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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Why You Should Not Auto-attack
by The Pyro's Pocket
Have you ever been in a lane with someone who won't stop auto-attacking the enemy creep wave? Have you yourself ever been yelled at for the same thing and never understood why it mattered? Hopefully this guide will give a little insight into the terrifyin...
Unconventional Ways to Play Dota 2, Where Plays are Made and Fun is Created.
by Gandalf Olórin, White Rider
Getting tired of the same game objective that repeats itself in every single game? Having no sense of achievement even after you've just won a really tough game? Feeling like Dota 2 no longer keeps you entertained or amused? You do not want to miss this. ...
Graddus' Guide to Starting at DotA 2
Since Icefrog has decided that everyone can enjoy Dota 2, you can destroy your pride with this hard MOBA. To somewhat prevent that from happening, i have made this Dota 2 Basic Guide. Maybe you can start your Dota carreer a lot less hopeless now. If ...
Как заработать на трейде с торговой площадкой
Следим за акциями или собираем коллекцию карт получаем 90% скидку бежим в магазин покупаем гифт игры(расскажу позже)он нам выйдет примерно 10...
Калибровка рейтинга MMR в Dota 2, как пройти калибровку аккаунта.
by HAZE† <3 мяу :3
Achievment List for Dota 2
by Calawrit
I recently looked at the achievements and asked myself, Why not fill them? To do this, I have allocated some time and decided to write down all my ideas Valve, if you see this post, please, add at least some of them Players will be grateful to y...
Hero Builds
pro atack
by ☭ СССР error test
super char :D...
Hero Builds
by let's share our fate
A simple guide for dominating DOTO 2 as best imbalanced hero ever: DROW RANGER. Example of TOTAL OWNAGE (not mine lel): Simple as heck: 1) Rush for lifesteal/crits 2) Max frost arrow/ult 3) Buy rapier ...
Hero Builds
Drow carry, safelane start
by Qisrem
This guide is meant for people who want to play a carry drow. Drow is a fast carry so you should be able to be carry ready by the 35 min. After the 45 min there will be other carry-s which can out-carry you. Take items in the order in which they are li...
Hero Builds
Dota 2 Poradniki - Drow Ranger
by dota2poradniki
Drow Ranger to zasięgowy carry Zręczności. Jej nisza to świetne obrażenia w średniej fazie gry, dzięki Marksmanship i Precision Aura pozwalających jej błyszczeć wcześniej niż inni carry....
A Concise Guide to being a Carry Player
by Necris121
I'm writing a guide with almost 1600 hrs of dota 2 experience now. Its been a while since i contributed to the community so.. here goes.. If you like this guide, give it a rating and/or a thumbs up or down to let me know accordingly. I'll be writing ma...
Hero Builds
by Транзистор
До первого серьёзного арта сидим тише воды, ниже травы...
Textures Guide for 3d artists - Part 3 - Exporting to Dota 2 Shader
by T_Vidotto
This tutorial will focus in organizing and exporting your textures on the pattern necessary to work on Dota 2 Shader. If you missed the other parts: Texture Guide Part 1 [ur...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Viciuslab
by Necca @Viciuslab
Para ver la vídeo-guía y el gameplay buscar VICIUSLAB en Youtube....
Hero Builds
Mad Drow (Side Lane)
by MAX
This build is for side laning till you get core items. Drow generally don't jungle but with Mask of madness in early game you will be able to farm enough. Also it gives you not only 100 attack speed but also 30% movement speed for evasion. When you...
รวมไอเทมท่าเยาะเย้ย (Taunts) ทั้งหมดของ DOTA 2
by นอนครับ / Dota2 Shop Thai
รวมไอเทมท่าเยาะเย้ย (Taunts) ที่มีทั้งหมด พร้อมภาพประกอบการใช้งาน และคำอธิบายความหมายของท่าทา...
Shopping for Noobs
by DzKl.MitchKaiser
The shop can be quite daunting at first, and in order to master the game you MUST buy items to survive. For the newer players we will look at how to go around the shop interface (not very user friendly at first) and we will also go over some major items....
Бросаем Доту
by Snowу
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger
by Haruka Satou
This is pretty much one of the best ways to play as Drow Ranger, starting with good stats will help you farm and grow fast. Skills note: I picked stats as your first spendable skill point because early passive is pretty useless, so is your frozen ar...
7 Смертных Грехов Дотера
by Al!ceel
Этот гайд не несёт сути, он больше показывает какой грешок у тебя:D...
Что нужно знать мидеру.
by ILUMIShark
Здесь,ребятки,я расскажу вам: 1)Основы ганга 2)Тимплей 3)Правильный контрпик(С антипика бомбит у многих :D) 4)Тренировка рук(Клешни тоже не ка...
A Spectator Guide for Newcomers
by Earl
This guide is meant to be used as a tool for spectators to get quick introductions of heroes and their roles in competitive Dota. I know a lot of completely new players, who may never have touched Dota 2 before will be giving it a shot during The Internat...
Бесплатный реген на линиях (Regen HP\MP without cost)
by Just Albert
Небольшая фича как БЕЗ ПОТЕРЬ голды отличиться стоя на боковых линиях. ВНИМАНИЕ: Гайд может оказаться баяном и маразмом, но все же. Подписы...
Hero Builds
Drow Is OP
by Valisk
Everyone's first hero....
by BanShee
by zefolt
Учимся фармить...
Hero Builds
Millenium Build
by Zaiik'oz
Ce Build est parfait pour faire un maximum de degats grace a une vitesse d attaque elevee...
Shotgun Drow - Frostivus 2013 (Wraith Night)
by Em
Are you ready to play Frostivus Drow the way she's meant to be played? Shred through bosses in seconds? Cleave harder than Sven? Make Windrangers damage look like a lvl 1 Sniper? Rip the Wraith King a new one? End the match minutes earlier than average wi...
Гайд по гриффингу в доте (Игра против своих)
by Квадяшный Янур
Если вы решили что хотите научиться изощаренно издеваться над всеми, то этот гайд для вас....
Экономный крафт мистиклов
В этом руководстве я опишу как не тратить по 15 рублей для покупки рарки на площадке,как существенно сэкономить на этом деле...
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