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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Ultimate DOTA 2 Guide (Minor update in "latest updates")
by Super Kami Guru
This is an extensive guide on a wide range of things in DOTA 2, ranging from ettiquette, Commends, Reports, Heroes, their roles and counters, Team Work, Unpleasant Players and Language Barriers for players of all skill levels and will be constantly update...
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[DeX] Easy Godlike Drow 6.80
by I.Fly | DeXTeR
Drow Ranger is the easiest hero to play/learn Dota, and moreover one of the strongest currently. Having a slight notion of the game will let you easily achieve a good performance with this character. (6.80 Fixed)...
Hero Builds
6.81 - Standard Drow Ranger (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Drow Ranger is a naturally powerful ranged carry that has one of the best consistent slows in the game. After level 6, her ability to keep foes within range for her massive damage thanks to her ultimate: Markmanship. Use her Silence to push foes back,...
Прохождение Холодрыжества |2013| Passage area Wraith Night
by 111 hope
Многие из нас уже знают, как пройти данный эвент... Для остальных же создан данный гайд! :] Last Update: 12/26/2013 ...
Hero Builds
GreyShark.Drow Ranger
by #6a'Tu.GreyShark
How to NOT get Scammed in Dota 2
by Anna | Gone To Alaska, Seriously
This is a brief warning to everyone in the Dota 2 community > Please leave a like and share this with your Dota friends, so we can spread awareness < ...
The Big Dota 2 Dictionary
by Graddus
Since Dota 2 has finally been released it can become even bigger then it already was. While you're playing you will hear a lot of terms that you maybe don't understand. No worries, i created this guide to clear things up for you guys....
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The Winners Guide to Drow Ranger
by ssd
Just a simple Guide to one of the most simple and most powerful chars in DOTA2...
Dota 2 Workshop - The go-to Guide for Anything Animated in Dota 2
by ✔ Andrew_Helenek [Red Moon]
While I tackle the momumental task of give each character their own control rig, this guide will serve as a place where you can come to download the most up to date rigs available. You can use these rigs to rig or pose your items, create animations such a...
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Romp`s Drow 6.81b (EE)
by Romp #TI4sucked
Having watched EE/RTZ play drow a good amount and use some peculiar item choices, I felt like it was time to make a guide based on their item choices. Best Helm Creeps : Kobold (For 12% ms aura) Troll Summoner (Ensnare and Skeleton Warriors for pushi...
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[DMX] Drow Ranger (FR)
by Maxildan |
Ce build complet sur Drow Ranger est réalisé par l'équipe DMX. Retrouvez les pour de nombreuses vidéos sur leur chaîne Youtube : Mais aussi sur où vous pourrez retrouver les même guides avec plus ...
Hero Builds
Easy GODlike Drow Ranger. by Sta[V]rides
by Sta[V]rides
Good build this hero...
Dota 2 Hero Concept Sheets
by Spudnik
A collection of concept sheets of the Dota 2 Heroes intended for concept artists to design sets. ...
A noobs guide: How not to suck
by Admiral Andav Smörgåsbord
How to stay alive in your first match. All the tips you need not to suck and feed the enemy meepo. How can you lose to Meepo. Seriously now. This is everything you'll need to know so you can stop sucking....
How to be a Russian DotA player
by Dasher
Follow this guide and you will always be reported in pub matches and every other type of game....
Hero Builds
[6.81] Frost arrow Drow - Freeze your enemies to death.
by Tatti
Good all-around build for newer players and for dota veterans. Frost arrow Drow strikes hard and performs really well against many heroes....
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Drow Ranger Mid (Bidu)
by SuGiroKiFuja
Drow Ranger Soler mid...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Guia de G40
by G40.iCharlie17
Guia de Drow Ranger como carry en mid. Es un heroe que es muy fuerte de forma mas rapida que el resto de heroes pero que luego pierde bastante, ademas de ser muy debil si la focusean. Muy util para gankear en 1vs1.
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