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Полный гайд на Broodmother
de către Raison d’être
Бруда - мой любимый герой ещё с 1й доты. Удивительно, но много людей не умеет играть на ней. В этом гайде я разложил всё по полочкам....
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Grimorum: 6.82b- Invoker VS Ember Middle
de către Igormu
Level 1 Invoker is the most fragile hero in Dota because he has no spells and only 280 movement speed! Practice map awareness and team communication. Due to Invoker's low base attack damage, Exort is a must against Bloodseeker, and Shadow Fiend. On the ot...
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Mr.Wolfe's Offlane Ganker Stalker
de către Mr.Wolfe
Night Stalker is commonly thought of as a midlaner, but with the current night time cycle, making use of the first night time (4-8min) as a midsolo is quite difficult. Your ganks are very predictable. However, in the offlane, NS can be far more useful. At...
de către ☾ Sailor Moon ☾
Это руководство покажет вам, как удалить DOTA 2 без риска быть съеденым Гейбом....
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PHOENIX by ViruSuriV
de către KNIFE|ViruSuriV
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(ru) Morph - Carry
de către GeForce
Сборка через доминатор. Отлично подходит для фаст гейма и глубокого лейта....
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6.83 - Dendi Style Luna [Lane] (Easy MMR)
de către Sonyk.Ec
This Guide is from Na'Vi.Dendi Created by a fan of Na'Vi.Dendi in using Luna in Lane. Good Luck Subscribe!...
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Flexible Windranger
de către idk
The most flexible hero, trust me. From Carry to support or Pusher, with this guide you can squeeze her skills to their max. potential as the role you're playing....
How To Dota
de către Satan
This is how you Basically play the game....
Выживаем на Зимней Распродаже 2014
de către Snowу
Учимся заставлять Габена гореть путем простейших финансовых махинаций....
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Gondar's Build v.2 [GO,GO,TEAM DAGON]
de către Brooklyn Babe <3
You can use this build ONLY if there's no 2-3k+ hp heroes, like Slardar, Razor, Brewmaster etc. (This is not completely serious build. Just have fun :P). Kill 'em all! :D...
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(ru) Terrofucker
de către GeForce
Combinări de Erou
Timber Too Stronk
de către Shushi The Satanic Turnip
A thorough Rizzrack build/guide. This build is made by: Shushi The Satanic Turnip Timber is a very strong mid game ganker (I'm KNOT joking) Use his chain, then whirling death, then chakram so they have low health to make proper use of the slow. ...
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The Omnislasher (by Cealdre)
de către Cealdre
Juggernaut the Omnislasher - сборка от Кэла (
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Dondi Puj Guide
de către tryhard
This is the amazing Pudge guide that I, Dondi used to win all four TI's. Note that this hero needs years of practice if you want to be Me, so if you want extra help, ask my trained assistan Cheyne Burberry to coach you. Here is link: http://steamcommun...
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de către #'!SPAKO"
How not to die to Pudge
de către Tirigon, Challenger of Heroes
This is just a very simple guide how to not feed a Pudge. Hopefully it will make petitions to remove it from the game unnecessary in the future....
Brok3N's guide to Meepo
de către м.| Brok3N
Brok3N's guide to how to build and play Meepo the Geomancer. Also covers little tips and some useful key bindings! Covers the most viable as well as some funky unusual builds....
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Hard Carry Huskar
de către nord
Всем привет. Эта сборка отлично подойдет также и для мидового Хускара. Удачной игры!...
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Legion Commander - Mid and Ganking
de către Zoolooman
Legion Commander's jungle is excessively slow. She's a farm dependent hero, probably in the top 20 according to Phantasmal's statistical analysis, and she needs CS and items to turn her snowballing Duel victories into serious carry potential. She's especi...
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Solo Mid Pudge(1Guide)
de către n1
Guide for Pudge!!!Like my Guide!...
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Anti-Mage (Hard Carry)
de către nord
Хорошего фарма!...
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[PA]Double Rampage Build
de către Miw360
The two most popular builds on Phantom Assassin. On the one hand you can build this character as a mad and furious ganker, who will chop enemies as fast as he get 6 lvl. And on the other hand you can build Phantom Assassin as baddas farmer, who can kill e...
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6.83 - Standard Elder Titan (Lane) Build
de către Torte de Lini
Elder Titan's presence is a menace of its own as his passive ability, Natural Order, decreases armour and magic resistance of nearby foes. In combination with his Ancestral Spirit robs enemies of stats and gives further strength into Elder Titan changing ...
Combinări de Erou
de către Mirage.UA
Гайд на фуру в мид!...
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Havoc Badgers Offlane Axe
de către Havoc Badger
Just some item, skill progression for Axe that I have worked on getting right in the past month or so. Axe is incredibly strong in the offlane against the right lineup and more than anything this guide is targeted at winning the offlane early on. I wou...
Combinări de Erou
Rock on! (Carry/Sup guide for ES)
de către DatGmann
This guide would be most effective in safelane or offlane, but could very well work in mid as well A good combo in the case that you are tanky enough and there are multiple people around would be to drop the remnant behind them, pull it, roll by the re...
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Oracle full support(rus)
de către NRG.Analnaya_Bezdna
Oracle full support (rus)...
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Земля в ілюмінаторі (by AS)
de către Шухевич (AS) [UA]
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Rugger's Guide to Anti-Mage
de către Senpai Kush
Anti Mage is a great hero, he is very farm dependent but very versatile and you should always build him to the appropriate situations dont be afraid to take all the last hits and leave your supports for dead if thats what it takes to get out alive, after ...
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