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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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The mighty guide to the mighty Dagon
by Tommy_Vercetti
If you're fed up with people who beat you with a Dagon, follow this guide, and you'll take your revenge!...
Noun's guide to the ULTIMATE TRILANE.
by Noun Creature
Hello, in this guide I will show you how to achieve ULTIMATE TRILANE STATUS, this trilane invalidates all other trilanes on account of being ULTIMATE, when your enemies see this TRILANE they will weep, you will also weep because EZ rares EZ game 4 liofe. ...
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Кери тракса by SpawN!Attack
by SpawN!Attack
Хороший гайд создал и норм тащю в тиме...
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Guia de Drow Ranger para novatos :D
by Eevee ♥ Lord Cookies
Guia PT-BR para Drow Range....
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[Ger]ULTRA-DrowRangerBuild-by RexxaL
by [tJs] | RexxaL
Sehr gutes Build für Drow also zu empfehlen....
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Drow Ranger Godlike Streak [Aaron]
by 藤原拓海
My very own personal custom Drow Ranger build which i tried. Never failed me once. Try solo-ing mid, it will serve you well....
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frost arrow
by limb 66 ฆ่าเพื่
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Drow AS Build
by Macgdestor
Dota 2'ye yeni başlayan arkadaşlar için hazırladığım bir build. Ben de çok yeniyim, belki faydası olabilir. En azından itemları tanıma adına kullanılabilir....
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Drow Mid
by Halloween
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