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DotaGuide: Hero Selections.
by DG| @DGThunderUK
Picking a hero can be tough for new & even long time players, Picking the wrong hero in the wrong match can be devastating and ruin a perfectly good game, This simple guide sorts the Heroes you have in the Dota 2 pool into 4 Different catergories, Carrys,...
DotaGuide: Techies [6.84c]
by DG| @DGThunderUK
Full blown guide on how to play & build Techies the right way, This guide will cover the Heroes overview, Their Lore, Skills, Items to purchase in steps along with Final Conclusion to sum it all up, Credits to "Twisted Logic" & Dotaguide members for inspi...
DotaGuide: What is Reborn?
by DG| @DGThunderUK
Dota 2's New Source 2 Reborn Beta has been realesed! You are ready and waiting to get on a test it out! But...How exactly? Not to worry this quick little guide will explain everything in a few quick, easy & short steps! Play fair & Have fun. Creation by: ...
[6.84] Mad Bear (Ursa) Ez Line ☛ English
by NightJazz
In this guide I'll tell you about Ursa from patch [6.84]: his effectiveness, strategy, item build and more. Thanks to this hero I raised group MMR from 2.6k to 4k. Original source was written in Russian, but i didn't expect that this guide will take popul...
Noobs and MMR
by Anubis
Ellow everyone and welcome to my third guide with and for noobs. Today we will talk what noos should do and what they shouldn't do in ranked games. I know there are many guides out there on how to raise your MMR and what not, well...this is not one of the...
How 2 go Clubbin'
by Certified Dota 2 Babysitter™
How to walk up in the club....
Force 64-bit Dota Reborn
by ReborN冷厳な
This guide shows you how to always run Dota in DX11 and 64-bit....
Деньги / Ставки | Money / Bets |
by Kotya Ra
В данном руководстве я расскажу, как и где ставить реальные деньги на Dota 2, CS:GO и другие игры. In this guide, I'll show you how and where to put real money on Dota 2, CS: GO and ot...
by yoD
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Как вернуть мозги тиммейтам
by Катана Мата
Никак... Ведь у Вити все хорошо... Ест за троих......