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Phantom Assassin Easy Win
by AquaKyra
This build can help to boost your win rate ratio. ^_^...
Techies's Guide in how to break the enemy morale
by Conqueror of Space and Time
In this guide we will try to make the enemy rage quit because his teammates only die to techies....
The Omniknight Omniguide 6.84b
by Sterling Archer
Updated officially for 6.84b. > Published to Steam Community < (Subscribe from this link to use this guide in game.) >[url=
An in depth guide on how to become a better DotA 2 player. Going back to the basics (Or so you thought! O.o)
by YoloDopeHipster
So first things first, this is my very first guide, so please dont flame me if I mess some of the ordering of this guide. I am writing this guide aimed towards players who are experienced but not so much so that they already know everything in this guide ...
Аркана на сларка (Arcana on Slark)
by Unport
Top Arcana on Slark Vote you.... Lets go...
Dota2 Pro. Settings
by grizzLYE5
Theatre begins at the cloakroom, and Dota 2 - in settings menu. Properly configured client makes your way to victory much more easier. In this article we will discuss all the details of the game settings menu....
How to play Windranger as a carry/semi carry
by Xevshak
A small guide on what abilities to level up and what items to buy to make a good offensive windranger. Best utilized at mid....
Rubick by CougarriaN(English version)
by cougarriaNb0b~
Good day. This is my first guide, which is dedicated to Rubik-tech support. Just I want to draw your attention that the guide is designed for beginners audience, so if you're an experienced player, this guide is not for you! So, let's begin. Firstly...
by AquaKyra
learn how to make your enemy feel like crying because die again and again to the most 'useless' hero ( techies ) ^_^...