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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
by RaichuOu
Hero Builds
Line carry or about mid game pro
by [ZR]Ленивец(UA)
This assembly is designed for a great game if you normally start obizatelno Won. This assembly is not very suitable for beginners but very good. Эта сборка создана для отличной игры если начнёте нормальн...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Maniac Thief
by Sanji
Be a Maniac Thief! [] After getting LVL 11 and MASK OF MADNESS, go kill ROSHAN! 1 Frost Arrow then Normal hit will do! Mark the timer after killing Roshan and check after ~10 mins to kill him again. Be sneaky and avoid death...
Hero Builds
by Bidoof
Divine Rapier and YOU!
by Danger Mouse!
Many of you are wondering, "Should I buy a Divine Rapier?" Here is a guide to help you determine whether or not you should!...
5 Essentials to help you become a better player like MLG BOSS DENDI NA'VI PWND TRIPLE KILL GODLIKE RAAAAAMPAAAAAAAAAGE
by GoaT
Hero Builds
DMG Ranger
by LeGammer (Y)
Just my personal build for Drow Ranger xD...
Hero Builds
W1939: Drow ranger
by Whiskey1939
Hero Builds
Liege - Drow Push
by Spiritual Liege
This is a guide for my friends....
Hero Builds
100 проц
by ︻デ═-----
эта сборк бля инвизера с большой скоростью отаки и не плохим дамагом...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger, Not Actually a Drow.
by ♥ Kiriko ♥
Drow is a more niche pick in professional play due to her squishyness and position based play. But can become increadibly strong with all ranged team or a Visage even. But I believe she can be decently strong in pub games if played correctly. In this ...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger carry
by Envoy-
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger build by BuZ
by BuZ #road to 1k
Drow Ranger build by BuZ...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger-mid-ganger(XBOCT bild)
by Psychedelic
Hero Builds
by Peacefulz
Mid, и плевать что он занят.
by Jimi Hendrix «Dota 2 Test»
Hero Builds
Maximum Speed, Maximum Strenght & Cloak Engaged.
by Cybrockmatt
Equip your Drow Ranger with a Nanosuit....
Hero Builds
Raijinken's Guide to Carry Drow Ranger
by Raijinken
A basic guide to playing Drow Ranger as a carry. Drow has very high damage output and fairly useful skills, as well as a global damage boost for ranged heroes, but lacks mobility and is extremely fragile and vulnerable up-close. Skill Rating: 2 1 - Beg...
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