Caută şi evaluează ghidurile create de către jucători pentru acest joc. Sau, creează-ţi propriul ghid şi împărtăşeşte-ţi sfaturile cu comunitatea.
Combinări de Erou  Ghiduri integrate special pentru a te învăța în timp ce joci
de către BOG DOTI
Ghiduri populare pe Steam Ghiduri, referințe și îndrumări scrise
Introduction to the Nemesis Assassin Event
de către Jimo
This guide will give you information on how to play the Nemesis Assassin Event. The Nemesis Assassin event is playable from November 20th until December 7th. ...
Подробная настройка DOTA 2 под себя! (ENGLISH ver. INSIDE)
de către TyZ
Консольные команды, настройка доты под себя БОНУС СОЗДАНИЕ СВОЕГО КОНФИГА <---- наведи мышкой...
An In-Depth Guide on Increasing MMR
de către Pieeer1
This is an in-depth guide on how to increase your matchmaking rating: MMR. This guide will include what heroes to pick, when to fight, and how to communicate without going into cardiac arrest....
A basic guide to making your own Steam avatar with the GIMP
de către Utage
Learn the basics of making your own avatar through the use of image manipulation in this step-by-step guide. As well as some other neat tricks....
Fear the Night: Offlane Nightstalker Guide
de către redivivus
Nightstalker is a hero that has fallen out of favor due to the 4 minute day/night cycle changes in 6.79, making it awkward for him to gank from the mid lane as his power peak is out of sync with the night time. Here I provide an alternative way of playin...
Virtuoso Magician
de către Wise Stump
Здравия, читатель. Ты попал на руководство по Рубику, который несёт не совсем стандартный вид. Он не расчитан на Рубика Саппорта, который ну...
Detailed settings for DOTA 2.
de către TyZ
Console commands, configuration DOTA for you BONUS Creating your config <---- point-mouse...
My Legendary Pudge build for 1 v 5 and 5 vs 5
de către BlackKnightsLegend|GetaeDacian
I have played 9 years DotA 1 and 2-3 Heroes of Newerth + League of Legends and the last 2-3 in DotA 1 spent as Pudge 90-95 % games.So guys i will finally reveal why most Pudge players fail with it and how not to fail with it but on the contrary make enemi...
How to combine and synergize heros in Dota 2.
de către Abel NIghtroad
Basic, intermediate, even advanced combos will all come in handy sometime!...
Dota 2: Where and How should I start? (Welcome to Dota 2)
de către Sinister.天涯
In this guide, I'll explain a little bit on Where and How you should start in Dota 2, pick your role and start practice and enjoy the game!...