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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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by m.Tuch
Расписание The International 2015
by steek
Минувшей ночью Valve объявили расписание матчей Wild Card и групповой стадии турнира The International 2015....
Hero Builds
RevivedArc2 - Drow Ranger.
by RevivedArc2
Drow Ranger - Drow Ranger...
Готовка грибного соуса
by Алексей Янур
В этом руководстве я помогу вам сделать ваши блюда более вкусными....
Если у вас реально бомбит и вы не можите ждать 1го сентября
TI5 обмен имморталками, +10% к уклону от кидал....
Hero Builds
carry-mider traxec
by mamka4chana
эта сборка не для каждого) ...
Hero Builds
Sexy, Godlike, Best Build for Drow
by Sc(+)ped 1n
This build for Drow Ranger will lead your team to victory and make you the best anylane character, Dont be stupid early game, they key to sucess is being smart not ballsy, Hang back a little get some farm and deny if you can. If your oppsing hero likes to...
Hero Builds
Mod arrow- lane
by Ben Dover
It's Good to have crits and superb attack speed with frost arrows and what-not, but this build features extensive modifers, recudcing the usefulness offrost arrows other than to help in a few kills, whether you're going push (Mjollnir) or hero kills (sang...
Hero Builds
For low priority
by Onleek #ti5ekb
Fast push 15 min...
Hero Builds
Сборка Бога
by Devil
Нагиаторка Тракса...
Hero Builds
VIP Drow Ranger
by Predator
VIP Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger | Safelane
by Synergy
Сборка на Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger By iZeen
by iZeen
Build facut 100% de iZeen...
Hero Builds
mango drow
by T@ng0 T@g
assalam-o-alikum, good morning, hi, to everyone acording to me this is the best combination of items ..plz try this combination and rate it thankx .... stay happy and enjoy DOTA2...
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Трайхард траха для тру-пацей
by your batya is da us
Изи мид...
Hero Builds
сборка для Drow Ranger [rus]
by Chappy_
cборку создал chappy_ ...
Как познакомиться с девушкой
by P[P].ALuCarD
Bailing out of OnBlockForQuery after 0.200 seconds FIX DOTA2 REBORN
by steek
Bailing out of OnBlockForQuery after 0.200 seconds FIX PLZ VOLVO...
Hero Builds
by Умный хохол
гайд для истеных нагибаторов...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Mid Lane
by OMGitsGeorge
I made another build but this time its for drow ranger.I hope that u like it if u do please rate it thanks :)...
Hero Builds
by [GG,WP]ХлеБушЕк-ТЬМЫ
По мне хорошая сборка...
Hero Builds
by AbussRembel
Данная сборка предназначенна не для Керри(не для убийцы), а для успешного продвижения линий. Рекомендуется тяжёлая линия. Если свет то верх,...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger for Beginner
by Kei's Jiji
Hero Builds
Talgarius's guide
by Talgarius
Hero Builds
by 2y
Hero Builds
Simple Incredible Ranger (SIR)
by Sage of the Six Paths
Thank You for using my build. Its my best work yet. This build is focused mainly on Offense. It is a killer. You'll get killing spree easily. Thanks for reading. ENJOY. :)...
Hero Builds
Le Carry ultime [FR]
by Nain K [FR]
Un build assez simple pour carry sa game avec Drow et aprer a peut pres toutes les situations. Attention il ne vous donne pas le skill, les last hit et tout c'est a vous de gerer. L'ordre des spells n'est pas obligatoire. On pourras preferer avoir ...
Hero Builds
EternalEnvy Traxex
by Ninja Defuse
Good build for Traxex...
Hero Builds
Simple but Effective for Drow Ranger.
by Cheri//死体
Drow Ranger (otherwise known as Traxex) is a mid-late game carry that, with the right items, can destroy most enemy heroes. She suffers from being very easy to kill... as long as you can disable her first. This is how I enjoy playing her and, if you wish,...
Hero Builds
Unstoppable Drow Ranger Build
by Altan
Good build with high damage....
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