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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
The Basic one
by AdelFaust
The basic build for drow, efficient and easy, like the hero....
Hero Builds
GraveNoX Hard Lane Guide
by GraveNoX
This guide is for a Trax that's solo on the hard lane or with a player on you lane that won't help that much or he might even get in your way that's kinda common in dota 2 unfortunetly. The main ideea of the guide is to skill up your stats at low lvl for ...
Hero Builds
by p1.setName("Flaks");
How to be true Drow-picker...
Hero Builds
Meatshield Drow Ranger
by Fudgie
Are you afraid of standing in the middle of a teamfight? Are you bad at positioning? Then this is a build for you! With my help you can be one of the most fearsome female warrior there is. Able to recieve damage and deal damage. ...
Hero Builds
TFC's Aggressive Mid Build
by The Fat Cat
The extra damage early game helps with creep kills and denies mid. You buy items effectively to get shadow blade + crit as soon as possible. A shadow blade within 15 minutes will allow you to take advantage of your level advantage to gank. Get lifesteal...
Hero Builds
A guide to Drow Ranger
by Vilmar
A short guide to Drow Ranger. The item build is quite common, I should say that I only try to get Shadow Blade when I don't have gem-requiring heroes on my team. As for the skill build - I believe that 60% slow on level 7 is not to be ignored, that is ...
Hero Builds
Godlike Drow Ranger
by Loading...
Hero Builds
Put that heavy team on your back
by M-M-Monsters!!!
Find creeps, shoot them with arrows....
Hero Builds
The mist that chills you keeps me warm
by Noisy Boy
Pros: - High Base Damage later on - High Base Armor later on - Versatile in farm ways (can do jungle easily after buying a Helm of Dominator) Cons: - Very team dependant early on - Very fragile during the early phase of the game - Very farm d...
Hero Builds
Interdomino's Guide to Being a Bitch
by Nike Long Sock Douchebag
This is the best fucking guide about Drow...
Hero Builds
by Laughing Man
Hero Builds
You are not a noob
by Твой Дед
You are not a noob...
Hero Builds
Trax late carry(e)
Hero Builds
Za Fiocko
by MaistorMiro
This is how Trax should be played 90% of the time...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Carry Pro Set
by Vaz_2109
Drow Ranger Set...
Hero Builds
Drow Power Build
by Maxemole™
This build is based off of "Porter's Guide to Drow Ranger"...
Hero Builds
Drow OP xD
Basic build for Drow...
Hero Builds
Basic beginner's guide to Drow Ranger
by Stick
A guide to beginners for an alternative way to play Drow Ranger. This guide will have both teams saying "Drow My God!"...
Hero Builds
The Ultimate Drow Carry
by Mikefrizzle
Drow is a great solo and ganker. As soon as you get treads get Shadowblade then Yasha. You should gank as soon as possible but MUST gank at level 6. Unfair ultimate makes you OP at lvl 6....
Hero Builds
Easy Drow
by Eat A Stick
Low on skill or losing too much? Pick Drow....
Hero Builds
Noob Hero
by Defos
Not a bad "Hyde" for regeneration udarov.Ne too harsh, because it's really cool...
Hero Builds
Drow Noob
by Sheriff
For newbie Drow players....
Hero Builds
Dat Drow
Made this for my GF. #haters...
Hero Builds
blazE's Guide to a Real Ranger
by blazEit
Drow Ranger's (a.k.a. Traxxex) item and skill build focused on survivability and heavy damage throughout the whole game....
Hero Builds
Hero Builds
I`am imbo bletb
by teQuiLkAAA`wOw
Hero Builds
The Trax Challenge
by Pedro
This is the Trax Challenge! The objective is to win the game without deviating from the recommended item or skill build. Who says trax is a no skill hero?...
Hero Builds
*~-;- Drow Ranger -;-~*
by AsurA
Be yourself...
Hero Builds
[Drow Ranger] Awesome Sauce
by MMT
Drow Ranger super awesomeness build...
Hero Builds
Sillent Killer
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