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Hero Builds
Mizu's Pure Support
by 👒 Mizu-
My Pure support guide for Shendelzare Silkwood, Vengeful Spirit. This guide is for Support Role who can always gank each lane and/or to protect your carry at Safelane or Offlane and Pushing Towers. Try to sacrifice yourself for your carry~ ^^ I Hope you...
How To Become Better in Dota 2
by Aki
Some things we do not consider, because we believe they are easy to understand and we already know them. In fact, thinking over the basic things can bring us better insight. You will improve when you consider them thoroughly. In this guide you will prob...
Hero Builds
6.85 - Miracle's Alchemist Build
by jfx.
Build should be final, no descriptions on anything though. Inspired by Miracle's Frankfurt game winning Alchemist, with some extra items added. I'm unable to edit the item descriptions, I'll add them asap (when to buy which)....
One strong Mechanized Nuker
by FuturE
This guide teaches how to deal with enemy and fixing the broken machine part....
Hero Builds
Pugna by -mnkys_gmng-
by °M_GMNG°
Pugna by -mnkys_gmng-
Hero Builds
(Kan) Bounty Hunter 6.85
by Yalquzaq
Hero Builds
Jakiro by -mnkys_gmng-
by °M_GMNG°
Jakiro Build by -mnkys_gmng-
КАК завести себе девушку?
by ♣Ellidan♣
Como Counterar Peruanos/ARGentinos (JAJA)
by Gordo
Nesse Guia lhe ensinarei como dar Miss / Evasion nos famosos Boludos (JAJAS)...
Luna Support?
by wubero gl Xiao8 | Oldenbarnevelt
This guide will show you how to play luna support...
Hero Builds
by The_Technomancer
For a friend....
Hero Builds
[6.85] OG.Moon (Lane) Earthshaker
by Red
OG.Moon: TBD Version 6.85 22/11/15...
[ruse] guide for pudge
by Butterghost (AFK)
a new meta to playing pudge! beat people up and be nice!...
Hero Builds
[6.85] [Ez MMR] - Tusk [Sidelane]
by Sonyk
THIS GUIDE IS UPDATED TO VERSION 6.85 You can easily upload your MMR alone, I recommend you use this guide. Good Luck! Subscribe!...
Guide to Playing Zet - The Arc Warden (Pre-Release)
by αTheCruncherΩ
Zet the Arc Warden is a ranged agility hero that is very unique in his ability to create a near-perfect clone of himself. This clone has full access to all of Zet's abilities and items, and any stats that come with them. In addition this double has all coo...
Hero Builds
Regular Support
by GingerBraFace
Off-Lane pug build. Good for solo queuing....
Hero Builds
Lina the bouncing FLAME!
by Zagran
Support "Lina" build with late game build for better gaming experience....
Hero Builds
Classic Phantom Assasin
by Tadayoshi Sen | 62 66 44 53 77
O' Classic...
Hero Builds
Wombatarmy's Support Oracle Build [6.85]
by Wombatarmy
Oracle is a very strong and underrated support hero that excels at keeping your teammates alive and also deals decent damage for a support hero. The abilities seem complex at first but are rather easy after experimenting with your combos. Use Oracle to cha...
Hero Builds
[6.85] My Windranger (Carry)
by NarutoUA
Top WR Build in the World (C@RRY)...
Hero Builds
Piranas Way [6.85]
by Tora
Just follow the purchase order from the left to the right and enjoy it! :)...
Hero Builds
My Pudge
Enjoy Have Fun! :]...
Hero Builds
Greget Mode : Pudge
by GNX-603T
tang ina...
Hero Builds
Silencer (Scratch)
by riDebaby
Hero Builds
Troll Warlord[For Alden build]
by ecchiboy
This is my personal build for Troll Warlord to successfully play him offensively or defensively. -For Alden ...
Hero Builds
Ember Spirit Safelane/Hard Carry
by Swagling Heart ♥
This is the Safelane,Hard Carry Build/Guide.When Ember get his Boots of Travell he starts ganking and getting farm on other lanes easy.Thank you,have a nice day....
Hero Builds
Juggernaut (Lane) 6.85
by dddolphin
dddolphin's Juggernaut build. Built for the lategame, with a dominating early game should have secured farm. Farming will be fast thanks to a Battlefury and Blink pickup. You can easily jump and instantly kill any enemies caught out with this Blink and ...
Dondo Trump For Dota President 2016
by ⁢ Dondo Trump
I am announcing my run for President Of Dota in the 2016 elections. I will propose many great things for this community. The first thing I am going to do is fix the community and the terrible servers they are run on. I will create a E-Wall starting in the ...
Hero Builds
BrokeN's Ember Build
by Aitai.
Corresponding item build for my in-depth Ember Spirit Guide . You can use this Steam version to follow in game. There wasn't room for all of the situational items in the...
Community In South East Asia
by Cronic
Dealing With Different Kinds Of People In Different Games...
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