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How to Enable Techies
tekijältä iX - Bloomberg
So, you want to enable techies? Well people have been doing it now for several months, ya big scrubs. But for the newfags who need to know, this is how. ...
So You've Been Hijacked. A Guide to Dealing With the Shame, Ramifications, and Reclaiming What is Rightfully Yours.
tekijältä HLCinSC
Congratulations you are the one millionth customer to fall for a phishing or similar scam and have had your account hijacked. You have lost control of your account, games, and items. Only Steam Support can help you directly and it will take time and patie...
Ursa : Guide to easily grind solo mmr
tekijältä ML | Soulshed
Hey guys, this is my first guide. It's about getting better mmr in solo queue (for players under 4k though). Jungle Ursa allowed me to win something like +1k mmr regardless of the picks in my team. So I would like to share this experience with you guys. I...
Laning & Ganking Tusk Build/Guide (Ymir the Tuskarr)
tekijältä faQ
Having trouble dominating every aspect of this extremely swaggy walrus? Here, take this. A guide made by a player who has been using Tusk ever since he started playing Dota, and knows everything about this big boy. From the early laning phase to ganking e...
How trade - guide for beginners
tekijältä Vincenzo
If you wanna start with steam trades. First - learn basic...
Disruptor Ward Placement for Glimpse
tekijältä MadMonkey
This guide focuses on ward placement for glimpsing heroes from behind enemy towers. Having wards in these locations make it eaiser to catch blinkers, force staff users, etc....
Invoker:Exort and Nuker build by LoneWolfeh
tekijältä LoneWolfeh
The point of this build: u have to use a combo of eul's in early game for more kills to get the expensive items that's why u have to go full exort because u need a high damage of sunstrike and blast and meteor before u get all the core items to have ...
Nature's Prophet ( PRO Tactics, PRO Build) Vr.1.12
tekijältä Standin | Waters
Hello Guys, I want to tell you, how to farm best with NP in jungle : Give "E" for start and wait in base till remains 10 sec. to the battle. than use the E on the near trees and send them to to jungle, you have to refill your mana in base in same tim...
VaLLe.'s Morphling - Shotgun and DPS Build
tekijältä BASE.VaLLe.
This build is designed for playing Morphling in every lane, is it mid or a side lane. You can go for shotgun build, if the enemy team has squishy heroes, but you can go for DPS if you wanna go late. ...
Leave and kill all...
Ted's Builds - Drow Ranger
tekijältä Ted Hates You™
My build in game. I have 100 + games with this hero....
Goblin Techies in DOTA 2! [LOVE IT<3]
Why You Should Not Auto-attack
tekijältä The Pyro's Pocket
Have you ever been in a lane with someone who won't stop auto-attacking the enemy creep wave? Have you yourself ever been yelled at for the same thing and never understood why it mattered? Hopefully this guide will give a little insight into the terrifyin...
Shastik's Guide to Godlike SK
tekijältä Shastik
Shastiks Guide to SK. This build is very universal and can be used in any situation, Safelane, or even mid. Play safe untill level 6, farm gold the entire game pushing lanes 24/7. If you get the chance pick someone off with your Epicenter early game, ...
MontSta's Meepro Build
tekijältä MontSta^
This is MontSta's Meepo build, most play'd hero from streamer There is explanations of every item choice alongside a short guide on how the Control groups he uses within the build at what point in the game. Firstly the contro...
Na'Vi.Dendi solo mid Puck
tekijältä Ne'Gi.Kuba
Na'Vi.Dendi guide Puck...
Silencer - All Lane Support / Carry - Doom Build
tekijältä Professor Gandalf
Silencer Support / Carry build: Early game poke and support, late game carry, use abilities whenever possible to ensure kills, follow guide and items for a successful build, items in categories such as Early Game / Doom Build have been put into order o...
Andros' Roaming Bounty Hunter
tekijältä That guy at your window
This is my first blood producing bounty hunter build. Very simple to follow and very effective. Only mids with straight up escapes can avoid this. Rate up for more builds from Andros!...
Fast Eul Invoker
tekijältä 인우
6.81 Support Wraith King Guide
tekijältä Standin | Waters
You have to be aggresive with playing WK. You must use your "Q" many times. Better don't upgrade your "E" until other all skills. You can farm a bit in free lanes or jungles in mid game. You'll need some items to stay alive. ...
Cent Godlike
tekijältä =RGBD=Stenfor
Initiator Eartshaker
tekijältä TR Tactics
6.81 Ganking God Barathrum
tekijältä Standin.ΜΘЄ⁻ΜΘȠȜϔ
This build is a Ganking oriented spirit breaker.will be best for below 3.5k mmr. Always be Map aware look through all lanes every now and then and ward and de ward = WIN...
[6.81] - Venomancer Hard Carry :)
tekijältä cwab #tememychifu
Hi guys, i spent quite a lot of time on this hard carry build for venomancer so i hope you find it useful! ~ cwabby :)...
F**k Everything-loyal (;-;)
tekijältä [WNGD]LOYAL HERO
this is a build for mid the reason is 1v1 9/10 times lifestealer will win so mid is the best choice for murdering everything the build is simply to get someone starter they by any means dont have to follow it have fun :)...
(6.81) Lina's paths - Path of Inferno (1/3)
tekijältä [Lemons] loopuleasa
Choose your destiny: [ Path of the Inferno ] - Frenzy Damage Let the eternal fire flow through your veins and master its strength to overpower your foes. [ Path of the Sup...
Stacking i Pulling - Techniki zaawansowanych graczy.
tekijältä Waront [PL]
Witam w moim pierwszym poradniku do tej gry. Oceń skomentuj będę wdzięczny :)...
Невьебенная cборка на Anti-mage
tekijältä [St'Cl]Monrey
Тут написан скилл билд и закуп предметов для Anti-mage...
Terrorblade Guide by Jeremayer
tekijältä Jeremayer
Sample Text here...
Vanilla DotA item icon mod
tekijältä Selaya
A mod featuring the item icons used by the Vanilla, Warcraft 3 Defense of the Ancients. Contains ready-to-use downloadables, as well as instructions on how to build one yourself....
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