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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Dota 2 Hero Concept Sheets
by Spudnik
A collection of concept sheets of the Dota 2 Heroes intended for concept artists to design sets. ...
Textures Guide for 3d artists - Part 1 - A good base from baking without 2d knowledge
by T_Vidotto
For the Part 2 click on this link for the Part 3 click this link On this tutorial we are going to use a ...
A noobs guide: How not to suck
by Jaxien ☆
How to stay alive in your first match. All the tips you need not to suck and feed the enemy meepo. How can you lose to Meepo. Seriously now. This is everything you'll need to know so you can stop sucking....
Hero Builds
Easy GODlike Drow Ranger. by Sta[V]rides
by Sta[V]rides
Good build this hero...
Hero Builds
[DMX] Drow Ranger (FR)
by Maxildan
Ce build complet sur Drow Ranger est réalisé par l'équipe DMX. Retrouvez les pour de nombreuses vidéos sur leur chaîne Youtube : Mais aussi sur où vous pourrez retrouver les même guides avec plus d'inform...
Advanced german Dota 2 guide
by Şilen¢e
This guide explains the advanced mechanics of Dota 2 in german....
[6.82] A Guide to Farming - How to create and utilise space
by Gordan, Filthy Thought Criminal
Something i see alot when i play supports is carries not utilising the room i have created. As i grew better at creating space this furstrated me more and more. Eventually i transitioned to core roles, often picking independent heroes that dont require too...
Как расслабиться и получить удовольствие от Dota 2?
by Sersgant_Rodin
Реально ли такое? Сейчас я вам расскажу как.....
The MLG List of Counters for Each Hero
by the answer to everything
Do you have absolutely no idea who/what counters a hero? Well then, grab some doritos and Mountain Dew, because you will find out now! Attention: This guide is still under construction (it still works tho, but it doesnt look like i want it to)...
Hero Builds
[6.81] Frost arrow Drow - Freeze your enemies to death.
by tatti
Good all-around build for newer players and for dota veterans. Frost arrow Drow strikes hard and performs really well against many heroes....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Mid (Bidu)
by SujiroKiFuja
Drow Ranger Soler mid...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Guia de G40
by iCharlie17
Guia de Drow Ranger como carry en mid. Es un heroe que es muy fuerte de forma mas rapida que el resto de heroes pero que luego pierde bastante, ademas de ser muy debil si la focusean. Muy util para gankear en 1vs1.
[Перевод] Список достижений для Доты 2
by Calawrit
[Это только перевод, ссылку на оригинал вы найдёте внизу] [It is a translation, a reference to the original you can find below] Недавно я посмотрел на список запечатанных ачивок для доты и спросил себя Почему бы и не заполнить их? Для этого я в...
Captains Mode - искусство драфта.
by Sarn
Небольшая публикация на тему драфта (Draft \ Pick ), призваная немного помочь начинающим игрокам лучше ориентироваться в Captians Mode, а также даст ответы на некоторые вопросы, связаннные с выбором героев на проффесиональной дота сцене. ...
Hero Builds
도타2의 대표 미녀 원거리 캐리 드로우 레인저! 치명적인 아름다움의 그녀!
by edgarallenpoe
드로우 레인저는 도타2의 대표적인 원거리 캐리입니다. 도타2의 간판 미녀 영웅이기도 하죠. 쉽다고 많이 처음에 드로우 레인저를 찾으시지만 사실상 가장 어려운 포지션이 원거리 캐리입니다. 근접 캐리와는 다르게 피와 방어력이 낮으며 기술 자체가 한타에서 포지셔닝과 보호를 잘 받아야 한타에서 빛을 바랍니다. 드로우로 미드를 가는 실수를 절대 하지 마시고 꼭 하드레인을 좋은 서포터 또는 소규모 파이트가 벌어졌을 때 탱킹 해주는 힘 영웅과 가세요. 라인에서 견...
Как ставить и выигрывать на
by LUC1U5
Здравствуйте товарищи! Наверное все бы хотели выигрывать на ставках, сейчас я дам пару советов. Для того чтобы не проиграть и действительно начать выигрывать надо учесть несколько правил. Эти правила я поделю на 2 раздела , а именно: как надо правильно ста...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger
Build for Trax...
Hero Builds
Solo mid drow by Xin Chao (3)
by Vàng Hổ ★
Solo mid drow....
Creep Stacking Dota Reborn
by OverUsedAnus
Stacking is the act of pulling a neutral creep camp, usually not towards the lane, at such a time that the camp is empty at the XX:00 minute mark. If the camp (and a specific surrounding region, known as the spawn zone) is empty at the XX:00 mark new creep...
Как поднять ммр с 1700 до 3+к
by DiNoZaVr
Данный "гайд" наверняка не первый, да и не последний, да и относиться он не только к Dota2. При калибровке мне выпало 1709 ммр, в то время как моим друзьям от 3,5 и выше. Знаете, я забил. Забил поднимать этот низкий рейт, ну 1700 и 1700 и пофиг вообще. Зат...
by ZinDer
This guide is a translatión from the original Guide create for Ler and posted on Liquiddota . For finish, thanks to Zen and Shincry from Mediavida for work ...
Hero Builds
How to Out-Drow the Drows. A Guide to Traxex.
by Punished "Venom" Slap
Hello! I'm writing this guide to offer advice on how to play Drow Ranger, one of my favorite carries whom in recent memory was buffed into being a monster in pubs. However, there are a lot of pratfalls players fall into when building her. In this guide, I ...
Hero Builds
by Aster.Maucuk
Большой словарь Дота 2 - The Big Dota 2 Dictionary
by R.I.P. Kozak
Как и у любого серьезного сообщества, в коммьюнити Dota 2 уже давно сформировался свой язык терминов, сокращений и всевозможных жаргонизмов. Непосвященного игрока фразы вроде «Квопа, иди на мид» или «Пушим бот, потом на тп дефаем топ» могут ввести в состоя...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger [by N1kita ;3]
by mod1fy
Hero Builds
6.83c - Graddus' Drow Ranger Build [Mid/Safelane]
by Mid is success
Drow Ranger is an ranged Agility DPS-machine who is famous for her Frost Arrows and high Attack Speed, which she uses to get easy kills in the early and mid-game. Drow Ranger is a strong mid game carry thanks to her ultimate, Marksmanship, which grants her...
Hero Builds
The You Can't Go Wrong With this One - Drow Build and Tips for Pub Games
by NoGue
Simple and straight build for Drow Ranger for players of any skill level playing pub games. Quick Game Guide: [Early] -Do not level up Aura early game! Other skills are better at laning phase and when you go hunting [unless you really the extra damage t...
So You Want to Carry Your Team? A Guide to Playing Position 1
by TX
This Dota 2 guide is designed to improve the performance of position 1 (carry) players. It will cover all aspects of this position - last hitting and denying, creep equilibrium, jungle stacking, skill builds, item builds, heroes, and etc....
Hero Builds
[6.84] Mr.TiA's guide to Drow Ranger
by borrz
ez game...
7 helpful tips on how to become a better player
Here I will show you what key things you need to do during your Dota games to make you a better player and how the these small tips will help your progress overall in the longer run...
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