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Guide on the creation of your own Dota 2 items
by Vermilion Wlad
This guide will help you in creating you own Dota 2 cosmetics, covering everything from concepting and sculpting, to putting it ingame!...
Grimorum: Invoker Guide after 7000+ Games
by Miogur
Credentials: - Globally Ranked as #4 Invoker excluding PROs and #45 Invoker Including PROs ( - #17 in DotaCinema's Hall of Fame Episode 50 - 4000+ invoker games in Dota 1 and 3000+ invoker games in Dota ...
Infinite March- Phantom Lancer Guide 6.82 UPDATE
by Newgoodsdelivery
An in-depth and easy-to-understand guide to Phantom Lancer. Check out the 'Recap' section for an alt+tab guide. This guide will cover all the changes to Phantom Lancer in 6.82 and how to adapt and build around them....
How to Win Enemies and Hurt People. A Detailed Guide to the Mechanics of DotA2.
by WhiteHawke
How many enemies do you face in a DotA2 match? Most players would say 'five', but the most dangerous enemy you face isn’t even on the other team. The true enemy in DotA2 is your own ignorance. Most players will never be able to defeat this foe beca...
in depth guide to: Dragon Knight
by Dovahkiin the true Santa™
Dragon Knight or DK for short (also knows as Davion), is a strength Melee Hybrid Tank-Carry! he's a very versatile hero, as he can tank, push, and carry his team to victory! things to know about dragon knight: 1. he has the highest base armor in the who...
Invokerism (16 possible builds!)
by Nedrapter™
Invokerism Invokerism is an in-depth guide about Invoker and his possibilities. Item builds, skill builds, tactics, roles, choices, everything is here. Customize your Invoker to what your game needs ! IMPORTANT NOTE: if you want to u...
[RU] Подробный гайд по детальной настройке Dota 2.
by @D!RTY
Консольные команды для настройки. +Создание своего конфига. Cамых понятный и полный русскоязычный гайд по настройке Dota 2....
How to be an annoying piece of shit and play KOTL of the Light
by Baron
Have you ever wanted to be a magical wizard gandalf that shits light everywhere and steals farm from everyone who needs it without impunity? Fortunately for you, I have created this shitty guide that will enable you to play a hero with six abilities witho...
Cheat Commands
by Jimo
I will demonstrate how to enable cheats in a private lobby and list and describe the different functions which become availible to you....
Ultimate DOTA 2 Guide
by Super Kami Guru
This is an extensive guide on a wide range of things in DOTA 2, ranging from ettiquette, Commends, Reports, Heroes, their roles and counters, Team Work, Unpleasant Players and Language Barriers for players of all skill levels and will be constantly update...
Fear the Night: Offlane Nightstalker Guide
by the lord's favorite
Nightstalker is a hero that has fallen out of favor due to the 4 minute day/night cycle changes in 6.79, making it awkward for him to gank from the mid lane as his power peak is out of sync with the night time. Here I provide an alternative way of playin...
Rylai: A cold lovely blonde girl.
by Hyperversum "Fucking Casual"
A guide for beginner about Crystal Maiden, one of the most powerful support of the game. Simple, yet effective. P.S. She isn't just a Ward-b******, anyway!...
Noova! An in depth Luna guide
by Fanishere
As an experienced carry player with Luna as my favorite hero i will try to tell you as plain as i can how to master this hero and carry your team to victory Note: Any critics or corrections are more than welcome unless its flaming, this is my first gui...
Creating Hero Builds
by Jimo
I will demonstrate how to create Hero Builds which can be shared with your friends and other Dota 2 players around the world. Hero Builds provide instructional information such as item choices, skill orders and tactics....
Прохождение Холодрыжества |2013| Passage area Wraith Night
by つ ◕_◕ つ
Многие из нас уже знают, как пройти данный эвент... Для остальных же создан данный гайд! :] Last Update: 12/26/2013 ...
