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Getting Started: Dota 2 Content in Source Filmmaker [SFM]
by Wyk
This is a detailed picture guide on how to get Dota 2 content working in Source Filmmaker. NOTE: This is an updated version of the guide that was previously available on my blog. I have discontinued using that site and will continue to update this guid...
by Dalesis_sup
Будет базовая информация для начинающих супортов. Постепенно буду пополнять контент. ...
Io The Wisp. The Ultimate Ganker (6.81)(Version 3)
by Winterwind,TheOnceAndFutureKing
(NOTE:If the guide seems too long just browse the Kill/Relocate-Gank Section, that will show you Io's potential. Then just read skim through the skills section and the candidate- partners for relocates section.. If that does not interest you. It should at...
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Zero's Ultimate Sniper Build
This guide gives you everything you need to win any game. Assuming you know how to move in the game you'll be able to power through anything. Here are just a few notes to keep in mind: 1. Maelstorm and Crystalis should be built based on need. IF th...
Roaming Mirana
by GeM1ni
Getting good start, owning early game, ruining enemy's laning phase is very annoying for the enemy team. It will help you to destroy your opponent's mood. And we all know, dota is all about mind games... you win mental game, you win game itself. This guid...
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Dazzle - обманывая смерть
by SerrinLife
Это всего-лишь один из вариантов сборки для героя Dazzle......
Hero Builds
by Army of D'oh
Omniknight is a very good support hero. With it healing and repel and the ability to slow down enemy with it degen aura, he can survive and support very well. Impressive right. With this build, you can use Omni with great mobility and high manapool. I...
Guide to solo MMR [HUSKAR] by R3niarT
by R3niarT
This guide will help you learn how to play Huskar to it's full potential as a safe lane carry and hopefully help you increase your mmr....
Галерея Подвигов
by Little cat
Галерея Подвигов — это окно в котором перечислены определенные трофеи....
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Viper SuPa DupA MeGa PRO
by Nord
Классная cборка вайпера! Жирный, скорострельный мега про :)...
Галерея подвигов, достижений / Трофеи
by Stenex
В этом руководстве вы узнаете как получить трофей "Professional Last Hitter" (Добивание крипов)...
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IO Lane Support and Ganker
by OrangeJuicePanda
IO build that is based around helping your lane partner farm and later engaging in ganks with them....
Hero Builds
GreyShark.Centaur Warrunner
by #6a'Tu.GreyShark
The happy merchant and you: an in-depth items comparison
by Musculus
This guide describes all of the in-game items your hero can buy, which ones you should pick, and aims to let you create your own item build without using any hero-specific guide....
Hero Builds
Centaur is The Best Tank: Durable Build
by Super-Ken
Based on this guide: (RUS). This is the Durable Item Build from this guide....
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Roxas' Standard Mid-Lane Templar Assassin
by Roxas
Templar Assassin is an aggressive semi-carry with incredible bursts of physical damage that come online very early. She is a lane dominator and she can enable her team to take Rosh early. She is not the strongest late game hero, but she is still a very st...
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Ember Spirit mid hero build by wh1t3
by Mr.White
guide by wh1t3.dp...
Squiglord's Guide to Juggernaut.
by Squigly
Alright kiddies, listen up. If you came to me for learning yours truly Yurnero the Juggernaut, you're in for a ride. I'd tell you to fasten your seatbelts, but I was too cheap to buy any. ...
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"Battle Lina" Inspired by tSWIFTx
by TravDood
Simply nostalgic to Dota 1 vet tSWIFTx, yet intriguing when first witnessed by any Dota 2 player. Whether you love it, hate it or you're simply just curious, the Armlet purchase on Lina sparks more debate than it does fire. This unorthodox build has pr...
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A Mormon's Guide to Carry Dazzle
by Mormon Boy
Dazzle is a hero that is typically in a support situation, but can be surprisingly effective in dealing massive damage. When you combine a removal of 50 armour with something like a divine rapier, its hard to argue with the fact that there is going to be ...
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Terrorblade Jungler/Pusher build by BuZ [6.81b]
by BuZ #road to 1k
This is a jungler build inspired by Matrice, top mmr player. In general, in jungle, try to avoid talking damages on your hero and keep your illusions 1 hit away from death. 1/ Buy the Slippers asap, use conjure image at 0:06 and run toward the closest...
Hero Builds
Dendi Sniper mid
by Infinity.V | Want More?
Na'Vi Dendi Sniper mid item and skill builds...
Divine Rapier and YOU!
by Danger Mouse!
Many of you are wondering, "Should I buy a Divine Rapier?" Here is a guide to help you determine whether or not you should!...
Hero Builds
Dendi mid
by Infinity.V | Want More?
Pudge masta dendi build...
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[이벤트] 초보의 기술단 간단 공략
by MaxyMax
기술단을 플레이할때 매우 중요하다 생각하는 두가지가 있습니다. 첫번째는 적 영웅의 시야 밖에서 지뢰를 설치 하는 것이고 두번째는 아군이 지뢰로 적 영웅을 잘 유도해 주는 것입니다. 이...
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Maximum Speed, Maximum Strenght & Cloak Engaged.
by Cybrockmatt
Equip your Drow Ranger with a Nanosuit....
Hero Builds
al-Techie Terrorist Jihad Guide v9.11
Dota 2 Workshop - 3ds max Tools
by h a y e s
Hi, I made a simple script for 3dsmax to make exporting files and compiling Dota 2 stuff a little less tedious. It was intended for personal use, so the source might be a bit messy. Try not to loose your mind in there. ...
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Pushing after 25 minutes.
by DeeZeeD
Особенности сборки заключается в покупке Soul ring и Necronomicon. Мидас в этой сборке лишняя трата голды, ведь лучше купить Shadow amulet. В итоге должен по...
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Meepo by Rocky-Eldoky
by Rocky-Eldoky
You are randomed meepo? Dont cry! You are playing Meepo because your friend from team need it? No problem! This guide is good way for pwning the enemys. Skills and items are explained inside. Meepo is good hero, with good statistics. It's arent hard h...
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