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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
by Aster.Maucuk
Hero Builds
The Winners Guide to Drow Ranger
Just a simple Guide to one of the most simple and most powerful chars in DOTA2...
Hero Builds
[6.84] Mr.TiA's guide to Drow Ranger
by borrz
ez game...
Hero Builds
[DeX] Easy Godlike Drow 6.80
by I.Fly | DeXTeR
Drow Ranger is the easiest hero to play/learn Dota, and moreover one of the strongest currently. Having a slight notion of the game will let you easily achieve a good performance with this character. (6.80 Fixed)...
Hero Builds
До первого серьёзного арта сидим тише воды, ниже травы...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Rapida y Mortal
by UnTioRaro3
Con esta guia tendras velocidad de ataque y daño muy rapidamente....
Hero Builds
pro atack
super char :D...
Hero Builds
Solo mid drow by Xin Chao (3)
by Vàng Hổ ★
Solo mid drow....
Hero Builds
[DMX] Drow Ranger (FR)
by Maxildan
Ce build complet sur Drow Ranger est réalisé par l'équipe DMX. Retrouvez les pour de nombreuses vidéos sur leur chaîne Youtube : Mais aussi sur où vous pourrez retrouver les même guides avec plus d'inform...
Ultimate DOTA 2 Guide
by Super Kami Guru
This is an extensive guide on a wide range of things in DOTA 2, ranging from ettiquette, Commends, Reports, Heroes, their roles and counters, Team Work, Unpleasant Players and Language Barriers for players of all skill levels and will be constantly updated...
Красивые подписи предметов Dota 2(RUS/ENG)
by Человек
В этом руководстве я расскажу вам как интересно подписать свою вещь....
Прохождение Холодрыжества |2013| Passage area Wraith Night
by jOhnny-HaZz
Многие из нас уже знают, как пройти данный эвент... Для остальных же создан данный гайд! :] Last Update: 12/26/2013 ...
Достижения Dota 2
by Overkill
Здесь и сейчас я вам расскажу про еще невыпущенные достижения в Dota 2....
by Please feed me Kappa
The Big Dota 2 Dictionary
by Fili Kleine
Since Dota 2 has finally been released it can become even bigger then it already was. While you're playing you will hear a lot of terms that you maybe don't understand. No worries, i created this guide to clear things up for you guys. If u have sugges...
How to NOT get Scammed in Dota 2
by T.w² | Princess 👑
This is a brief warning to everyone in the Dota 2 community > Please leave a like and share this with your Dota friends, so we can spread awareness < ...
Dota 2 Workshop - The go-to Guide for Anything Animated in Dota 2
by Andrew_Helenek
While I tackle the momumental task of give each character their own control rig, this guide will serve as a place where you can come to download the most up to date rigs available. You can use these rigs to rig or pose your items, create animations such as...
Automated Ancient Stacking
by Raigor Stonehoof
This guide Provides a tutorial to perform Automated Ancient Camp stacking on Radiant and Dire on the current map [6.84]. Russian Request Я не ожидал что прошлый гайд будет столь успешным, спасибо за поддержку. Я умею говорить т...
Chat Color (Official guide) + Application! [Obsolete]
by DyXel
Finally is here!!, the guide to write text with color during gameplay!! + An Application that will make you the work more easy when chatting! [Obsolete, see developer messages]...
Секреты и фишки DotA 2
by Вагинодестроер
Секреты и фишки доты. Знания которые улучшат ваше понимание доты....
Divine Rapier and YOU!
by An Inordinate Number of Cheetah
Many of you are wondering, "Should I buy a Divine Rapier?" Here is a guide to help you determine whether or not you should!...
Iron Branch [6.86]
by [SIB] M9k1sh
В этом руководстве я опишу вам все способы применения самого полезного предмета для начальной игры !...
[RUS,ENG]Урон Remote Mines в таблицах с учетом магического сопротивления
by urazlo
В данном руководстве вы найдете много полезных таблиц с реальным уроном Remote mines. In this guide you will find many useful tables with the real damage Remote mines....
Утопия ММР
by doht iya neht ayem roht
Dota 2 Hero Concept Sheets
by Spudnik
A collection of concept sheets of the Dota 2 Heroes intended for concept artists to design sets. ...
Textures Guide for 3d artists - Part 1 - A good base from baking without 2d knowledge
by T_Vidotto
For the Part 2 click on this link for the Part 3 click this link On this tutorial we are going to use a ...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Guia de G40
by iCharlie17
Guia de Drow Ranger como carry en mid. Es un heroe que es muy fuerte de forma mas rapida que el resto de heroes pero que luego pierde bastante, ademas de ser muy debil si la focusean. Muy util para gankear en 1vs1.
A noobs guide: How not to suck
by Jaxien ☆
How to stay alive in your first match. All the tips you need not to suck and feed the enemy meepo. How can you lose to Meepo. Seriously now. This is everything you'll need to know so you can stop sucking....
Advanced german Dota 2 guide
by Şilen¢e
This guide explains the advanced mechanics of Dota 2 in german....
[6.82] A Guide to Farming - How to create and utilise space
by Gordan, Filthy Thought Criminal
Something i see alot when i play supports is carries not utilising the room i have created. As i grew better at creating space this furstrated me more and more. Eventually i transitioned to core roles, often picking independent heroes that dont require too...
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