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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Как стать отцом Dota 2?
by wtfareudoing
Как стать отцом Dota2? 1. Ищем девушку. 2. Заводим ребенка. 3. Называем ребёнка "Dota 2". 4. Всё! Теперь вы отец Dota 2! =)...
5 Essentials to help you become a better player like MLG BOSS DENDI NA'VI PWND TRIPLE KILL GODLIKE RAAAAAMPAAAAAAAAAGE
by Ygritte the Wildling
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - AKATESH
by Aka'tesh
Perfect Build...
Hero Builds
Супер гайд!!!!
by Knight_Vetaliy
Супер гайд для нуба, дд дровка......
How To Be a Pro in DotA 2
by _sineP
This guide will teach you the many tricks and tips that Professional DotA 2 players have used since the dawn of beta. It will go in-depth with all information. Some major midding, farming, pushing, and end game tips and tricks will be revealed. It may be ...
Hero Builds
by ZioBanana
Very powerful build...
Hero Builds
PCS ( Pusher+Carry+Support)
by blacksoul14
This is the best build for drow ranger to be carry pusher and support by silence and increase damage aura. So please make everyone love it....
Hero Builds
by Major
Все что нужно траксе для нагиба)...
Hero Builds
drow mid hard carie
by mk,Aylar Lie //M POWER
Dont go like a maniac vs 5 alone...
Hero Builds
Pro builds -Drow Ranger-
by [DD] Captain Ghost 幽霊
Pro builds only...
Hero Builds
by Kordorf
Feel Free to change the items this is just a guideline on the items and abilities to win....
Hero Builds
The One And Only
by Scarlion
Hero Builds
Mid - Lane Drow Ranger
by Axon.
Drow Ranger - Snelle aanval + Hoge schade / Criticals...
Hero Builds
Good Drow Ranger
by iTachi
Хорошая сборка! Очень легко пользоваться!...
Hero Builds
Godlike Drow
by meformyworld
How to destroy with drow ranger....
Hero Builds
hard-mid (drow ranger)
by _LaCoste_
Hero Builds
ozZlek!´s [Robin Hood]
by `ZLK!
my first drow-build..please vote if you like...
Hero Builds
Mid+Hunter Build
by Maxter_THE_Beast
Sexy and PowerFull...
Hero Builds
best pub drow build 400games+ 70winrate
by MadDoxX
have fun reaching 5k+mmr with this build!...
Hero Builds
AE7 - Drow Ranger
by [MG] Johnny Ingerasul iubirii
Am creat aceste combinari pentru a oferi jucatorilor de Dota 2 , pasionati de DROW RANGER o noua viziune asupra acestui erou si asupra abilitatilor acestuia . Acest ghid se axeaza mai profund pe agilitate si atac putand ingheta oric...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Damage Damage Damage
by Duble_Deker
Hero Builds
Damage Dealer Drow|Jekie(rus)
by Your Mother
Drow Ranger eazy win...
Hero Builds
Кери Тракса
by Авторитет из 3б
Предметы по порядку...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger (Sıfırdan)
Daha iyisini yapana...
Hero Builds
Drow "+9000 Agility" Ranger Super Carry
by Deus Ex Machina @dubstepG
Farm. Don't die. Farm. Get towers. Farm. Farm. Get items. Farm. Win the game....
Extreme X Evils
by Sanit
Just For Successfull...
Hero Builds
[Agilidad] Drow Ranger [Build] [1.3]
by //ATLAS\\ Energy
Drow Ranger es una heroe de agilidad, por lo tanto les recomiendo algunas cosas, no piensen que son un tanque, su vida y mana son limitados, mantengan una distancia de seguridad de héroes Cuerpo a Cuerpo, puede ser letal para ella, concéntrense en su Ag...
Hero Builds
Тру сборка)
by [A]n`Ka***
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger «Carry»
by Anonymous
Enjoy and Rate this Guide! Happy Pro Gaming! Goodluck!...
Hero Builds
Ownage Drow!
by VV.12 アーティ
My second hero build!...
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