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ChaQ’s ultimate guide to advanced middle lane solo.
by ChaQ
In-depth guide to solo middle role....
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A gentleman is simply a patient wolf - Jungle/Carry Lycan
by [iGT]imbaLance
This guide is a bit noob friendly, but is usable by pros. Check this guide on the Steam Workshop to read it all. First off, Lycan is a right-click carry who destroys enemies with his high damage and fast attack speed, BUT he requires some micromanagement ...
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Purge's Guide to Support Ogre
by pudge
Ogre Magi is a great support hero who doesn't require a lot of items to be effective! A little experience and some arcane boots, and he just about hits peak performance because of his fantastic strength gain! He also has 2 early disables that can make him...
Hero Builds
6.81 - Standard Necrophos (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Necrophos is a laning hero that can turn the tide of battle with his heals and aura: Heartstopper. He is built as a team-fighter and his ability to crush foes with his ultimate: Reaper's Scythe also gives Necrophos incredible survivability when in combina...
Создание косметических предметов для Dota 2
by Vermilion Wlad
Этот гайд опишет все необходимые шаги для того, чтобы создать свои собственные косметические предметы для Dota 2 с нуля....
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eXpLoSiOn Wraith King
by ex
assembly eXpLoSiOn Wraith King ...
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6.81 - Standard Lich (Lane) Build
by Torte de Lini
Lich is a staple support hero that works great with any team. In addition to his nuke ability Sacrifice, Lich maintains his strength in his Chain Frost ultimate that can really tear down a team and slow them long enough for your carry to sweep them. Make ...
Getting Started with Dota 2 as a New Player
by vijum
Dota 2 has a steep learning curve and this guide will help you to get started with Dota 2 as a beginner as well as provide you with the places you need to know to gather all the information you want. This guide's aim is, that you can find out everything a...
Hero Builds
by #6a'Tu.GreyShark
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