Necro'lic, The Visage by Jord
by Jurassic Jord!#winterbreak
A guide for my Steam friends to help them become a better Visage. This will cover his skill set, item build as well as the basic micros required and more. Visage is my favorite hero and I hope you'll get to enjoy him as much as I do or at least get to pla...
Decoding the [ Rubick's Cube ] : A Rubick's Handbook
by Rubician
How to make a COPY that is better QUALITY than the original? Come decode the secrets of the cubed mind. This guide will show you the basics, play-styles, mechanics, and perhaps some advanced functions that Rubick is able to do. Be a rubitian today! ...
Wraith Night and Frostivus 2013 - Everything you need to know!
by Mr. Rogers
Все что вам нужно знать о Frostivus 2013 и Wraith Night! Everything you need to know for Frostvirus 2013 and Wraith Night! By the end of reading this guide, you will be fully informed on Frostivus 2013 as well as Wraith Night. An...
DOTA 2 Academy - Learn the Basics
by Jam Sponge
Confused and intimidated by DOTA 2 guides, but really want to learn to play the game? Jam Sponge (aka Matt Lees) takes you through the absolute basics of the game in a way that's clear, simplified, and quite a lot of fun. If you're a super-noob or has fri...
Chen, the Holy Knight: A Detailed Guide
by nme
This guide is intended for players new to Chen, but I hope it will be informative enough that seasoned players might be able to take something away from it as well. Chen is a versatile support that can impact the game in many ways. He's great at pushing d...
How to NOT get Scammed in Dota 2
by Anna | Computer Issues | Offline
This is a brief warning to everyone in the Dota 2 community > Please leave a like and share this with your Dota friends, so we can spread awareness < ...
Introduction to Diretide 2013
by Jimo
I will give you information on how to play the 2013 Diretide event. The 2013 Diretide event is playable from November 14th until the 28th....
Reprieve's Lifestealer Guide
by Reprieve
Lifestealer is one of the hardest carries in the game. His free Avatar ( Black King Bar ) with a bonus effect of free attack speed and a shorter cooldown by itself give him a huge advantage to some other right click heroes. To start this out I will go...
10 Years of Tinker Experience: WinkieDuck Tinker
by WinkieDuck
Read this guide and learn how to play Tinker from a veteran who is renowned for his Tinker play. What makes this hero unique and powerful is his Rearm ultimate ability, which gives almost all items and all your abilities ...
A Full Support Guide - Beginner to Intermediate
by PCgamer
If you enjoy or want to play support check this guide. I hope you enjoy it. if you want me to do a guide for your favourite hero let me know ;)...
30 Second Guide To Every Hero
by Coelacanth
A guide for you to quickly find the hero you want, and read a short summary of how to play that hero....
Ursa : Guide to easily grind solo mmr
by Adios Dota
Hey guys, this is my first guide. It's about getting better mmr in solo queue (for players under 4k though). Jungle Ursa allowed me to win something like +1k mmr regardless of the picks in my team. So I would like to share this experience with you guys. I...
Dota 2 - What to Pick? (Beginners Edition)
by D2P.Nexus
Often I am asked, what does a beginner trully need? If you feel like you need an extra piece of an advice for what to pick, then you have come to the right place! Also, make sure to check out the [url=
ET go ham, A very thorough Elder Titan guide. Tips and Tricks
by Delitron Prime
I've been playing Elder Titan for a good while now and I can safely say he's my favourite hero, He has a fantastic skillset and is role is very dynamic. There are many situational items that can make him a viable pick in almost any team comps. Heck why is...
Graddus' Guide to being a Captain in Captain's Mode
by Skylar Levine
In this guide i will teach you how to be a succesful Captain in Captain's Mode. I will teach you which heroes you should probably ban and pick, as well as providing some premade lineups. I will also provide a list of populair Pro Tier picks and i will als...
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