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New Bounty Hunter(04/2016)
by melissandereGG
a guide and build about the new Bounty Hunter. He is strong and game changer in this moment. I'll try to tell you his powers in this guide....
HOW TO win MID Only 4 Russian!
by Symphony Tixxy
Я решил поделиться своими знаниями с другими. Кто-то может меня возненавидит, т.к. я показываю все эти хитрости другим игрокам, но хэй! – DotA развивается – знания «элиты» становятся достоянием общественности, придумайте что-нибудь новое! Полагаю, я просто...
CS:GO/DOTA Steam[+]Administrator & Moderator List
by Counter-Strike Global Offensive
This guide is for Steam Community to file any and all scamming reports that may happen. As well as the ability to create and ensuring the security, to help the steam community users prevent getting scammed and avoid getting scammed in TF2, CS:GO and ...
Привет всем , сегодня я помогу поднять mmr с 1-3500 ммр на Сларке; Hello everyone today I will help to raise mmr 1-3500 MMP on Slarke ...
How To Play Dota
by Nekod
The secret how to Dota [Latest update: 31 Dec 2015]...
Middle Mouse Button FIX
by domi
All you need to do - just follow the instructions:
How to raise your mmr (sub 3300) for americans only no brazillians russians or peruvians allowed top seekrit
by Darkweld
How to raise your mmr in sub 3300 area. ...
Welcome to Dota, You Suck
by pudge
Purge's Welcome to Dota, You Suck guide is well regarded as the premiere guide for learning the basics of Dota 2. It covers things like heroes to pick when you're new, basic strategy breakdown, controls, lane setups, basic game mechanics such as damage...
"Foresight Specialist" — Oracle / Nerif (6.87)
by 藤木
The most detailed guide to the Oracle. Recommended reading for players who want to master this hero very well....
Avoiding Common Scams
by Jimo
I will provide you information on commonly used scam techniques and how to better prepare yourself to avoid them....
6000+ duels won guide for trench.
by 虹|Marju
How to survive in trench mmr and win games....
Big Daddy Sven 6.86
by ???
In this guide we will be looking at item and skill builds, making the most out of the jungle and how to cleave your way to victory!...
Invoker Classic Combo 6.83 - Vurtune
by Don't Talk About
Готовим быстрый дошик.
by MS™
Что бы приготовить вкусный дошик нужно: 1.Горячая вода(желательно из чайника) 2.Сам дошик(Ну из магаза конечно же) 3.Приправы для дошика(Из самого дошика или личные:лучок, укроп, колбаска,петрушка, майонез, соус,горчица,хрен) И так что мы делаем: 1.Бе...
The art of creep micro - A guide to jungle with Chen and Enchantress
by | HammerKick |
So if you've been watching competitive Dota, you know that Enchantress has been one of the most common picks for multiple reasons, at least in early 2014. In TI3, Chen was picked and banned really often, because of his great utility. But mastering these h...
Something you might not know and you'd better know about DOTA
by Shun
There are some funny and piratical skills or settings in Dota that you might not find out before. This guide will mostly focus on DotA 2....
Effective item build options & tips for support/carry/semi-carry Elder Titan
by Asian Wolf
These are short but effective builds I've tried a couple times on the newly released, Elder Titan. Yes he may be squishy, yes his mana can be an ass, and yes his attack speed is very crappy, but that doesn't mean you can't dominate with him right!? These i...
How to trade items on mobile devices (guide for Steam offer)
by TripleSteal-
It is a short and easy guide that explains how you can exchange items if you are using ipad, ipod, mobile phone , etc....
Как писать в чат разными цветами/How to write a chat with different colors
by mamontenok dima
Вы когда-нибудь замечали,что игроки пишут разными цветами и Вам хотелось так же? Тогда Вы попали именно туда,куда Вам нужно. Ничего сложно,просто в кодировки ANSI есть специально символы. Которые сейчас я Вам покажу :) Have you ever noticed that the play...
Как создать флаг для команды
Разрешение картинок: Знамя(флаг) команды 256x256 Логотип команды 250x150 Логотип спонсора 250x150 Логотип команды на базе 256x256 ...
Unconventional Ways to Play Dota 2, Where Plays are Made and Fun is Created.
by White is the New Black
Getting tired of the same game objective that repeats itself in every single game? Having no sense of achievement even after you've just won a really tough game? Feeling like Dota 2 no longer keeps you entertained or amused? You do not want to miss this. T...
The Art Of Warding (Defensive and Offensive) 6.83b
by (٩◔̯◔۶)_NeOn_GeNeSis_ヅ
This Guide will help you understand an advance tips on how to place your wards both offensive and defensive. Wards placement is very important because it allows your team to have vision on what is happening around the Map. It will help you in ganking, kill...
ALL Levels in Dota Reborn
by young
Interesting badges of levels in Dota Reborn...
How to be a Weeaboo in dota 2
by A Ten and Twenty
This guide will teach you the basics of being a Weeaboo and how that will help you in the world of dota 2. This guide is amazing for anyone who is looking to raise their matchmaking to 6k or over ...
How to: Make Mi Goreng
by Köksal Baba
This is how you properly make Indomie Mi Goreng, a popular Indonesian instant noodle product. You can microwave or use a kettle to cook the noodles in the bowl, at the cost of being a major fucking loser. It is loaded with palmolein oil, MSG, saturated fat...
Check your Network Actual Real Ping to all of Dota 2 Servers [ENG/RUS/POR] (Win/Mac/Linux)
by Techno_Master
Ever wanted to play on a server from another region but too afraid if you might get high ping and be the lagger in that game? Well now you can check your ping to all of Dota 2 servers before selecting which Server to Find A Match on. - Хочешь сыграть на ...
Textures Guide for 3d artists - Part 1 - A good base from baking without 2d knowledge
by T_Vidotto
For the Part 2 click on this link for the Part 3 click this link On this tutorial we are going to use a ...
So You've Been Hijacked. A Guide to Dealing With the Shame, Ramifications, and Reclaiming What is Rightfully Yours.
by CharlestONE
Congratulations you are the one millionth customer to fall for a phishing or similar scam and have had your account hijacked. You have lost control of your account, games, and items. Only Steam Support can help you directly and it will take time and patien...
Queen of Pain Guide
by Cless
A comprehensive, ground-up guide to playing Queen of Pain....
The Art of Supporting - The true skill in Dota
by Decstarr
I am currently working on updating the guide to the current meta. Russian Version Online now! I decided to write a guide about how to play support heroes simply because in most public games, no matter on which level, there is a lack of dece...
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