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The definitive storm guide.
door Ali ><>
Hello. My name is Ali. I have released multiple storm guides over the past year or so ever since I felt I had become an accomplished storm spirit player. I have played him both competitively and in pubs for a long time, and I have always wanted to make a ...
7 Смертных Грехов Дотера
door ☆ Alexin III ☆
Этот гайд не несёт сути, он больше показывает какой грешок у тебя:D...
6.83 - xFreedom Style [Offlaner] (Easy MMR)
door Sonyk.Ec
This guide is designed to play it in offlane very aggressively. Discuss if you have any suggestions. Suscribe!...
Using Colors In Your Name
door Dion
Give your name more style....
6.83 - Fear Style Slark (Easy MMR)
door Sonyk.Ec
You can easily upload your MMR alone, I recommend you use this guide. With this guide you will play as farmear carry and you'll quickly in the jungle with the "dark pack" Good Luck...
Zap's Weaver Guide
door ZAP
A very effective guide for Weaver...
Introduction to The Greevling 2012
door Jimo
I will give you information on how to play the 2012 Greevling event. The 2012 Greevling event is playable starting December 18th....
6.83 - Standard Brewmaster (Middle) Build
door Torte de Lini
Brewmaster is the ultimate anti-carry. His crowd-control and abilities help weigh down the capabilities of the enemy's team carry through his Drunken Haze (causing Miss and Slow) and his ultimate: Primal Split. Splitting into three pandas requires control...
Bounty Hunter Support build
door S-track
Gondar the Bounty Hunter is a melee agility Hero that excels in dealing high amounts of damage to single targets. Bounty Hunter can easily gank other lanes, using his Shadow Walk to sneak up on enemies and track it :D . Shadow Walk also allows him to esca...
Kunkka The Pirate Mass Cleaver (ZateFeto's Build)
door ZateFeto
Hardcore Pirate Cleaver who keeps venturing the seas of dota 2 noobs RAMING em with his YARR HARR brothers in crime in his luxurious bootayh ship sending em back to desktop where they can cry and rage! Hero Build by : ZateFeto...
In depth Pudge SOLO MID by Morg
door Admiral Morgan
This is my humble Pudge guide made for my friend who is inexperienced at Pudge and dota in general. This monstrosity, is best known for his solo mid and expert ganking capabilities, and eventually becoming the snowballing hero eating butcher that ever...
The ASEUS Guide To Lich 6.83
door ASEUS
Lich is a great, versitile hero and fairly easy to play. He can be a full support, but this Guide is more kill/nuker oriented, while being a semi support. Lich is a great lane hero, with a lot of harass. He can go in any lane, and solo or share the lane. ...
Anti-Mage Carry 6.83
door OCEAN
Typical Item Build and Skill Build for Anti-Mage with some not standart sutiative items, what can help u win the game....
Carrynaut 6.82
door ***** *******
Guia en español para todo el que quiera mejorar con juggernaut de manera rapida y facil ...
6.83 - Standard Bloodseeker (Lane) Build
door Torte de Lini
Bloodseeker is a ganker that can safely jungle thanks to Bloodrage and its low cooldown and no mana cost. Use Blood Rite during the early phases of the game to initiate ganks with your allies in the adjoining lane. Once hitting six, he comes into full ...
"I, Omniknight"
door Burn
Feel the glorious might of the All Seeing All Knowing One , the Omniscience , and become Its most valued champion! Understand the lore, learn the history, follow the story of Omniknight and uncover the hidden plot of one of most recognizable ...
Crystal Maiden 5 Position Lane Support
door Cet.ZiadG10
If you don't mind being the poorest player on the team, but end up helping everyone else get a load of farm, this build is the build for you. And trust me, I have played a lot, and I do mean a LOT, of Crystal Maiden games....
In Depth Dota 2 Itemization Guide
door Aklimovich
Teaches you to make your own item builds for each unique match and situation....
Vampiric Hurricane
door Charlotte
Updated 6.83 I walk alone, but the shadows are company enough. Just a build that's *somewhat* different. On Drow Ranger, Lifesteal & Attack Speed are everything. Of course, it is true that Traxex mainly contributes to the team through her damage out...
#v eblo s dagona №2
door #ebashu chudesa
создано для русских серверов. "Да прибудет с вами сила"...
[6.83] PanduShaker
door Vaini's pet
Una guia para mi heroe preferido con la que podés carrear partidas tranquilamente sin convertirte en un sucio CritShaker...
rubin Carry Alch
door Rubin
Good Carry Build...
Nyx Assasin Carry build 6.83
door Decay
Build for fun ^^ :DD...
door [SM]Boss.DI_MC
Удачи, и приятной игры....
door Василь Троянов - Баянов
Heroic Huskar
door Enhalion
Huskar cuts through enemies like a flaming spear pierces through butter. Use this guide to use Huskar to his fullest potential...
Carry Axe
Простая сборка на акса керри!...
Faceless Void- Power Build (Beginner's, maybe intermediate)
door Pontius Aquila
A beginner's guide to building Faceless Void, from the early-game to late-game. Will include farming techniques, items to buy, and general steps on how to become a dominating hard carry....
door [SKORPIUS] Cmmvenom
Rubick - No Game Lies Beyond Your Grasp
door Agni Kai ҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉҈
This is an in-depth guide on how to build and play your support safe-lane Rubick....
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