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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
Mr.TiA's guide to Drow Ranger
Rampage 100%...
Hero Builds
6.82c - Graddus' Drow Ranger Build [Mid/Safelane]
by Skylar Levine
Drow Ranger is an ranged Agility DPS-machine who is famous for her Frost Arrows and high Attack Speed, which she uses to get easy kills in the early and mid-game. Drow Ranger is a strong mid game carry thanks to her ultimate, Marksmanship, which grants he...
Hero Builds
Drow-Ranger Hero Killer by Ҳ Rebell™ Ҳ
by Ҳ Rebell™ Ҳ
Best Traxex Guide for killing Heros!...
Hero Builds
pro atack
by 1OOOkg dmg
super char :D...
Как заработать на трейде с торговой площадкой
Следим за акциями или собираем коллекцию карт получаем 90% скидку бежим в магазин покупаем гифт игры(расскажу позже)он нам выйдет примерно 10...
Textures Guide for 3d artists - Part 2 - Bake light on your texture
by T_Vidotto
If you missed the part one just click on this link and if you want to go straight to part 3 click here[/ur...
Hero Builds
Drow carry, safelane start
by Qisrem
This guide is meant for people who want to play a carry drow. Drow is a fast carry so you should be able to be carry ready by the 35 min. After the 45 min there will be other carry-s which can out-carry you. Take items in the order in which they are li...
Hero Builds
Drow "ULTIMATE" Ranger
by TwiTch
I got lots of hours playing Drow and it took me some time to come up with a build that suits her perfectly. You just can't go wrong with this one - except if you have a noob team, than nothing can help you:) Anyways I hope you enyoj this build and that i...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger by Koki [POLISH]
by Kokikoks ♕
Zastosuj się do kilku prostych, wydawać by się mogło rzecz jasna, rad: 1. Udaj się na mid-line tylko wtedy gdy masz absolutną pewność, że nie pojawi się tam Viper, Gyro lub inny Disabler/Nuker z którym możemy mieć problemy. 2. Staraj się n...
Hero Builds
Guia básica - Drow Ranger - Scatto! (Argentina)
by Scatto
Es una guía para conocer que objetos debemos comprar a este personaje y de que manera nos benefician. Tambien para conocer las habilidades (La forma de seleccionar cada una al subir de nivel es opcional y a gusto, solo dejo una predeterminada)...
[RU] Подробный гайд по детальной настройке Dota 2.
by @D!RTY
Консольные команды для настройки. +Создание своего конфига. Cамых понятный и полный русскоязычный гайд по настройке Dota 2....
Как очистить историю ников в Steam[RU|ENG]
by fuck thіs game
В данном руководстве Вы узнаете как очистить историю ников...
Hero Builds
Solo mid drow by Xin Chao (3)
by Vàng Hổ (3)
Solo mid drow....
Hero Builds
Romp`s Drow 6.82c
by Romp
Time to change this as it's been mostly outdated at this point. The starting items allow for a quick basi and boots at sideshop. Your main goal while farming is get your Treads and mask of madness asap. Try to hit the tower as much as possible , even ...
Textures Guide for 3d artists - Part 3 - Exporting to Dota 2 Shader
by T_Vidotto
This tutorial will focus in organizing and exporting your textures on the pattern necessary to work on Dota 2 Shader. If you missed the other parts: Texture Guide Part 1 [ur...
Hero Builds
Ted's Builds - Drow Ranger
by Ted Hates Russians™
My build in game. I have 100 + wins with this hero....
The MLG List of Counters for Each Hero
by Satanic Santa
Do you have absolutely no idea who/what counters a hero? Well then, grab some doritos and Mountain Dew, because you will find out now! Attention: This guide is still under construction (it still works tho, but it doesnt look like i want it to)...
Hero Builds
by [Aster]Maucuk
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Mid (Bidu)
by =BrGynBosS=-
Drow Ranger Soler mid...
Shopping for Noobs
by Aura (Beware Scammers/hackers)
The shop can be quite daunting at first, and in order to master the game you MUST buy items to survive. For the newer players we will look at how to go around the shop interface (not very user friendly at first) and we will also go over some major items....
Бросаем Доту
by Snowу
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger [by N1kita ;3]
by mod1fy
Dota 2 Workshop - The go-to Guide for Anything Animated in Dota 2
by ✔ Andrew_Helenek [Red Moon]
While I tackle the momumental task of give each character their own control rig, this guide will serve as a place where you can come to download the most up to date rigs available. You can use these rigs to rig or pose your items, create animations such a...
Hero Builds
The Winners Guide to Drow Ranger
by ssd
Just a simple Guide to one of the most simple and most powerful chars in DOTA2...
Hero Builds
Mad Drow (Side Lane)
by MAX
This build is for side laning till you get core items. Drow generally don't jungle but with Mask of madness in early game you will be able to farm enough. Also it gives you not only 100 attack speed but also 30% movement speed for evasion. When you...
Hero Builds
[6.81] Frost arrow Drow - Freeze your enemies to death.
by tatti
Good all-around build for newer players and for dota veterans. Frost arrow Drow strikes hard and performs really well against many heroes....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Guia de G40
by Celerius.iCharlie17
Guia de Drow Ranger como carry en mid. Es un heroe que es muy fuerte de forma mas rapida que el resto de heroes pero que luego pierde bastante, ademas de ser muy debil si la focusean. Muy util para gankear en 1vs1.
Hero Builds
by Транзистор
До первого серьёзного арта сидим тише воды, ниже травы...
Textures Guide for 3d artists - Part 1 - A good base from baking without 2d knowledge
by T_Vidotto
For the Part 2 click on this link for the Part 3 click this link On this tutorial we are going to use a...
Hero Builds
[DeX] Easy Godlike Drow 6.80
by I.Fly | DeXTeR
Drow Ranger is the easiest hero to play/learn Dota, and moreover one of the strongest currently. Having a slight notion of the game will let you easily achieve a good performance with this character. (6.80 Fixed)...
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