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The Art of Supporting - The true skill in Dota
by Decstarr
I decided to write a guide about how to play support heroes simply because in most public games, no matter on which level, there is a lack of decent support players. This guide aims at helping players of all different skill levels in playing a support...
How To Make a South-American Profile
by ‎‎ The Virginator
Welcome to my guide. I will explain how to make a South-American (JaJa) profile. ...
The International 2014 Predictions & Free To Play & Dota 2
by to think alone
The International (Video-Gaming) The International is an annual electronic sports Dota 2 championship tour...
TI4: Базовая Информация
by to think alone
Напоминаем что The International 4 пройдет с 8 по 14 и с 18 по 21 июля. Вас ожидает борьба 19 команд за самый крупный в истории ки...
HoW To Pro in Short Time !
by i'm too old for this Shit !
This Guide will help you become a better player in just 1 MON Fastest Way too learn new heros !! Learn your Rule fast Learn how your hero work Fast it will help you become 5k rating Fast it will help the community over all...
Если игра не подключаеться
by Argad
Minors: How to Clinkz
by KGM
An arrow says what words cannot!...
iXoLeX: After 6 years of Meepo Guide
by iXoLeX
For most people, Meepo, the Geomancer is a useless Hero because others do not know how to use it and they often feed or unable to farm during Early Game. People could said every hero have their own potential but they do not want to use Meepo if the...
Ice Hard Morphling: Support/Initiator Guide
by Cthulhu
This guide will introduce you to an effective and strong new way to play Morphling. Morphling can morph to strength, this isnt just a survival technique, it is also a role, a role that will be developed throughout this guide....
Гайд на крипа (Anti mage)
by dota ruined my life
самый лучший гайд на лучшего лейт крипа керри...
How To Be a Pro in DotA 2
by Pedo Sanchezッ
This guide will teach you the many tricks and tips that Professional DotA 2 players have used since the dawn of beta. It will go in-depth with all information. Some major midding, farming, pushing, and end game tips and tricks will be revealed. It may be ...
by Phobos
Приветствую.Сегодня вы узнайте как выебать врага во все щели выигрывать в обычном пабе и не только!...
Enigma by Puppey
by putin did wtc
This guide will show you how Puppey from Na'Vi builds Enigma! Enigma is a ranged intelligence hero who uses his abilities to cripple his enemies, supported by a seemingly inexhaustible army of minions. His fearsome abilities can bind entire teams under h...
Bloody's Bloody Fucking Messy Guide To Bloodseeker
by Platform 9 3/4 Terrorist Attacks
[LOOK AT MY SIMPLE BLOODSEEKER BUILD FOR THE PICTURE VERSION OF THIS NONSENSE, CALM LIKE A BOMB] THIS, is the BEST fucking guide to bloody Strygwyr, the Bloodseeker. This is the only guide that'll take you from "HERR DER RUPTURE FERSTAFFFF" to pube-STO...
DOTA 2: Before you play. (MASTERGUIDE)
Hello, if you're reading this you are likely interested in playing DOTA 2, and want to know how to start. In this brief guide I hope to introduce you to 1) The general gameplay elements 2) Gamemodes 3) Item choices and 4) Starter heroes. I hope you find w...
Dr. Steve Cool's Guide to Night Stalker
by Dr. Steve Cool
his mouth is a verjana ...
Dota 2 - Обучение На Русском от Фила
by Vertfil
Данное обучение для новичков поможет вам понять всю суть доты 2, даже если вы не играли в неё ни разу....
Guide du parfait débutant pour Dota 2
by Sovex66
Bienvenue tout le monde! Ce tutoriel est à destination des néophytes du genre, à tout les débutants sur Dota 2 qui ne connaissent rien du jeu! Tout le nécessaire pour comprendre le jeu et appréhender ses bases facilement se trouve dans ce guide....
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