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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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7 Смертных Грехов Дотера
by ☆ Alexin III ☆
Этот гайд не несёт сути, он больше показывает какой грешок у тебя:D...
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Vampiric Hurricane
by Charlotte
Updated 6.83 I walk alone, but the shadows are company enough. Just a build that's *somewhat* different. On Drow Ranger, Lifesteal & Attack Speed are everything. Of course, it is true that Traxex mainly contributes to the team through her damage out...
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Нормальная проверенная сборка для Траксы
by [FIST] Кэп
Простая и понятная сборка. Если умеете играть на Траксе, то думаю вам понравится....
Hero Builds
by Kwii.[A]saka.CorsairGaming
This is my way i play drow!good luck...
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PIsun Wolosyn
by dotaprostoi
Pisun Wolosyn - Drow...
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Drow Ranger Guide
by Mavrick
Drow guide...
Hero Builds
pukan vzriv+venga
pukan vrivan allah babax spokoynoi nochi inshallax...
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mid v6.82
by Kirito
good mid...
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Crazy Drow
by Wa'Rui
Noob says how to play ^^...
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Reckless Abandon
by His Royal Freshness
This is a build relying on doing high amounts of damage, starting early game. It does not use healing items, only lifesteal given from the Mask of Madness....
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Ham's Drow guide for marcu
by HamsteronA
This works really well for pusher/hard carry drow, I like to use it in offlane mainly but could be used as mid also....
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Solo Mid Traxex ( Patch 6.82 )
by Ash
Русская сборка героя: Тракса - Соло мид, патч 6.82...
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Power Ranger
by [CD]{NRG}SmokeyMcBongwater
This item build I perosnally find easy and incredibly effective, mid or not this build is perfect. It is quite pricey so this is optimum for mid, but if you have last hits down you'll be able to afford it either way. You don't necessarily have to buy a...
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Artifacks! - Drow Ranger - Hard Carry
by [WNH] Artifacks!
Classic - Drow Ranger. Ganker & Hard Carry. Aniquilen mis hijitos! PD: Los skills son completamente situacionales, depende del farm, draft del team, line, K/D, etc. [WNH] Artifacks!...
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newii drow
by Yep Yep
new drow...
Hero Builds
Drow hard carry
by Kirito
its a best buid in hard drow...
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Drow Ranger by Grey Hawk
by My KungFu Is Stronger Than Your!
Drow Ranger by Grey Hawk...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger for stailon
by [SP.G]™St[A]iloN愛~당신 자
Simply Drow Ranger...
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