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Как приготовить (Омлет/Тамаго)
by The*Undis*;3
DotaGuide: Techies [6.84c]
by DG| @DGThunderUK #sick
Full blown guide on how to play & build Techies the right way, This guide will cover the Heroes overview, Their Lore, Skills, Items to purchase in steps along with Final Conclusion to sum it all up, Credits to "Twisted Logic" & Dotaguide members for inspi...
Beautiful Profile/Красивый профиль
by BDOC.$teamPunk
Здравствуйте/Hello В этом гайде я вам расскажу как легко украсить steam профиль (без всяких фотошопов) In this guide i will tell you how to beautify your steam profile...
Noob Guide: Charm Abuse Farming
by Mid or Techies
Short guide for noobs how 2 charm abuse...
DotaGuide: Hero Selections.
by DG| @DGThunderUK #sick
Picking a hero can be tough for new & even long time players, Picking the wrong hero in the wrong match can be devastating and ruin a perfectly good game, This simple guide sorts the Heroes you have in the Dota 2 pool into 4 Different catergories, Carrys,...
DotaGuide: Earth Spirit [6.84c]
by DG| @DGThunderUK #sick
Earth Spirit, Confusing ain't he? Not anymore inside his guide for the recent 6.84 update everything from Items, Skills, When to pick, Pros & Cons, Play Style to use & Combos Earth spirit can use which can completly change the play in a match all inside t...
ПЗД-ц: Полноценный Завтрак Дотера. Пельмяшы с Наполнителем
Драсте, здравки, приффки, здастетьтя Здравствуйте дорогие читатели! Внимание! Данная статья не предназначена к просмотру ли...
Где бесплатно получить вещи для Dota 2
by Original Shaman
Для любителей халявы......
Как вернуть мозги тиммейтам
by Катана Мата
Никак... Ведь у Вити все хорошо... Ест за троих......
Как приготовить шоколадный торт | Пособие дотера
ПЗД-ц 3: Горячительные бутерброды
Крик горящего пукана! 18+
by Luffy1337
Dota 2 MMR GUIDE | Get Higher Solo Rating (German)
by Henry
In diesem Guide rede ich vor allem über das Matchmaking System von Dota 2 und wie man sein mmr/ mmw im Bereich von 1k - 5k erhöhen kann. Ich beschreibe dabei natürlich nur meine persönlichen Gedanken und wie ICH immer gut im ranked gefahren bin und k...
Support Anti-Mage
by Shia is love, Shia is life.
Ever gone into a game and you pick AM, but your teammates proceed to pick carries? It's happened to me. In this guide, I will show you what you can do to support your team as an Anti Mage. It will cover the early, mid and late game....
How to Play Viper (Advanced Stratz 4 noobz)
by :Davey!!!
Aite lads and ladettes?, Today i will be showing you how to play the class, hero, abortion, WHAT- FUCKING ever called "Viper". I will show you an advanced guide on when to push control points, A short and when to rape train in the CoD Black Ops map "Jungl...
Who counters who: a guide to who to pick when the other team picks an "op" Hero
by DzKl.HaHn
In this guide you will find a list of every "OP" hero in the game and a list of counters to that hero. ...
by HaXcoN * AimWare.NeT *
You play DOTA 2, right? Well, you are useless. You should kill yourself....
The Art Of Warding (Defensive and Offensive) 6.83b
by (٩◔̯◔۶)_NeOn_GeNeSis_ツ
This Guide will help you understand an advance tips on how to place your wards both offensive and defensive. Wards placement is very important because it allows your team to have vision on what is happening around the Map. It will help you in ganking, kil...
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