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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
Drow's Bow
by Ultimategamer5z
Just Use It...
Hero Builds
by maurice
can go invisible to get away, got a bit of lifesteal and hp regen. be a badass...
Hero Builds
only you
by (+_+) Touch`Kvin
ребят самый нужный шмот для тракси !!!...
Hero Builds
super alltime drow ranger
by alltime92
Hero Builds
Traxex Carry Guide
by Nag[A]toRules!
Guia para Traxex ( Drow Ranger ) Carry...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Pusher - Ranged DmG Gift
by EpyONZeroQuanT
keep gaining agility...
Hero Builds
Drow Hard-Cary
by Si-Wo
A Simple Drow Build, good for a game within...
Hero Builds
Arrow 7amada traxex
by Bloody Creeps!!
Just follow the damn guide...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Tank Build
by AARD'njh20
Are you tired of dealing a ton of damage but not having any HP and survivability on your own in late game? Than this is the build for you, it combines tanky items with a healthy mix of DPS to make sure you still can deal the big hits....
Hero Builds
[6.80] How to play Drow the right way
by marcipaans
This is a general pub Drow build. I am currently myself on a 13 win row with this build. It only really has 4 standard items and the rest is more or less your preference and how the game plays out....
Hero Builds
Drow is Hard Carry
by BlackID
Good Drow...
Hero Builds
MiD solo
by [SAO]_Daniil Frost
good games all...
Hero Builds
JDC Pow Drow
by Jimbo
Overall Power Build for Drow Choose items more from alternative or core to aim for more power or more attack speed/agility...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger for Beginner
by Kei's Jiji
【2014/3/4更新】 初心者のためのトレーニング用ビルド。スキルを取る順番や買うアイテムがまだわからない時の参考にしてください。 左から順番にアイテムを買い、序盤アイテムを揃えら...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Abilty Build
by Shadow Samurai
Drow Ranger Ability Build Only...
Hero Builds
Drow The SWAG
by Skipper (©.a) ҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈
Guide.! + Winning Mentality...
Hero Builds
Тракса, убивающая все.
by Your Pussy Is Under Attack
Нагиб с первых минут...
Hero Builds
Drow Mid
by [NxS] DerOso
Drow Ranger Mid Lane aber auch die anderen...
Hero Builds
Malabestia's Drow
by Malabestia
My 1st build...
Hero Builds
Fast Kill
by 3D*ZIK
Это достаточно не трудный набор, для быстрых убийств...
Hero Builds
Unstoppable DR by l3m
by l3m
Тракса от бога)...
Hero Builds
Fast Carry Traxex
by | LEADS | Solembumm
Hero Builds
[FrK] Machinegune Carry
by Freaky
How to play Drow like a minigun....
Hero Builds
Fast and Furious Drow
by Vince604
This build is almost unstoppable. But remember it's a team game, so don't try to do anything special on your own....
Hero Builds
Traxex the Frost Archer
by veater swest
This build is suited to mid-game dominance and late game viability. Teamfighting and pushing with your team after 6 is crucial to give you and your team and edge moving into late game 6.80 Changes - Silence maxed second with earlier ranks. Item build s...
Hero Builds
Easy Drow
by Пчёлы
traxa pro gg...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Una Mano
by Egoteista
Traxes para mancos (literalmente). Puedes fumar o jugar tumbado tranquilamente....
Hero Builds
=DK='s Drow Ranger Guide
by [HB] Cpt. =DK= Graveshade
Here's my Drow Ranger guide, use it with pride ! :D...
Hero Builds
by red_wolf.tmn
Hard carry...
Hero Builds
Carry Drow Ranger by ReZurection
by Total Annihilation
Мид гейм, Лейт гейм...
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