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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
by (Deaf) JeD (no mic)
Hero Builds
Best Drow Damage
by KaeL
Very Good Drow Damage...
Hero Builds
forest. Sentinel
by R0
Forest only((...
Hero Builds
Full Damage - Traxex
by ChrisMaxheart
4 Wraith Band to fuulll damage up to minutes 25, they like an aghanim scepter to Traxex's ultimate....
Hero Builds
RainbowDash GOD LIKE!!!
by RainbowDash
Drow Ranger GOD LIKE GUIDE...
Hero Builds
[WeX] OP Traxex (all lanes)
by Lewd Meat ツ
This is for all lanes, but the best lane for Traxex is mid. And read the Author's Notes :D...
Hero Builds
Survivable Solo-Drow
by Bob
If you are playing agains a lot of high-damage heroes that can easily get to you (like Bounty Hunter who will always gank you in the worst situations) you may want some extra survivability on Drow Ranger before going for your damage. Also, this build allo...
Hero Builds
Drow Great Pusher
by SmeleK
Drow is Very2 Great Carry.,and play with hero same like a Child player.because I was not challenged at all, but.., This hero I'm Play funny with this build., let's try DUDE :)...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger (Scratch)
by SpeedFreq
I like the Drow as a beginner. She is a good auto-atk char and if you build her agility her atk speed and damage with be amazing....
Hero Builds
by f0rz1k
Hero Builds
Frost Boss
by LegacyLlama
A good build to go in mid with, take on this build if you dare....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger-Tasher
by Mishka
Hero Builds
[nTL] Drow Ranger Carry
by aleksRages
Farm more and don't KS !!! xD just kidding do what u think but just remember to Farm...
Hero Builds
by Sloppy Lizard.GamerWeed
Easy pub stomp drow...
Hero Builds
Bunny'donger's 20-0-20 carry
by NotoriousMLG
Best carry you will ever need. Not for competetive play. Nice dmg early. At level 6 you have full potential and farm begins. Ganks are welcome too since you are maxing frost arrow first for better chasing....
Hero Builds
Sit back & HIT
by mozo.[A]sesino
The legendary attack hero build. You just have to not get yourself fronting the enemies in the early game. Once your core is done, then you will be the untouchable.'...
Hero Builds
by Fred
Good drow ranger...
Hero Builds
by Eruedraith Erynion
Drow + Butterfly = what enemy?...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger
by Bu[l]at
No coments...
Hero Builds
Full Attack Speed Drow
by @SeanSaidThat
This guide is experimental. It focuses on going full attack speed and is a very farm intensive build....
Hero Builds
death grabber
by ҉[ ҉K ҉E ҉N ҉]
easy game with this drow ranger...
Hero Builds
Russion True DD [F.blood](Mid)
by Бен Ладен
Drow Ranger Solo mid (R) Bogdano_Nostra ...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Fast Kill by Maggots
by Maggots
Build with high speed of attack and many other skill... how lifesteal, invisibility and lightning :D...
Hero Builds
Drow Mid is best Mid.
by Flo From Progressive
If you wanna go mid as drow, or just own in the lanes, use this, she is a sexy bitch, and with this build, she becomes super deadly....
Hero Builds
Drow skilla
by Radeckee
Drow skill...
Hero Builds
Solo mid Traxes
by Plantains
Mid and Gang...
Hero Builds
damager for IIIu3uK
by ½IIIu3uKa ツ
Hero Builds
Drow For Begginers
by JC
Not Really The Greatest Build But More Will Be Added To It As I Play Drow More Often And Learn About More Of The OP Items...
Hero Builds
[ITA]Drow Ranger
by Black
Build italiana, dettagliata, alla Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
Drow ranger Recomned Items
by arno
Je to doporuceny build...
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