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Noova! An in depth Luna guide
by Funishere
As an experienced carry player with Luna as my favorite hero i will try to tell you as plain as i can how to master this hero and carry your team to victory Note: Any critics or corrections are more than welcome unless its flaming, this is my first gui...
Pubstomping Bloodseeker, doing it right
by CatPlayer
This my first guide, any mistakes and feedback will be taken. This is a basic guide that will teach you how to properly build bloodseeker, this guide will teach you how to play bloodseeker approaching your skill set to the max with some well-synergyzed i...
How to Enable Techies
by UVG.iX - Bloomberg
So, you want to enable techies? Well people have been doing it now for several months, ya big scrubs. But for the newfags who need to know, this is how. Apparently the text above can hurts peoples feelings, so to counter that, I love you all and let...
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Silencer - All Lane Support / Carry - Doom Build
by Professor Gandalf
Silencer Support / Carry build: Early game poke and support, late game carry, use abilities whenever possible to ensure kills, follow guide and items for a successful build, items in categories such as Early Game / Doom Build have been put into order o...
How to Play Techies
by UVG.iX - Bloomberg
A simple tips and tricks Techies Guide....
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Русская сборка от hw-god, jungle .
by Сахер
So You've Been Hijacked. A Guide to Dealing With the Shame, Ramifications, and Reclaiming What is Rightfully Yours.
by HLCinSC
Congratulations you are the one millionth customer to fall for a phishing or similar scam and have had your account hijacked. You have lost control of your account, games, and items. Only Steam Support can help you directly and it will take time and patie...
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Invoker QE/Team Fight build
by nRG | Ace
Start the build by leveling up Q and E, then swich to Team Fight build of your choice based of what you think you need. Same applies to items, you need to adapt and purchase correct items ...
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Meepwn, the Swagmancer (MID)
by Meepwn, the Swagmancer
Here's my guide to meepo mid. meepo isn't a hero that can dominate the lane, but using the jungle he can outfarm an outlevel the other mid, so he can end up winning the lane. be EXTREMELY careful with ganks and you'll be fine. PS. this probably won't w...
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Ez rmm or Brewmaster in mid [6.81]
by Pahender
Brewmaster is currently the most banned and played player in all of DotA 2 competitive play. His ability to initiate easily in teamfights is perfect for any team you play for. Brewmasters survivability is also off the charts. This guide teaches you how to...
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Farming Naga Siren Using Radiance.
by KoreanLetters
A farming naga siren build. The general thought process I use with comments on items....
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Tiny = Shrek
by D2TheDain
A build for my favorite hero, I hope this guide gets you wins!...
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Easy Godlike Sniper
by Na' DK | Silent Blood
Easy Godlike Build...
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PUDGE FROM "Mani Beats" Build
by Mani Beats
Хороший билд для пуджа.Good build for pudge!...
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Great Death Prophet
by Testmaets
This build won me many matches....
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Why Lion is my Favorite Dota 2 Guide [6.81]
by refleksy
This is the in-game guide that corresponds to my Lion video: . if you haven't watched it, pause the game and give the link to the other 9 people playing. trust me, it'll turn out GREAT....
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Kunkka [1 shot Rampage] Build
by Black Power
Admiral Kunkka [One Shot Rampage] Build (Late Carry)...
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riki guide
by aaziz6297
This is a guide to riki made by a.aziz. Hope you like it. Remember you can win match alone for your team....
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The Best TA - by dEusEx
by dEusEx
This pretty lady over here is one of the best mids u can find, its pretty easy to harrass other players just by last hitting creeps, and when shes well farmed, nobody can stop her, a real killing machine, hope u like my first build, btw, i have too many g...
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Phantom Lancer, A Gentleman with Lance
by I'm a nightmare even for death
With this build you can play Phantom Lancer as main carry. When PA is in enemy team, you should replace Butterfly with MKB, this will help you fighting vs. PA With illusions you can evade skills like: Pudge hook, Sniper ultimate, Lion/Lina ultimate and m...
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Valar Morghulis
by Retribution
Наиболее полезное раскрытие потенциала фантомки, суть не в том чтобы фармить 3 дня, а в том чтобы вытащить нужные предметы и помогать команд...
Nevermore the Grim Reaper
by Kiba +_+
Hello everyone ! :) This guide is about one of the most popular and interesting heroes in Dota 2 - Shadow Fiend (SF). Nevermore is a range agility AOE carry who can destroy enemy's team using his powerful nukes.If the game isn't over yet - Nevermore can...
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Faceless Headbutt (Made by Nate)
by NateForce
Faceless gut als Carry spielen + Anmerkungen zu einzelnen Gegenständen....
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The Mighty Ranged Strength Support Ball
by Just a little Tipsy
it's not that hard guys...
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Tusk Initiator (Lane/Solo) Perfect Build!
by Black Power
Perfect initiator build!...
Windranger: A little bittle of Insight-ittle
by BH.Amai Cupcake
A few tips and tricks about Windranger's abilities and Items that you may or may not know....
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Dusa mid - how to rapier properly
by Shablul Magnivkul
A very fun build, and somewhat viable build....
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ZSMJ Official Build-MEDUSA
by Kael
This is the official ZSMJ build,made using his personal matches I've been watch.The legend says that he allways go for the safe build:so here is it....
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Universe's Offlane Void
by AussieBBQ
This is guide for offlane faceless void based on EG Universes play at TI4....
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Ted's Builds - Drow Ranger
by Ted Hates You™
My build in game. I have 100 + games with this hero....
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