
Hero Builds
Тру нагибатор войдецкий 228))0))0)
by Pandaren
Мне так удобно...
Hero Builds
by [BHomie]Brennner
op zues ...
Hero Builds
Grim guide to support Lina
by Grimmew
Grim guide to Support lina also works when mid....
Hero Builds
Дизраптор Настоящий сапорт
by AdmiralКрыса
Зборка сапорта на героя дизраптор ...
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