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HOW TO GET +25 Easily with BANANAS
by Jin Ca ?
Ingredients : 1. 10 bananas Other ingredients: 2. 150 grams of wheat flour versatile 3. 4 tablespoons of powdered milk 4. 2 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar 5. 1/4 teaspoon of salt 6. 1 teaspoon of vanilla 7. 1 egg 8. 200 ...
How to play riki like a pro
by renny
This is an informative guide on how to play Rikimaru the assassin, a complicated support/carry hero. This guide will effectively teach you how to counter any hero/item combination with your Riki....
Chaos Knight- Creating Havoc
by Azula
If you are expecting the usual Chaos Knight build that uses an armlet, stop reading here. In this guide, I offer my way of playing the chaotic carry, which focuses on being faster than your opponents. This quite detailed guide was designed for beginners to...
Siegron's 6.87 4k Anti mage Guide
by Furdaddy Siegron
A 4k's guide to Magina, the Anti mage in the new 6.87...
All you need to know about 6.87 in 5 minutes!
by Clueless
All of the new patch 6.87 Aghs upgrades... Super quick easy to understand analysis of the new 6.87 patch! ...
How to open Dota 2 Treasures and make profit
by Richard #Vanilla♥
How to succeed in the opening of Dota 2 Treasures...
Как поднять ммр самому себе.
by Safelane farm pls
Эй, мы знаем, что ты пытался это сделать. Если у тебя есть ммр, желание, 15-70 свободных минут и немного любопытства, то ты точно пробовал узнать, насколько может приблизиться к победе в ранкеде. Это вполне нормально - со стародавних времен все мужчины пыт...
[6.87] Mid no boot Skitskurr
by Panda.Killua
I have tried out many weaver builds and thanks to the new update this one works like a charm...
Rampaging Sven Juggernaut!
by Kurshjak
Do you want to score RAMPAGE after RAMPAGE? Do you want to be unstoppable? Feared by heroes creeps and Roshan alike? Then this is the build for you!...
Godlike Undying Build
by Nujabes
in this guide I will show you the godlike build that took me forever to make...