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Hero Builds
Faceless Void Hard Carry
by Klim
Faceless Void Hard Carry [by Klim]...
Hero Builds
Attack of the Murder Bird
by Rick Sanchez
Phoenix is a powerful, aggressive hero whose long ranged spells, great damage, and built in survival skills allow him to excel in any lane. He can be played as a support, or as a solo (Mid or offlane are both roles he excels at), with his Icarus Dive givi...
Hero Builds
TeamWR Build - Good luck & Have fun
by Team WR.
Hello fellow Windrangers and runners! I hope you like the build I made! She is one of my favourite heros to play, all the items within the build have notes attached explaining why I choose that item and what they do. If you have any suggestions or ...
Hero Builds
Death is my BITCH. (ความตายคือนางโลมของข้า)
by Mozzarella
"Your king never dies." Here's a scrub guide for Vegetable King, "Death is my BlTCH." Because the normal build is too mainstream. Don't worry, even if you meet scrub heroes like Wex Invoker, Anti-Mage, Nyx, Silencer etc. Soul Ring... and... don...
Hero Builds
Storm spirit mid 6.80 [Ali]
by Ali #EG
Hey. This is a mostly standard storm spirit mid build that is up-to-date with the meta (with a few personal touches to ensure optimal damage output/game presence) I hope you benefit from this guide in game. All feedback is welcome :) Side notes: Do ...
Hero Builds
Хочешь тащить пабы? -Саппорт-Пушер!
by Baron Kopeton
Кароч, это трушный гайд для посонов 1337саппортов, без стила. Ну и ясное дело пушер, ибо Шаман же. Даю 100% гарантию, что гайд приведет к успеху, а ...
Hero Builds
Stay in hell next time - A Guide to Hard Carry Terrorblade
by Littlepip
Terrorblade is an impressive mid-late game hero who can also dominate the early game with the appropriate support and lane. He has the highest base armour in the game, which is offset by his low health pool. His third ability is what makes him truly terri...
Scraggle426 Invoker 6.80 Pub
by Scraggle426
My Guide to Quas Wex and Quas Exort 6.80 Pub Invoker. How to have the maximum game impact....
Hero Builds
Solo Rampage!(Mid/Late Game)
by Sacramento
How to make a solo rampage with void? Use my guide! My item build nice to team fight on mid game, that important when other's team carry farming 20-30minutes. Try to be deadly void without MoM and BF!...
Hero Builds
(RUS) Маленький, опасный гном (by Maiste)
by Maiste
Carry sniper...
Hero Builds
Pusher Tinker mid by PuzlOK [6.80]
by PuzlOK 人間キライ
Hey, this is my tinker mid lane build based on pushing. With this guide you can push everywhere you want. More push = more money = more items = more damage = more useful Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments Enjoy the guide, hope it's u...
Hero Builds
Invoker by Forse (Exort)
by Forse~w0w~
Invoker to love magic....
Hero Builds
Lifestealer Aurospeed Build
by Aurospeed
Данная сборка делалась на основе сборки Na'Vi.XBOCT, но понесла кое-какие изменения. Если есть чем дополнить, пишите....
Hero Builds
MaDCustarD Wisp IO
by MaDCustarD
Wisp is nearly the best support of the game if it's used properly. After 300 matches with Wisp I have polished my build. This is, for me, how Wisp must be played....
Hero Builds
СЛАРК-ШАЙТАН Bladense(рус)
by [Na'Zi] Батька Лукаш
Ты устал сосать на сларке, не успевая упрыгивать от врагов? Твой пукан бомбит, как Хиросиму? Тогда этот гайд для тебя! Просто и понятно, кажды...
Moving Forward in Dota 2 and Achieving your Goals
by Naked Slate
This guide will teach you all about moving forward in Dota and becoming the player you've always dreamed of, plus some extra professional tips....
Hero Builds
Pudge - Russian sborka - Good game :)
by Frutick :3
Monster kill...
Как ходить?
by Zinapp
Как ходить?...
Hero Builds
crossbone's guide to vengeful spirit
by crossbone
crossbone's guide to vengeful spirit...
Hero Builds
Tiomaza's Top Ember Spirit EU Middle Lane Guide
by Art-Zet
I played lots and lost of games on this hero and know it very well. Decided to teach you this ancient art - Imba spirit gameplay. My favourite build after all these games and remember one thing: DON'T FEAR TO IMPROVISE, THIS HERO IS A SITUATIONAL HERO, S...
Hero Builds
Normal Ember for you.
by Forse~w0w~
Hello to everyone. I have seen many different guides for ember and decided to create a guide that will help you to reveal its potential as a middle hero....
Hero Builds
Slark Public Stomp!
by Carnage
17/04/2014 Farmisz do SB a potem gankujesz i zabijasz :P...
Hero Builds
Earthshaker. You can do everything.
by SatPolyak
A big tutor for earthshaker....
Hero Builds
by Technique
Hero Builds
What happened? Axe happen!
by Incognito
Neither more nor less....
Hero Builds
[x.XGodLikeX.x] Kunkka - Your Admiral is on board!
by PoLo
Kunkka the Admiral is a versatile melee Strength hero built with an arsenal of powerful area-of-effect spells. Two of his active spells are nukes that have long reaction time, but can disable and disrupt the enemies' position. He is mostly played as a car...
Hero Builds
SHADOW FIEND( Nevermore )
by enjoy
Я уверен моя сборка является универсальной и подходит абсолютно против любого героя,ну конечно с учетом того что у вас прямые руки и растут...
Hero Builds
Mid/Carry vengeful spirit Guide
by LoneSalmon
Carry Venge...
Hero Builds
GreyShark.Ember Spirit
by GreyShark
Hero Builds
Command the battle
by Archon217
Hey guys, Legion commander is currently broken right now. Feel free to own the battlefield with this epic guide! Good luck and please rate!...
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