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How To Become Better in Dota 2
by Aki
Some things we do not consider, because we believe they are easy to understand and we already know them. In fact, thinking over the basic things can bring us better insight. You will improve when you consider them thoroughly. In this guide you will prob...
One strong Mechanized Nuker
by FuturE
This guide teaches how to deal with enemy and fixing the broken machine part....
[ruse] guide for pudge
by Butterghost
a new meta to playing pudge! beat people up and be nice!...
Como Counterar Peruanos/ARGentinos (JAJA)
by Gordo
Nesse Guia lhe ensinarei como dar Miss / Evasion nos famosos Boludos (JAJAS)...
КАК завести себе девушку?
by ♣Ellidan♣
Guide to Playing Zet - The Arc Warden (Pre-Release)
by αTheCruncherΩ
Zet the Arc Warden is a ranged agility hero that is very unique in his ability to create a near-perfect clone of himself. This clone has full access to all of Zet's abilities and items, and any stats that come with them. In addition this double has all coo...
[6.85] New meta Dragon Knight.
by AnVi .
В этом гайде я не буду давать кому-либо указания к действию по типу "купите это". НЕТ . Этот гайд направлен на разъяснение почему покупается именно этот предмет/прокачивается именно этот скилл, а не какой-нибудь другой. Вдобавок отмечу, что дл...
How to make orange - banana juice
by Polly
Как набить 6k MMR? Если не везет с командой.
by Gl4dun.NoLifeJustPlay
Не можешь выиграть с даунами? Этот гайд для тебя....
Community In South East Asia
by Al-Mather R. Bago
Dealing With Different Kinds Of People In Different Games...