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7 Смертных Грехов Дотера
by ☆ Alexin III ☆
Этот гайд не несёт сути, он больше показывает какой грешок у тебя:D...
Introduction to The Greevling 2012
by Jimo
I will give you information on how to play the 2012 Greevling event. The 2012 Greevling event is playable starting December 18th....
Rubick - No Game Lies Beyond Your Grasp
by Agni Kai ҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉҈
This is an in-depth guide on how to build and play your support safe-lane Rubick....
In Depth Dota 2 Itemization Guide
by Aklimovich
Teaches you to make your own item builds for each unique match and situation....
Faceless Void- Power Build (Beginner's, maybe intermediate)
by Pontius Aquila
A beginner's guide to building Faceless Void, from the early-game to late-game. Will include farming techniques, items to buy, and general steps on how to become a dominating hard carry....
Anti-Mage No fun in depth guide
by Funishere 1/10
Hello, this is my second guide for dota 2 heroes, (you can find my first one for Luna here ) In this guide i will try to tell you how to properly play with Anti-Mage and carry your team to...
Brok3N's guide to Meepo
by м.| Brok3N
Brok3N's guide to how to build and play Meepo the Geomancer. Also covers little tips and some useful key bindings! Covers the most viable as well as some funky unusual builds. ...
How to NOT getting fucked by Pudge
by Deniz
Enemy picked pudge(before your team) and you are desperate because only mid is left to go (not so often) and your not used to play mid. If you say that i can't play common mid heros(invoker,shadow fiend,drow(!?)) you are at the right place.Can look like ...
DotA 2 Model Viewer
by BoneToad
The Dota 2 Model Viewer is available to users who wish to view the DotA 2 models and the in-game assets with improved features and native support for all Dota 2 content. This guide will teach you all about it. Thanks to Wyk [url=http://steamco...
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