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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
traxex 8|9 53xV Не для слабонервных.
by ΩgSca
Это совершенно субъективная сборка для поехавших траксоводов, которые просто не могут жить без скорости и вероятно, спайса....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger's no name set
by Haseo[ToD]
I made it without any pretentions, let me know how to improve this build, like put a name on it. Thanks for cooperate....
Hero Builds
&lt;Сборка на Drow Ranger by MVP&gt;
by V___VSeх
Сборта на траксу для новичков...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Elite
by Grox
Das ist ein Deutsches set für Drowranger...
Hero Builds
Гайд по Drow Ranger DOTA2
by h4vk
Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
by Eloisio GK
DICA: Caso esteja de Desoladora ataque apenas uma vez normal e depois use as flechas de gelo pois o efeito da Desoladora ainda fica no inimigo...
Hero Builds
Самый лучший гайд (Vadmion)
by [EKB]Vadimon
Самый лучший гайд (Vadmion)...
Hero Builds
Easy. Breezy Beautiful.
by Ahh fresh meat
A quick guide to drow....
Hero Builds
Good Drow Pickups
by LilSas
Everything is situational this is just to help you play a good drow in pubs if your newer to the game, as you get more experianced you should build on your own according to your enemies and your allies....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Traxex
by R'Dev
Make them slow and give your teammate chance to kill, or disappear and kill them directly. Remerber to silence them before you hit it....
Hero Builds
sborka ot raka
by KoLxo3.Pro KoMaRi4eK
Hero Builds
Eazy Tawer by Joker
by Бандит
Хорошая сборка для траксы....
Hero Builds
OP Drow
by BigMikeLegacy
makes drow op...
Hero Builds
Crimson Archer Traxex
by JukePlz
Traxex be a stealth bastard matey.... HARRR...
Hero Builds
Carry / Ganking Drow
by NoSleep
A guide for Drow Ranger....
Hero Builds
Drow :)
by ]CZ[ RubyStone
2nd Main. Love it :)...
Hero Builds
Haven Safe-Lane Drow
by Hi I'm Haven
Safe-Lane Drow Guide...
Hero Builds
by Detected
Hero Builds
ELITA -DV (Cборка чемпионов)
by SVB 28RUS
Профессиональная сборка от команды ELITA-DV...
Hero Builds
Speed Atk Drow
by MadSaint
You want to focus on Atk Speed. When in danger use Gust to knockback and silence enemies. Depending on the game at hand , go for either: Mjollnir for good Atk Speed, Dmg and Lightning Proc or Eye of Skada for Slow Movement and Atk Speed on enemies...
Hero Builds
by kykyryz
Тру сборка...
Hero Builds
Universal lane build for Drow Ranger
by TokMudim
Keep in mind that this guide is only a guideline on how to properly play (maybe) the Drow Ranger . With every game, the scenario and situation changes. Adapting (falling under the category of common sense) to the game is an integral part of your success f...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger by Masloco
by Blameyourself
Drow Ranger es un héroe que tiene ventaja respecto a los demás siempre y cuando mantengamos una distancia de ataque ya que en cuerpo a cuerpo no vamos a sobrevivir. Por esa razón recomiendo sacar Blink Dagger en lugar de Shadow Blade. Lo más important...
Hero Builds
by sizZeR®
Hero Builds
Drow Max. Move Speed
by Pyrø_Ø3
MoM, SB, 522....
Hero Builds
ez hero
by The Team's Scapegoat
very simple hero to play...
Hero Builds
Drow by Dharman
by D҉ H҉ A҉ R҉ M҉ A҉ N҉
Drow ranger by Dharman...
Hero Builds
Guide FR Power of Gamer
by PoG.ステファン
Hero Builds
by Lamborghini_83
Another build...
Hero Builds
Тракса кери мид
by Morozhenka
На траксу...
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