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[6.84]Гайд на Shadow Fiend [RU]
by ~jojo
Superfreexa's Ultimate Guide to Rubick
by Freexa
A thorough look and guide for Rubick....
Dota 2 fastest way to learn decent blocking / dewarding
by Another Chance
Hi guys ! Here's my first guide, which focusses on blocking and dewarding camps. In high skill games warding and blocking is a huge deal, since any form of experience and farm denial allows your team to pull ahead. This guide does not focus on ward...
Dota 2 Money Cheat [OFFLINE MODE] (C.E.)
by culosecco
Cheat Engine tutorial How to cheat, in offline mode MONEY 99999999+ see the guide....
Phantom Аssassin standart Line (6.84)
by iceZ man
This is my first test build fo PA, I tried to pick up items that may be needed for it...
[RUS/ENG]Роумящая потма/Roaming potm
by Imprezo
Данное руководство создано в связи с тем,что в пабликах все чаще встречается данный билд мираны,но в большинстве своем люди в связи с ни...
Guide For New Players And What I've Learned From Playing Dota 2
by I'm The Strongest Pleb
Hi guys. I am a regular gamer, that has been playing dota for more than 1000 hours. Of all that 1000 hours of playing, i still see people making mistakes that they should not do at their skill level including myself. I'm not the best player in the world, ...
Как приготовить пиццу за 20 мин
by Bounty
1: На*башь в миске 2 яйца 9 ложек мука 4 ложеи сметаны и столько же майонеза 2: вышла жидкая ху*ня? придержи пукан! Так и должно быть! 3: выливай н...
Detailed Beastmaster guide: support / carry
by xXxoo_PuD93@M4n3=4l1f3_123_ooxXx
An in depth guide for Beastmaster, from beginner to advanced tactics, items and skill builds! How to pubstomp as the hero no one will steal, and good in most situations!...
Rubick : The way of playing it.
by Canustopreadingmyname?
Hello guys, now look I'm suppose to give you a reason to read this right? Well, here it is. Everyone, loves playing rubick. So why not play it in order to win? Yes, I'm telling you that you can win MMR by spamming rubick constantly in this game of Dota ...