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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
[Hobbez] 6.30.14 sproinkBICEPS Pro Build
Hey there, My name is Hobbez and I am a competitive Dota 2 Player. I am publishing Updated Professional Hero Builds from OTHER people. These builds will have the date and the Professional Dota 2 player that played it! These Builds are not my own...
Hero Builds
Carry Drow Ranger
by Nouwa
Hero Builds
Dwo Reinga Guid bi Jrmaya
by Jeremayer
Dis is mi Dwo Reinga Guid. Hev fun....
Hero Builds
Pro Middle build
by QQ24
Drow Ranger (Traxex)
by SpideR
Traxex era uma habilidosa arqueira em seu oprimido lar subterrâneo, o Underdark, até que revoltou-se com a crueldade dos seus e fugiu para o mundo da superfície. Como parte de sua revolta, juntou-se aos Sentinelas, levando sua excelente pontaria ao com...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger (mid)
by SPARTA|Rock Forever
Ловкая и не победимая...
Hero Builds
Simple but strong drow ranger build
by TRT.Reepercreeper1.Alliance
I made this build to help anyone who plays drow it is a simple but very strong build. it will be constantly updated....
HoW To Pro in Short Time !
by i'm too old for this Shit !
This Guide will help you become a better player in just 1 MON Fastest Way too learn new heros !! Learn your Role fast Learn how your heroes work Fast it will help you become 5k rating Fast it will help the community over all...
Hero Builds
Набросать сборку для Drow Ranger
by Yukka
Drow solo mid build. The best carry build...
Hero Builds
Hero Builds
Allstar Drow build
by Allstar
Just normal mid-late game drow...
Hero Builds
Steve's Love
by Bonesin' Jonesin'
Hero Builds
DROW RANGER *небоьшая подборка*
by iBolit
Hero Builds
3 nuolta = tappo
by spodermin
Hero Builds
Monster Damage
by Adebaior
Для опытных игроков....
See my new montage by Dota. ^)
by [Kuzya](RUS)
Если кому то понравился ролик, просьба если не сложно поддержите меня лайком на ютубе! If someone you liked the movie, please not difficult support me on YouTube Like!...
Hero Builds
This Boss Beast of a Drow
by Bushi
This Build Will Win You The Game If Your Team Don't Feed....
Hero Builds
Cborka dlya bombeniya pukana
by $WAG ГуСь
4tob bombanylo A3A3A...
Hero Builds
Drow for Ginger_Candy
by ColdBlood
for ginger candy...
Hero Builds
Os.Temi its good Ranger
by Os.kaipi
Os.Temi the good traxex...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger "Late Game" (Fawkes) - Portugues (BR)
by ƒawkes
Build para Drow Ranger no late game. Eh basico para quem esta aprendendo a jogar....
Hero Builds
sasai za traxu
by tRanscendence
Hero Builds
carry (+venga)
by =Наглый_Веник=
Сборка для игры в спайке с venga. Скилы качайте как хотите, но до 6 уровня лучше их качать как тут. Удачной охоты друзья....
Hero Builds
Hard Carry Lane
by †Ìm sorrў†
Сборка для катки...
Hero Builds
[Ni/] Drow Ranger
by Ni\/
Лучшая сборка на Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
ПЛЮСЫ ГЕРОЯ: + Отличная способность Silence на 6 секунд + Практически не дает нормально качаться с начала игры + Большая дистанция видимости но...
Hero Builds
by James Havok
Hero Builds
6.81- Drow Ranger Standard [Lane/ Middle]
by Sir Aleksandr Baryshnikov
Traxex the Drow Ranger is a ranged agility hero whose greatest assets are her incredible damage and ability to keep threats at bay. Traxex is a carry who, though lacking survivability, provides a worthwhile contribution through her damage alone. Drow Rang...
Hero Builds
Strong Bow Drow Ranger by Vinex
by Kirito
Simple build for Drow Ranger - preferable mid. Helm of Dominator for lifesteal and dmg (Mask of Madness not needed = you max Q) Shadow Blade for chasing, ganking and escaping. Daedalus give you enormous damage. MKM in case of evasion. Don't let your ...
Hero Builds
Dendi Drow Ranger in Dota 2
by Maxim Evans
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