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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
The carriest carry - MID lane
by Dr. SoCloseToToast
When you will follow step-by-step you will be MotherfuckerOP....
Hero Builds
by First
by First
by First...
Hero Builds
A liitle build I made :)
by 『白』
Easy Drow Guide...
Hero Builds
Dlya Kilki
by Jesus
Spechel for fish...
Hero Builds
Drow Mid Killer
by Mat #TI4
Mid game Drow instant kill...
Hero Builds
Quickbuy - Drow Ranger
by ZetaPulse
Less browsing, more buying...
Hero Builds
carry traxex
by ali.zxc
Hero Builds
Kill Ranger! Build for Winner's
by MORPH ★★★★
Hello Ladies and Gentleman, this is a very easy Build for playing Drow Ranger as a Ganker/Roamer/Carry. With that extraordinarily Skill-Order you can easily punch enemies in the face like a tank! So, nuff said, Have fun wit' killin'!...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Dark arrow [by DunCas]
by iParker
Уникальная сборка героя Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
Onewhofound's Dastardly Drow
by onewhofound
Drow is one of those characters that can completely dominate a game if properly carried. Keep yourself alive early on and work with a partner in a side lane to take advantage of your slowing ability to get those early kills on enemy Heroes who would oth...
Hero Builds
Drop em Like Flies (mid style)
by Spore
An easy build from an experienced Drow player. This build focuses on Crystalis and the power of crits combinded with Drows ult....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger
by LongHTran
A build to dominate the game with Traxex...
Hero Builds
by [MP]Nikolee
Hero Builds
@RyzeDota guide to Drow
by Ryze
Safelane versus Timber, Darkseer, ES, ET and such. No brood or hard dual lanes. Play objective-oriented. Towers, Creeps, Neutrals, Ancients, Roshan, Raxes. 0-0-0 and win is style in itself. Hero got global splitpush like furion abuse it!. If you get into ...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger by T^L
by >T^L<
DR by T^L...
Hero Builds
Drow Mid/Killer
by [NZ] Im pro at being noob
You could try to rush Santanic but I don't think you should. Word of advice just stick to the items read the notes so you know the reason to get them. Apart from that please have a gg and I hope you like my build!!!!...
Hero Builds
A Trouble Makers Guide for Drow Ranger
by Trouble
Want to be a total trouble maker when playing Drow Ranger? This build will help you achieve your goal of being one and will make your enemies fear you during the game....
Hero Builds
Drow Hue Guide
by guy1noob
Focus on Agi, attack speed and critical....
Hero Builds
by Phoenix
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Mid
by road 2 god sf
Hero Builds
Ross' Drow
This is my own personal mid-build with drow ranger. Hope you enjoy! #YoLoSwAg...
Hero Builds
Rk.0 - Drow66 (Hard Carry)
by Rk.0 | MMx*_! 66
Esta guia es para aprender a usar la Drow correctamente, no te estoy obligando a hacer lo que dice mi guia, a medida que vas avanzando te encontraras con cosas distintas y no puedes seguir las guias al pie de la letra en todas las ocasiones. Ultima mod...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger
by Oh My Gosh
Best way to build Drow!...
Hero Builds
Drow Solo mid and Ganker
by Gabriel
e facil pega level 6 a torre ja tem que esta n chao voce ja tem que esta com treads e vai gankar ajuda os cara pega os 2 kills ou 1 e ja ajuda a levar a torre e leva dps volta la na outra lane ganka tbm faz a mesma coisa ataca e derruba atorre dps e so e ...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Build by McJokerr
by McJokerrOnYtube
Do not try this build if you are a beginner for the advanced mostly...
Hero Builds
Shadow Drow
by αηυвιѕ (Mr T o u c h)
This is an easy to follow guide to creating a powerful Drow Ranger. She is fast, hard to catch and deals mega damage!...
Hero Builds
OMG RUSSIAN Сборка на траксу!
by ▄▀▄▀▄THEHALFTIMER ▄▀▄▀▄
Не большая сборка на Траксикусау...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Build
by [TFTRG]Smarbrand
Its a normal Drow Ranger build and dont be think Skills at start are stupid you will see...
Hero Builds
Drow mid, full in.
by Vordreller
Drow can be very fun to play. Unless you build her badly. Then it's not fun for you. Or your teammates. But a lot of fun for your enemies. So build her right. Drow can deal a lot of damage and her silence can be very annoying. The correct skill build i...
Hero Builds
Сборка by Commentator™
by Commentator˛.•‘¯)
Для Carry сгодится!...
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