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Anti-Mage No fun in depth guide
by Funishere 1/10
Hello, this is my second guide for dota 2 heroes, (you can find my first one for Luna here ) In this guide i will try to tell you how to properly play with Anti-Mage and carry your team to...
The definitive storm guide.
by Ali ><>
Hello. My name is Ali. I have released multiple storm guides over the past year or so ever since I felt I had become an accomplished storm spirit player. I have played him both competitively and in pubs for a long time, and I have always wanted to make a ...
Introduction to The Greevling 2012
by Jimo
I will give you information on how to play the 2012 Greevling event. The 2012 Greevling event is playable starting December 18th....
Rubick - No Game Lies Beyond Your Grasp
by Agni Kai ツ
This is an in-depth guide on how to build and play your support safe-lane Rubick....
Гайд по Rod of Atos
by Добро
Rod of Atos является довольно редким артефактом в пабе, а все потому, что многие недооценивают его полезные свойства. Надеюсь что мое руководств...
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6.83 - Standard Brewmaster (Middle) Build
by Torte de Lini
Brewmaster is the ultimate anti-carry. His crowd-control and abilities help weigh down the capabilities of the enemy's team carry through his Drunken Haze (causing Miss and Slow) and his ultimate: Primal Split. Splitting into three pandas requires control...
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Vampiric Hurricane
by Chocolate
Updated 6.83 I walk alone, but the shadows are company enough. Just a build that's *somewhat* different. On Drow Ranger, Lifesteal & Attack Speed are everything. Of course, it is true that Traxex mainly contributes to the team through her damage out...
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best azzlack slark west eu
by Mr.Toast
ez win für rolf...
Brok3N's guide to Meepo
by м.| Brok3N
Brok3N's guide to how to build and play Meepo the Geomancer. Also covers little tips and some useful key bindings! Covers the most viable as well as some funky unusual builds. ...
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In depth Pudge SOLO MID by Morg
by Admiral Morgan
This is my humble Pudge guide made for my friend who is inexperienced at Pudge and dota in general. This monstrosity, is best known for his solo mid and expert ganking capabilities, and eventually becoming the snowballing hero eating butcher that ever...
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6.83 - Dark Seer [Offlaner] (Easy MMR)
by Sonyk.Ec
This guide is designed to play it in offlane very aggressively. Discuss if you have any suggestions. Suscribe!...
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My 75% winrate Juggernaut
by Spaka
This is a build I made after looking at different builds for Jug, so far I have a 75% win rate. This guide is very noob friendly (at least I tried to make it that way). I will go into each skill and item for you. This guide works best for mid or solo o...
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6.83 Firebird Frenzy (Solo Offlane)
by Nido
With over 500 games of this guy, I've learned some things. Phoenix can absolutely wreck face. Never underestimate this hero's early-mid game potential. You should solo offlane, but going mid actually can work well against squishy people. Watch out for her...
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Hunter's guide to balling out of control as Wraith King
by Hunter #MikeChan6PacShortcuts
Hey there, Here's a build I've created for one of my favourite heroes in Dota 2, Wraith King. Wraith King is a Strength hero who can be a Core Farming Carry, Semi Carry or a Semi Support. In this guide We'll be focusing on the Carry aspect of the hero. Ge...
Hero Builds
by #ebashu chudesa
удачи мои молодые охотники ...
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6.83 - [Diffusal & Desolator] (Combo) (Easy MMR)
by Sonyk.Ec
With the update to its ultimate, riki do much more damage upon their enemies gank. Subscribe If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Greetings!...
Using Colors In Your Name
Give your name more style....
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Dazzle support
by nord
Всем привет. Dazzle - замечательный саппорт. У него хороший хил и крест, которым он может спасти себя, или своего союзника....
Hero Builds
by Cristiano Ronaldo
Hero Builds
Kunkka The Pirate Mass Cleaver (ZateFeto's Build)
by ZateFeto
Hardcore Pirate Cleaver who keeps venturing the seas of dota 2 noobs RAMING em with his YARR HARR brothers in crime in his luxurious bootayh ship sending em back to desktop where they can cry and rage! Hero Build by : ZateFeto...
Hero Builds
by Cristiano Ronaldo
Hero Builds
Guía Pudge - GATO
Guía creada por Gato para la comunidad de Steam ....
Hero Builds
Nyx Assassin Ganker
by nord
В этом гайде Nyx Assassin в роли ганкера. Сначала мы наносим тычку из ульты, далее стан, мана берн и дагон. Почти все герои вначале умирают от таког...
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Templar Full Damage One hit MID . (Meddlo)
by O Gatilho mais rapido do Sul
A Templar Assasin é um dos melhores mid do Dota2, temos nela o equilíbrio entre Dano/Movimentação , sua ult permite ataque precisos e com dano alto .Sua Refração permite absorver dano altos e perigosos . Seu mesclar permite uma esquiva mais suave...
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Juggernaut Offlane 6.83
by Kyubashi
Text Version of on how to offlane Juggernaut as of Patch 6.83 - Scroll down for item justification. ...
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Abaddon the Immortal
by boblikesoup
This build is best played in the offlane with a Crystal Maiden mana aura affecting you. It is also highly effective when dual laned with a Keeper of the Light. Early game strategy is to spam your shield and harass enemies to deny farm on their carry. P...
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Anti-Mage Carry 6.83
Typical Item Build and Skill Build for Anti-Mage with some not standart sutiative items, what can help u win the game....
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Slardar or GG WP
Это сборка для тех кто хочет изи каточку на минут 30....
Hero Builds
The Dazzle Abides [6.8x]
by Dude
Даззл - ваши союзники будут живы-здоровы, а лица ваших врагов сломаны!...
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Pudge - The Butcher
by Phuna
Pudge is known as Dendi. Dendi is Boss Dendi is Gaben v2 Dendi is Chuck.... Dondo is Superman!...
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